27 August 2012

Moola Bar Buletin Utama.

Moola Bar was televised on air some times ago in Buletin Utama, TV3. The impact of such screening during peak hours really make an impact to our branding and coverage all over. TV airtime really a powerful tools for A&P purposes.

What we need to know how to capitalise and utilise the tools at a very tight/limited budget. Let's make it a step at a time.


Moola Bar in Kosmo! Online - Varia.. Snack up.

Moola Bar is making headway in local and international market. Wish us the bestest of luck.

1 January 2012

My 20 best moments on lense 2011

Though 2011 has left us, I managed to keep some memories in moment best captured through my lenses. Whether it's photographed by me or my other half didn't matter as long it was from my 2 babies, Nikon D300 and Olympus PEN-1. :)

This selections are based on 20 folders I kept and I have to select the very best of it to represent each folders n months I took the liberty to be behind the lenses.

Hope these pictures can be a motivation for better pictures in year 2012. I hope world doesn't last as yet!

a very strong look from 4 months muhaimin. -Jan 2011
Faezah on her engagement day - Jan 2011

Milla n muhaimin enjoying doli

Tok abah n Muhaimin on his Aqiqah - Feb 2011

at the beach Pekan, Pahang - March 2011

our stay in Penang Island.  - April 2011

Someone happy on his graduation - May 2011

Southern trip, Malacca n Johore - May 2011

Amin n his first fight! - June 2011

Celebrating 64 years ayah - June 2011

amin n his naughtiness - June 2011 

Gunners in our hearts, Tigers are our souls - July 2011

amin's first sand bathing at his nenek's - July 2011

Our iftar gathering n reunion - August 2011

Aidilfitri together - Sept 2011

Yunus n muhaimin in Kota Bharu - Oct 2011

Amin got his legs at Khai's wedding - Oct 2011

My RWC New Zealand trip - Oct 2011
Olde Smoke House Cameron - Dec 2011

Amin Muhaimin my precious I love u
Cheerio. Happy New Year

30 December 2011

The best thing to end the year..

It have been a memorable finale fitting for the year. It was never a planned occasion but it turned out great. All the usual suspects were there. They duly came calling once their name being mentioned. Like a pack of wolfs we gathered for our last dinner of the year. Nothing to shout about just a sweet arrange reserved table for 12. And the servings was mere fried kuey teow.

There were exchange of gifts. Not that kind of Christmas presents. It just a token souvenir from a foreign land. It came  a little 2 months too late but nobody was complaining. Getting everyone together was more challenging  and why bother on other petty things.

The gap age different was just numbers. There were many things to relate ourselves with. Be it past experience, current or the future. Each of us has embark on a different life and career path yet everyone acknowledged each other presence throughout the dinner. That's more endearing. Laughter and joy like the old days when commitment and priority were never part of our daily life. 

After Dinner was at the hype-st place in town. Enjoying till the last bit of its freshness slurp considering how much we had paid for. Again, it not about the money spent but the relationship we have built over these years.  We have become brothers and sisters of our own.

The right people has come right in front of my eyes and I thank you God coz u made me knew it. 
Really appreciate the company and hope we can become better friends in many years to come.

Happy New Year guys.

4 December 2011

Run Moqq, You'd better Run!

Writing has become alien to me. It's a shame,  real shame. I could not longer express myself the way I use to be a year ago. It's not because I need a new motivation or a fresh inspiration; I just stop. I failed miserable in that department.

There is no more joy, there is no more thunder. It is just you trapped in your on mind like the movie 'being john malkovich' and you vertigo-ed your own downfall. Yes it is that bad.

Remember when Forrest Gump decided to run... he just run.. "Run Forrest, Run!". He just simply listen to his heart or maybe over listen to the whisper of his child sweetheart, Jenny.

But when he decided to call it a day, he just stop and find his way back home. Just like that.

I think I am in that phase at the moment. The moment when you dunno how to begin and worst you are clueless to end. The period when you are only good at writing in 140 characters.

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19 September 2011

angels & demons inside us...

The title said it all. It should have been the title of my posting many moons ago but I stop the moment I started the first word. It is still an enigma to me, what transpires me to come up with such title, I'm glad I stop right there.

Anyway, this could be the start of my new writings: A collections of Unpublished posto - ala2 Unpublished notes, photos, songs and whatever that should have been published earlier here. :D

Nevertheless, looking back at this weblog n how far I have left it 'died' unnoticed; perhaps a revisited could bring back the best out of me, how i see the world (wow that's too big) progressing right in front of me. It could never be so right to be back again to my little world of postos.

I could not imagine someone I have highest regard, someone I always look because of the principle can change completely in a split second right in front of my eyes. When adrenaline run high, emotional supersede rational thing like this happen. Yes shit happens. It doesn't help when you are in public and let the steam loose just because you see your nemesis right in front of you. Patience do have limit, unfortunately you let your heart speak on your behalf. Shame. It was unfortunate. Luckily some senses come knocking and both of you go separate ways otherwise things might turn ugly. Thank God

This is a classic example one beauty can turn beast or vice versa. Therefore, we should take a little breath and reflect ourselves. How far we could go to prove our point? Are we man enough to agree to disagree or Are we  going to stand for what we believe in? There is a Mr Hyde underneath the beauty skin in every one of us. It's only a matter of time and how comforting we can be to remain as Dr Jekyll. Time will tell. 

Be wary coz the next thing you wouldn't want is  humiliating yourself in front of public eyes.

Tik tok Tik Tok Tiki Tiki Tok.