30 June 2009

Ask Morkymoqq (3) : How MC96 fair in Futsal Tourney?

Last weekend, the annual MCOBA Futsal was held in Subang Sportplanet. Team 96 consists of 8 enthutiastic players whom believe they still got a go in Futsal present themselves as early as 8.30 am sunday morning. The mood was pretty casual. It seems everyone of us has set our goal in reaching the finals no matter what stage it would be (cup/plate). it was a bit unfortunate this year as our hell of a manager wasnt around to manage the team thus yours truly has acted as manager in charge for the tourney hoping he will break a jinx and make MC96 proud again. For the record Mc96 won cup competition once in 2007 and the sweet memories of winning the pretigious cup was still fresh in one's mind.

The players were all focus for the competition. Our captain, Zef came a bit later with his usual excuses but since he's the boss... what the heck!. We started our game with not enough kit to wear. Our traditional man utd it went missing. Some has to wear other red shirts just to look the same. Things were not good since the beginning. The sign was there for us to see. We started our game against our senior MC94. In a typical fashion of a first gamer, everyone got little bit shackle. The lack of composure proved vital as Che where missed his first chance on goal. It could be a different game altogether had our 'torres' produced a more clinical finish. When you miss a great chance you'll make to pay for it. We conceded a goad in set piece. It was a collective mistake for not man marking the opponent and we made to pay the price. Final whistle MC96 0 - MC94 1.

The 2nd game was betweem MC96 with MC97 again resulting the same scoreline. Again, we were down by a setpiece goal and we were penalised for not tightly man marking. MC97 capitalise on our lack of focus and got their goal with only two shots on target. We needed to show our true grits. We need to comeback in the 3rd game. If we ever to lose, that would be the end of it. Fortunately, the team re focus and get things going. With an early goal, we managed to find our rhythm and played our game. We were more organised this time and managed to slot four times past the helpless keeper of MC99. This was a good comeback for the lads. Final score MC96 4 - MC99 0. The last game in premilinary round was vital, it will determine the standing for us to proceed to the next stage. Unfortunately, battling against junior team 10 years younger took a tolls of ourselves. We were well beaten 1 to 3 in the last game and ended fourth in the grouping. We conceded that we were only a deserving plate quaterfinalist. :(

In the quater final stage, we were beaten again by 2 goals margin. So that was the end of it folks for MC96 journey. I think the best to conclude for the whole outings, we were outwitted by better teams. We were not good enough.. and we are VETERAN materials after all. sob.. sob.. sob..

Finals result who's who got to be champion is here
congrats guys!

28 June 2009

I turned big three zero.

Yeah, I turned big three zero last wednesday. It came as no big bruhahaha... coz I have been long waiting for the moment to come through. Mid life crisis?! hell no!! ehhh wait... a little bit la. It's actually a rude awakening for me to realise that I cannot fcuk with my life no more. Now it's time for real, now it's time for me to look beyond myself as 'tangan ini sudah menjadi punca rezeki institusi keluarga nukleusku'

The warm wishes came as the clock ticked midnite. I'm sure everyone's happy I turned a year older and wiser?! (hmmm). I am not afraid to move forward yet I wont back off to look back in time as well... wise kan?! For all the wishes, I can only say my heartfelt thank you, because you guys acknowledge my existence in your inner circle. Terima kasih and you guys really rocks!!!

What did i get myself for my birthday? Well first off a new HP! I've been using my sony ericsson W700 phone for the past 3 years and 'she' has served me well. Kinda off sad to replace her but as someone put to me.. "tukar jelah hp buat penghadang pintu tu.." I somehow 'termakan pujuk' and decided to give it a go.. and now i am a lucky owner of one blackberry bold smart phone. Cool eh?!

Smart phone user considered smart ke?! - picture taken from rim blackberry

My other half bought me a cool emperio armani fragrance. It added to my perfume collections which are now stand to 9. Wohoo.. now who is so vain afterall! The rest of the family got me a nice orange cake which was presented during the night bash at famous thai. Indeed it was a rocking celebrations after all.

My perfumes collections thus far. From body shop range to bvlgari aqua marine.

So who says 30s dont rock? i already feel the jiggy with it babeh.

21 June 2009

Dad turned six two!

My dad turned 62 last monday. He looks 5 years younger to his age. He is lean and fit; due to a strict regime of routine exercise almost every morning. He is a retired politician but never stop being one i.e. still listen and talks politics, always helping those who in need especially those going for civil job interview which need him to extend one call away, giving recommendation to respective institution to whom a title should bestowed and many many other kerja turun padang. He never fail to become a gentleman he is.

