31 January 2010

My Name is Moqq and I'm a surfoholics!

I need help, real bad. Ever since I hook to my bb  I have been addicted to net like nobody's business. I forgot my lunch, I misplaced my things and worst I am not paying attention to wifey (as if i've been! hahah). This has become serious when I realised I cant live without one. It is like my own Makan Bola, Tidur Bola minus Minum Coca Cola ( yes, m still boycotting coke since Jan last year!) journey. scary habis!

The first thing in the morning after my bb alarm do a Radja-Jujur to wake me up, I would check on soccernet of last night result. Next after i would check my twitter account on what's happening amongst my tweets friend and it will go throughout the day. My typical net surfing would be current news on Malaysiakini. A stop on my posto that would link myself to the other bloggers such Che Det, Rockybru etc and obviously a fair share of soccer/football on Arsenal and other EPL teams. Fuhh what make matters worst I could do (or shall i say overdo it) while I was driving. Demn terror.

I shall say it like an adrenaline rush to sms, facebooking, emailing and evertyhing while you driving even you know how risky it can be but believe me being surfoholics are more contagious and dangerous. It has hit my brother in law who just change to a bberry and my sister has start complaining how we treated the blackberry like our new wife. hahah.

I think I should enter addiction centre just like Tiger before it's to late otherwise all the endorsements will run away. what say you?

25 January 2010

That's my super gran!

My grandma, Tok experienced her first stroke attack 3 weeks ago. It was a mild hit but having said that; at the age of 76, she suffered the attack in agony. She lost control of her right upper body and fainted after her blood pressure hit 180/120. Lucky she did not collapse head down and my sister and auntie were around when the unfortunate happened. She survived another day and we were thankful to God. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

After the news came to us, my family rushed back to Penang and very concern about her health. Again, she showed a strong will to overcome her condition and illness and never let us worry about her so much. Being the eldest daughter, my mom is obliged to look after my Tok. However being Tok; she never wanted to leave her home in Pala Bukit and live with us in KL. For her, her mengaji and bardah are most important rather spend time doing absolute nothing in KL. Furthermore, she would miss her mengaji friends and her 2 great grandsons whom she cook dinner almost everyday. She has made a point for my sister to come back to her house for dinner every weekdays. That's my Super Gran

Tok was a single mother at the age of 28. In order to feed her 2 children, she worked as a labour with Jabatan Pertanian in the morning and was stationed at Bukit Merah, Permatang PauhTok was one of the pioneer labour who cultivated R&D paddy such as padi mahsuri and padi malinja which were popular in those days. Whilst in the evening, she'd continue to earn money by renting  1/2 relong of  bendang at her village. That's how she managed to send my mom to Sekolah Melayu Kampung Baru until she graduated as a teacher in teacher's college and my uncle to an English School in Bukit Mertajam. Her struggle to upbring 2 children alone during that difficult period was something i could not imagine myself  doing yet she and  the kids survived.

By mid 1980s, when my family were better off and my mom already settled as a teacher. My dad decided it was high time to ask Tok to retire and let her spend more time learning Islamic Studies rather than one hard job in the paddy field. She then became a full time Quran Teacher for our Kampung Folks.

Tok was a strong character herself. Maybe because of the life and experience she went through. Nevertheless she remained the loving and caring tok to me. I still remember herself coming back home after a tiring day at work with her hand full of basket (her thermos and tupperware of her lunch meal) she brought along. Yet all the tiredness and weary seem shoved away when she saw us coming towards. We would be shouting "tok balik, yeay.. tok balik yeay" and all in her eyes was a clear joy. That moment have lived through me over these years, tok

When we did a scan on her brain (MRI) and other relevant medical checkup, we found out there was a tiny blood clot on her left brain that explained her right body's numb . Her blood pressure remained high but apart from that she has a healthy heart and kidneys. Again, we were relieved. The doctor advised her to take some rest and gave her medical prescriptions. She also has to start physiotherapy session in order to recover and stay fit. Indeed she was very positive and told the doctor that she will go back and teach Quran lesson once she get better.

Like Old Habit Die Hard, Tok is recuperating well,
now she even can raise her right arm and walk slowly.
Tok, you are coming back soon. I am convince.
You are one helluva Super Gran! Love u.

me and tok years ago ( myself in standard six!)

tok in happier time

tok in her element.

21 January 2010

enjoying every moment uphere while it lasts!! :)

Seize the moment whilst it last.
viva Arsenal. a true gritty title contenders

We will up there until the following week. This weekend is a cup tie week.

15 January 2010

Finding middle earth path in this trying times

Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi in his STAR weekly column (Wed 13 Jan 2010) put a very bold perspective on the recent dispute between Catholic Christians and their Malay Muslim brothers. A law scholar he is, excerpt from his quote should be published and established by all relevant parties as a truce to refrain more mindless action by irresponsible culprits.

With due respect to the Emeritus Professor and all credit to him, I wish to share some of his quote which I thought spot on and timely and should be understood by affected parties who needed Law reflections in the eyes of a Law Scholar.

