28 June 2009

I turned big three zero.

Yeah, I turned big three zero last wednesday. It came as no big bruhahaha... coz I have been long waiting for the moment to come through. Mid life crisis?! hell no!! ehhh wait... a little bit la. It's actually a rude awakening for me to realise that I cannot fcuk with my life no more. Now it's time for real, now it's time for me to look beyond myself as 'tangan ini sudah menjadi punca rezeki institusi keluarga nukleusku'

The warm wishes came as the clock ticked midnite. I'm sure everyone's happy I turned a year older and wiser?! (hmmm). I am not afraid to move forward yet I wont back off to look back in time as well... wise kan?! For all the wishes, I can only say my heartfelt thank you, because you guys acknowledge my existence in your inner circle. Terima kasih and you guys really rocks!!!

What did i get myself for my birthday? Well first off a new HP! I've been using my sony ericsson W700 phone for the past 3 years and 'she' has served me well. Kinda off sad to replace her but as someone put to me.. "tukar jelah hp buat penghadang pintu tu.." I somehow 'termakan pujuk' and decided to give it a go.. and now i am a lucky owner of one blackberry bold smart phone. Cool eh?!

Smart phone user considered smart ke?! - picture taken from rim blackberry

My other half bought me a cool emperio armani fragrance. It added to my perfume collections which are now stand to 9. Wohoo.. now who is so vain afterall! The rest of the family got me a nice orange cake which was presented during the night bash at famous thai. Indeed it was a rocking celebrations after all.

My perfumes collections thus far. From body shop range to bvlgari aqua marine.

So who says 30s dont rock? i already feel the jiggy with it babeh.

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