24 June 2010

I am another older again.

Ouch it seems the numbers keep going up. It will be another number tag in me for another year before new number clock in. There will no stopping for the number only if my body decide to stop and I know that would be time out for me.

Age is another number game. I tend not to take it hard. For me as long you enjoy your life and put things straight, age will be a golden ticket for happiness. I am intend to pursue that route and I am doing it with my family all behind me.

Thank you for all the warm wishes today; I found it odd to receive so many happy returns only after I reach 31. Thanks again to FB for a gentle reminder to my circle of friend. Sometimes I wonder if this evolution of  communication will bring the best of all or it will simply regarded as another tools to fulfilll one life.
I wouldnt know the answer. I can answer that when I reach forty. I hope

Till then, it will be another enjoyable event of my life. I had my birthday blast earlier in S Africa, that would be another story to tell in another time.
For now, I am a super bloody 31 years old  bimbo.. darn

19 June 2010

I'm leaving Durban with heavy heart

It seems time always envy us. The last 4 days in Durban was like a blink of eyes. Now I am on my way back to Johannesburg. Durban was so fun even I didn't realise that it was time to go. I'm leaving Durban with a heavy heart.

When we arrived Durban 4 days ago I anticipated it will be something like Jberg where we would stay in a place far from the city centre. I was wrong, uncle baillo booked one of the best hotel in town so all of us could feel comfortable. Instead he and his family stayed somewhere else. That's the level of their hospitality which until today I feel honour.

Day one in Durban was all about the match, Spain v Switzerland. We knew it's gonna be an exciting game and everyone got into their Spaniard kit to show support. Our hotel was near to a shopping complex called gateaway and we decided to jump into the shuttle bas from there to the stadium. The ladies were left there for their retail therapy.

Our game started at 1600H and we got lucky to enter 15 minutes before start. It's a bit of chaos atmosphere at the stadium as everybody looking forward for a good game. On paper, it should be a good win for Spain. Nevertheless, Switzerland made the biggest upset so far in the tournament by beating Spain, the european champion 1-0. That's the beauty of world cup when underdogs play to their potential and got favourites beaten. In the end Spain remain true to its underachiever tags on a major football tourney. Sigh.

Forgetting football altogether, the 2nd day was all about shopping. Yes, we bought many things for the loves one in Malaysia. Our trip to S Africa won't complete without bringing back vuvuzelas and I myself got 10, Lutfi got another 10 and I must say that was the cheapest item we could think off for souvenirs. Most of the souvenirs i.e shirts, jerseys, badges are inflated and we could not get a good bargain. We were so into shopping and not realising that the shopping mall was closing. Yes, we made Malaysian proud for that. Haha

We ended the day by having bunny chow a local food; something u couldn't miss whenever u are in Durban. Later that night I was 'kidnapped' by gangs of four for a quick ride to town. The city was not alive after 10pm so in the end I headed to their flat for some good rest

The last day in Durban was all about visiting family friend. I had a good dhal for lunch. After saw another upset; Germany when down to Serbia, we were off to the North Beach to enjoy the coastal line. It was very windy and chill. It was so mesmerised to see the Indian ocean with many ships crossing by. At the tip of the frontview, I made a promise I will come back to enjoy Durban once more. Insya Allah

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15 June 2010

I'm blogging from south africa

Hello there,

This is my 5th day in South Africa. I never perceive S Africa is such
a nice country until I saw its beauty with my own eyes. No wonder the
whites like to make South Africa their homes and thankfully now
everyone can accept and respect each other rights and regards S Africa
as their home country.

I was mesmerised with its progress after only 16 years being free from
Apartheid. The people has done a great job in making S Africa what it
is today. No wonder people got jealous and I, myself regard S Africa a
true example of good governance nation amongst African country. When
FIFA announced S Africa as the host for this year world cup, it make every citizen of Africa prouder.

We stayed in a small town call Rushnee. A small comunity of S African
from Indian origin live peacefully there. They has been a good host to
all of us. A muslim brothers that really put Islam values beyond
colours and skin. Now I see Islam as a way of life in a different
angle, a more beautiful angle. What different us with them is they are
not just practising Islam, they live their life with Islamic values.
From helping each other to entertain their guests, to always keep
their solah on time, they are absolutely have Islam in their heart.
For me, I can only describe them as a muslim that never have prejudice
on others, who will receive fellow muslim brothers with good thoughts
and open heart. I wish I could be something like them.

I enjoyed my first world cup experiencing in Jberg. We watched Holland
against Dennmark that ended Holland won. I can't wait to watch another
game. It will be in Durban

I am on my way to Durban. It will be another exciting trip to look
forward. Till then salam

15/06/2010 1700H
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10 June 2010

It will be a blast trip... I do hope

This would be my pre world cup posting before my tour to South Africa. I am all excited for the trip yet still has some worries as many works undone are left behind. Furthermore, my beloved could not join me coz she might not be permitted to trespass the plane with somebody  in the womb, shame u all airlines!

I will be accompanied by my younger brother and both of us will explore a journey to enjoy the first world cup ever being organised in African continental. I believe South African will be one of the best host nation and all over the world would want to have the best celebration with goals and dramas throughout the month.

This is my 2nd world cup experience after korea/japan 2002. I would anticipate it would be a better one. Fingers crossed.

I'll be watching three games that will involve 3 best teams in the world at the moment.
14th June Netherlands v Denmark
16th June Spain v Switzerland
20th June Brazil v Ivory Coast

I hope I can find place to update my blog throughout my stay..
till then. jeng jeng jeng. :)

my precious ticket in Korea

me and taufiq lost in translation @ suwon city stadium

enjoying with Korean lads after winning against mighty Italy on golden goal rule

7 June 2010

June would be an exciting month

June always has a place in our family's heart. Early part of June is to commemorate mom. Her birthday falls on the 4th of June. I can recall that mom's birthday fall the same date as Agong birthday and it's a public holiday back then but recently Agong has 'reschedule' his birthday to 5th, hence the celebration for mom has tone down a little bit. Sorry mom. 

The middle month of June is another birthday celebration and it's Ayah's birthday. His birthday falls on the 15th and coincidently my mother in law also celebrate her birthday  too. Suprisingly Yusry KRU also celebrate his birthday on the 15th and a lesser known figure, abg boy (my cousin) share the same day. Pheww what a day to be born, eh?

In the month of June, a list of friends also celebrating their birthday. Chacha share the same birthday as Mak (4th), Wiera (5th) Cikun (6th), Kichi (10th), Apek (11th). From 21st to 25th June onwards, Sam, Bunyok, Cop , Your truly and Benut will celebrate our birthday subsequently. Not to forget Eena celebrating her on the 28th. Thank you facebook for the birthday reminder!

But the best day of all should be 24th June lah coz that would the day the music wont die. Yours truly will celebrating this year's birthday in style. Wearing a memento from s africa. :P

Ahh.. Syigim a good wife to my good friend also share the same birthday with me. So that'll make us the indisputable duo. 

What else good in June?
World cup fever is coming to town. what else u expect?