15 June 2009

my trip to middle earth!

I spent my weekend in Jerantut, middle/halfway from KL to Kuantan. Gotcha! :) The trip with Milla and her couple friend was due to another friend of them is getting married. We decided to go down early to Jerantut and spend one night at Ina's grandma's house and I was looking forward for the homestay with few fishing rod and snorkel goggle tagging along. ;)

The trip to Jerantut was only 2 and half hours journey. Asri and Ina brought along their lovely baby, adelia to make the trip even worthwhile and she really enjoyed her trip to Jerantut with Uncle Moqq on the steering wheel. When we arrive in Jerantut via Temerloh, it was already 6. We were greeted by Tok wan Maryam and her family and joined them for their minum petang.

Tok wan Maryam looked excited to see her grand daughter and her husband with the cicit came to visit. It remind me to my late arwah 'Tok Chik' who look a little resemblance. Both have strong characters yet loved my her grandchildren. It was a little akward to called Tok Wan Yam, 'tok wan' instead as in Penang, Tok Wan is adress to the grandfather whilst for the grandma it's merely tok.. that's the beauty of having to meet sorts of different people in different states. Now i feel like cuti-cuti malaysia already!

Tok wan's house is located at heart of the city. Unfortunately, there was no stream around for me to go mandi sungai. There was not even a telaga.. It is really in the city. Hampeh for me to look forward for a really kampung style homestay though. However, the food was great. We could not recount ourselves to be in hunger... in fact we were full all the way through. For all the great companion and hospitality, I would like to say terima kasih, wan.

Insya Allah, if i would ever get down to Jerantut again , your place is a destination not to miss out.

Sunday was the kenduri day, we went to Temerloh for the kenduri. Dilla was fully dress up in her baju pengantin. Lovely though. The food was good too but we have to queue up for it. So everyone of us have to take turn to makan and take care adelia. Lucky, she is not the picky type and with the great charm of Uncle Moqq.. adelia was left mesmerised.

We decided to get back early, afraid that we would be trap in jam along the way back to KL. To our suprise the journey back home was smooth. I believe most of the families have decided to go back earlier in the weekend to at least prepare their children for school days on Monday. After a short pit stop for prayer, we moved away to KL and reached Shah Alam by 5pm.

Milla and friends decided to pay a visit to farrhanah who just deliver her baby. The whole evening was in Babah's place. While the gurls are palying moms and giving tips or two, the guys were enjoying ourselves with kari story all over. I thought I was the 'raja kari' all along but to my surprise fimi and buchq were even the masters! cayalah.. now i knows

We played excused saying adelia need to go home to get ourselves out and back home. And that was really the weekend at least i could enjoy with my beloved fellow friends.

Update: It could have been easier writing with the pictures all around. Unfortunately, my camera made my life miserable.. am counting on my princess aurora to come rescue with some data recovery solution!!! see previous entry for details.

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