At the age of 62, he is deserving a happier life after extending his services to the nation for the past... i dunno 36 years (comprising a tenure in MCS, ADUN and MP). He is now devoting his life to his one and only beautiful wife of 33 years and spend more time with his 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Life is always been great after all for him. Alhamdullilah

This year is also a very remarkable year for him. He is more relaxed than ever and spend his time preciously. He can now do function, meeting and lucheon appointment at his own will and never is obliged to other commitment except for his current tenure as the Chairman of few respectable companies such as Sukimi Oil and Sturgeon Inc. Apart from that he remains as ordinary citizen as everyone else settling himself in Subang Heights.

Yeah, that is my great dad life adventure. I'm happy to say that he has fulfill his life journey and now almost arrive at his destination. A truly statesman who devoted himself to the people once now longed to have a greater life with his family.

For that i truly salute you dad.. you are always my inspiration and the quintessential figure respected and adored by friends and foe. Above all, you are my loving father.

Selamat hari lahir ke 62, ayah..
and a happy father's day too

salam sayang,

In one of his 6 elections as candidate.

He was conferred one of the darjah kebesaran Penang.

He is now.

15 June 2009

Food for thought...

The Iranian call it fraud against an elected govt
The Burmese what Aun Syu Kyi release to uphold democracy
The British want their premier outsed for MP wrongdoings
The Indian lauded new government in the largest democratic nation
The Korean warns against each other about danger of going to war
The Ceylonese dances all night at the fall of LTTE
The Fillipinos ask the president to go cha cha in favour of her another term in presidential palace
The Indonesian cried foul against Ambalat
The Malaysian made another mockery of themselves in the August House.

All are in the cry of democracy...
but these people simply ignore the essence of democracy that lies within;

For those who lost is not losing all.. for those who win, shall have to serve all... embrace..
Please respect democracy... as it lies within us.

my trip to middle earth!

I spent my weekend in Jerantut, middle/halfway from KL to Kuantan. Gotcha! :) The trip with Milla and her couple friend was due to another friend of them is getting married. We decided to go down early to Jerantut and spend one night at Ina's grandma's house and I was looking forward for the homestay with few fishing rod and snorkel goggle tagging along. ;)

The trip to Jerantut was only 2 and half hours journey. Asri and Ina brought along their lovely baby, adelia to make the trip even worthwhile and she really enjoyed her trip to Jerantut with Uncle Moqq on the steering wheel. When we arrive in Jerantut via Temerloh, it was already 6. We were greeted by Tok wan Maryam and her family and joined them for their minum petang.

Tok wan Maryam looked excited to see her grand daughter and her husband with the cicit came to visit. It remind me to my late arwah 'Tok Chik' who look a little resemblance. Both have strong characters yet loved my her grandchildren. It was a little akward to called Tok Wan Yam, 'tok wan' instead as in Penang, Tok Wan is adress to the grandfather whilst for the grandma it's merely tok.. that's the beauty of having to meet sorts of different people in different states. Now i feel like cuti-cuti malaysia already!

Tok wan's house is located at heart of the city. Unfortunately, there was no stream around for me to go mandi sungai. There was not even a telaga.. It is really in the city. Hampeh for me to look forward for a really kampung style homestay though. However, the food was great. We could not recount ourselves to be in hunger... in fact we were full all the way through. For all the great companion and hospitality, I would like to say terima kasih, wan.

Insya Allah, if i would ever get down to Jerantut again , your place is a destination not to miss out.

Sunday was the kenduri day, we went to Temerloh for the kenduri. Dilla was fully dress up in her baju pengantin. Lovely though. The food was good too but we have to queue up for it. So everyone of us have to take turn to makan and take care adelia. Lucky, she is not the picky type and with the great charm of Uncle Moqq.. adelia was left mesmerised.

We decided to get back early, afraid that we would be trap in jam along the way back to KL. To our suprise the journey back home was smooth. I believe most of the families have decided to go back earlier in the weekend to at least prepare their children for school days on Monday. After a short pit stop for prayer, we moved away to KL and reached Shah Alam by 5pm.

Milla and friends decided to pay a visit to farrhanah who just deliver her baby. The whole evening was in Babah's place. While the gurls are palying moms and giving tips or two, the guys were enjoying ourselves with kari story all over. I thought I was the 'raja kari' all along but to my surprise fimi and buchq were even the masters! cayalah.. now i knows

We played excused saying adelia need to go home to get ourselves out and back home. And that was really the weekend at least i could enjoy with my beloved fellow friends.

