30 January 2008

life journey, seems to fade away.

"Aku tak mungkin berpatah balik... namun tak bererti aku tak menoleh lagi ke belakang."

Those words keep coming back to me everytime i did my routine checkin' of myself. I have this one habit of looking back each year and see how did i fair in general.

Looking back:-

in 1991 - as one of the 12 students who manage to skor 4A's in public exam.. not bad eh.

Go bit later in 1994 - as a Third Former who'd been struggling to secure his place at one alma mater (thank goodness i did skor! and survive another 2 years there)

1996- Great memories and bad that blend in together.. i wish i could turn back time to be back at the moment when i damaged my knee ligament. Yelling at myself to be extra careful.. how i wish.

2000- transition from a bell nerdy to a slick siswa and a reserve officer. Love blossom in the air.. but never went through.. i could have say 'i love you' even though i know we werent meant to be together.

year 2001, the year i met her.. YES!

year 2005 - when i did the biggest sacrifice of all for letting my day job go for a greater opportunity in history.. is it worthwhile?

2007 - when i accept the akad and become a husband to my beloved wife.

Looking back.. it always nice to notice the good, the bad and the ugly of yourself. Sheer determination, patience and past experience help me made through this far.. and i am wondering is it worth enough to give myself a pat at the back?

time will tell my dear.

moqq : B- for now

22 January 2008

cafe minuel - tribute to one.

this is a story about one small cafe situated just opposite cardiff castle. Every single day of my 2nd year in wales capitol, i would passby the small cafe to my lectures. It's one of the cafe i would stop over for lunch with pleasure of the serene settings. The owner, an italian migrant himself is very fond with classical music. Every space of cafe minuel represent his desire on classical tunes. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin to name a few is part of his cafe concept and he managed to blend them well with his specialties in italian cuisine.

I can recall how he named his special trademarks pasta with his classico idols. Every single one of them carved nicely in the menu as minuel's tribute to their music contributions. And the menu was nicely rolled , like a declaration scroll of the past...cliche.

my, my... the pasta is darn good as well. Spaghetti maddame butterfly.. the one that i am still craving till now. The one that make me fall in love with pasta.. the one that left me thousand miles away... still clear in my mind..
i wish someday, i hv the opportunity to go back and have another round of minuel's special..
wishlist -2008

20 January 2008


i am finding my foot in this weblog world's. The needs for one is too good to be left out there for so long.. i just dont want to look back and regret for 'if i could done this earlier' thingy..
And the moment i set myself to be part of this cyber world.. i am convince.. to strive in this big world is to stay true to yourself...
This blog would be my true-self.

teaser of the day
"what if i start investing earlier in Bursa Malaysia" -cheap skate.. ingat semua ada duit lebih ka?