31 December 2010

Hope a great new year after 2010 did great to all of us.

Gosh, another year will pass us in 2 hours. I just hope I've done enough this year to look back and make a self reflection.

Hoping u guys did great in your own terms as well.

I hope each of us can look back and proud of our own achievement albeit some regrets. That the way life is. Without some up and down, life can definitely borink! :D

For me I can say 2010 come with a blessing. Alhamdulilah. It has been a rough year but an exciting 1! Here are my list of 2010; just happy to share with all of u.

1. My lovely Milla pregnancy head the list. ;)
2. Going to South Africa for the world cup came close 2nd.
3. Got opportunity to travel Germany right after world cup was simply amazing
4. Engage with not so level headed panelist to acquire some fund, I tell u was extremely tiring.
5. Knowing the other side of muslim world in South Africa is eye opening. Seeing is believing, being oppress by Apartheid have made them more independent and self progressing
6. The arrival of our Amin Muhaimin. He is a blessing and we are grateful for that.
7. New family member etc etc etc.

Guess I should stop at that. The mistakes are lesson to be learnt. The corrects are point to be improved.

Happy New Year 2011. Live our ordinary Life extraordinary. Have a blast instead. ;)

Signing off for the year 2010,
dihantar dari berryhitam® ku

16 December 2010

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin.

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Pantas sungguh masa berlalu, ye nak.
Belum puas babah tidurkan kamu di pangkin 
Kini kau sudah pandai menyebut e mak

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Kasih sayang kami padamu tiada tara
Doa kami agar kau jadi orang mukminin
Berbuat baik di muka dunia tidak berkira

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Kau buka pintu rezki keluarga
Sesungguhnya doa kami telah diamin
Kehadiran mu tepat pada masa dan ketika 

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin.
Babah pasti merindui saat-saat itu
Tatkala kamu bergolek mencari posisi 
Ketika kau tidur di pangkuan ku.
Indah waktu itu, nak.. jika kau mampu mengerti perasaan babah ketika itu.
Saban hari saban waktu aku tak akan pernah jemu ingin mengendongmu.

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Cepat benar kau membesar, ye nak.
Kalau lah aku mampu hentikan waktu....

p/s: tribute to Muhaimin. He turns 3 months today

9 December 2010

Tonite big Game

Tonite is the big game!
Arsenal v Partizan Belgrade.
A win will secure 11th consecutive year in the UCL.
Try beat that Spurs. :P

Update: We manage to go through to the last 16 though was a hard fought match.
Credit to the boys....
Now awaiting Real, Barca, Bayern or Schalke..
Bring them on!