Update: It could have been easier writing with the pictures all around. Unfortunately, my camera made my life miserable.. am counting on my princess aurora to come rescue with some data recovery solution!!! see previous entry for details.

mayday mayday maydayyyy!

i had a wonderful weekend with my beloved and her fellow friends.
It should be an entry full of colours of loving, compasionate and dramatic event. However i did bad things.. really bad things to my camera memory card and now she 'refuse' to project all the 'gambars' taken today... YES all the f*%^ing Pictures are lost.. stuck in this so call kingston memory card...

what a drama can be for my monday blues....

i need help to bring back the pictures.. any takers.
who'd ever help me out.. i promised a mention in my next blog entry..
betul, tak tipu.. *wink wink*

8 June 2009

good tourney, great turnout.

I have mastered the art of juggling! 10 months has gone by and I am still standing to help my 'young guns' kampung folks to organise event after event. It is a tiring act altogether but to see everything in place and the whole event go through with only slightest hiccup; that is a great accomplishment for me.

My young kampung lads are enthusiastic as I am when it comes to organising things. We are the different bred who never want to see ourselves as another ordinary kampung lads. We believe in putting ourselves on better ground. We excel not just in our academic front but of course in the social activities in our Kampung. And I am proud to have these young lads who feel and believe they can do it. Yes, a small kampung MALAY boy can do it.. and why not?!

We started the week with a co joint Yassin recital and tahlil with the qariah mosque. Even though the turnout was low as usual, but i felt sense of pride to see my fellow qariah brothers could overcome their job routine and join us. We concluded our malam yasin with a little 'kenduri pulut durian' for everyone to enjoy in the end.

Teams showing their skills and wits

Our karnival Syioknya Futsal kicked off on Saturday morning. The day was as bright as it get with the heat was overhelming. 17 teams registered for the 2 days tourney and we expect tough draws from each teams. As usual i have to juggle my time between futsal and my other comitment. First there was a kenduri of my ex rotu comrade in Kepala Batas and later I have to joined my family for a marriage reception at Pala Bukit. It was hectic! and hot too...

And not to turn down pone invitation to his brother wedding, me and milla sped off our way to Balik Pulau only arriving at 6pm after most of the guest already left the kenduri. Lucky I have Che Yah, Eena and Fendi waiting and we had a good conversation reminisced our way back in Cardiff circa 2002-2003. Syed did join us later afterwards but i could not stay put and excused myself as i had one qariah masjid meeting to attend for our latest program 'jom p masjid'

Those who'd made time to show their support

Sunday was really tiring after yesterday hectic scheduled. As we only have 8 teams left for the final spot. Things get a little ease. We even managed to slot time for boys under 12 supervised by En Zul who was such a sport to participate and sponsored some prizes. As we were heading to the final at 1.30 pm, i just could not stop thinking.. the path i'm taking was rather enjoying minus the tiring and i feel glad i was part of it. Not to put another legacy in my high achievers years but rather giving a hand to these young lads and made them believe in themselves. The seeds has been planted and now it's time for them to prove that they are afterall hope of our kampung's men.

little capt Fabregas was on the pitch

Van der saar did his thing.

Johan of the day

5 June 2009

Fighting corruption with bribery (in the name of reward?)

The Penang government had made another step ahead of the other state government counterpart by introducing a reward scheme called 'i'. In summary, this integrity scheme is offered to all Penang state government civil servants who came forward and reveal any wrongdoings and graft within government departments in its bid to achieve zero corruption. The rest of the story is on star online.

Voila! This is a very interesting offer altogether. In fact, RM10,000 can do wonders at this current state of time. Even though the amount is not as much as United States USD 25 million reward for Saddam Hussein capture (which is nobody got it) but the modus operandi for seeking information is more rather the same. I wonder how close this Penang government with the people at the helm of US govt back then?!

What is rather amusing is how Y.B. Mahfuz Omar ( Pas VP candidates) was backing Sdr Lim Guan Eng on this effort. He reitirated how the scheme could save millions of government money and the need to implement the scheme in a wider scenario to fight corruptions Bravado Y.B. !

I always thought we should have a clear conscience in this matter. How would the MACC react on this? Shouldn't this be a method and approach of MACC all these while to fight corruption, should they? Are we now trying to say "We need to reward people for all the good works". Should we draw a line between great values of honesty, sincerity and sacrifice with gratitute, namesake and self proclaimed, shouldn't us?

I wonder what Y.B. Mahfuz would response if the scheme was first introduced by UMNO-led government. I am sure it will be 'Inilah kerajaan rasuah terus beri rasuah'! tagline altogether. How one world can be a good spinner for the sake of one self interest.