The Visiting Professor word are in orange

"We have to put this national shame behind us and to move on to resolve "Allah issue" in a spirit of compassion, moderation and accomodation.

Looking through glass as Christians, although the word Allah has obvious reverence for Muslims, no one can deny that Allah is also a term of language. Article 11(1) - Freedom of Religion and Article 10(1)(a)- Right to free speech permit anyone to invoke whatever language or sentiment he wishes to invoke in order to open his heart and soul to God.

Looking through Muslim lenses, many issues tug at my conscience. FIRST, it is not always right to use our rights. Freedom per se has no VALUE. It is what freedom is for. It is the use to which it is put. Take hundred million Muslims in India for instance. Despite their rights in secular India's Constitution, they refrain from butchering the cow because cow is regarded as sacred by the majority Hindus.

The constitutional right to freedom of religion is subjected to Article 11(4) to restrictions on proselytisation (try to convert somebody).  While Article 11(5) subordinates religion to public order, public health or morality. A relevant law on public order is section 298 Penal Code which punishes the offence of wounding religious feelings. The feelings are likely to be wounded if there is a claim that Allah was born in the manger; that Allah was born of Mary; that Allah was crucified on the cross

To argue that word Allah is central to the Christian faith and that any restriction on its usage would hinder freedom of conscience of the Christians requires a willing suspension of disbelief. Other than the Arab Peninsula and in Sabah and Sarawak, the word Allah has never been part of Christian discourse or sermons. 

The plaintiffs in the Herald case must also take note that there is suspicion, unjustified though it may be, that the use of the word Allah is an indirect attempt to proselytize Muslims contrary to Article 11(4). The argument  that the Church will be using the word Allah only privately is credible but we all know that it does not take much to put a private publication in the public domain.

The Herald arguments rely on cold logic, history and rationality but there is total DISREGARD of local context and of religious sensitivities. It is submitted that in matters of religion; history, logic and reason must not apply exclusively. Emotions must be regarded. 

Sometimes rights must give way to the need for social harmony. Hence, we need to find middle path.

To further read his thought on the issue which i am recommending all my viewers to pursue please follow this link

I hope there will be a compromising effort from all relevant parties to rest this case and there shall be greater religious understanding amongst the believers beyond one self interest, reluctance and sheer ignorance.

Peace be upon us

12 January 2010

Kalimah 'Allah' lebih dari sekadar nama

Agak sukar untuk memahami kepentingan dan kemuliaan kalimah 'Allah' dalam konteks masyarakat Melayu Islam di negara ini sekiranya kita hanya melihat isu ini hanya sekadar nama.
"Apa ada pada nama?" Mungkin itu retorik pihak berkepentingan yang bersetuju kalimah Allah hanya satu sebutan yang boleh menjadi ganti diri 'tuhan' dalam bible bahasa Melayu tetapi hakikatnya masyarakat Melayu Islam meletakkan kalimah 'Allah' pada kedudukan dan kemuliaan yang tinggi dan tidak boleh dipermainkan apatah lagi mempersenda dengan menyamakan ketuhanan dan keesaan 'Allah' seperti agama lain.

Dalam sebuah negara yang majoriti rakyat adalah Melayu dan 100% beragama Islam dengan kedudukan agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi amat sukar sesuatu isu 'sensitif' sebegini dapat diterima dengan hati yang terbuka. Penerimaan nama Allah dalam bible berbahasa Melayu hanya akan mengundang persepsi negatif di kalangan masyarakat Melayu Islam adanya 'niat tersembunyi' di kalangan misionari Kristian dalam pengembangan ajaran Kristian di kalangan Umat Melayu Islam. Walhal sudah termaktub dalam perlembagaan persekutuan seorang Melayu itu wajib seorang muslim untuk menuntut hak kemelayuannya. Keadaan akan bertambah buruk kerana me'murtad'kan seorang Islam dalam majoriti negara Muslim akan memberi impak yang besar bukan sahaja dari sudut lahiriah malah kesan jiwa mendalam dalam setiap umat Melayu Islam. Ianya ibarat satu bentuk 'penghinaan' tidak langsung kepada umat Melayu Islam apabila perjuangan menegakkan hak menggunakan kalimah 'Allah' dalam bible berbahasa Melayu di interpretasi sebagai hak kebebasan beragama selaras perlembagaan persekutuan 143 akan membuka ruang seluas-luasnya pengembangan ajaran Kristian di kalangan bangsa yang menggunakan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa pengantar.

Isu ini sebenarnya tidak mampu di tangani melalui jalan penghakiman kerana penggunaan kalimah 'Allah' dalam bible berbahasa Melayu hanya secebis daripada perkara pokok keseluruhan isu melibatkan dunia Islam dan Kristian. Sejarah menyaksikan bahawa Dunia Islam dan Kristian sentiasa bertemu dan berkonfrontasi dan seboleh-bolehnya isu sensitif ini dielakkan agar 'kepercayaan' dan saling hormat menghormati antara agama yang wujud dalam konteks negara Malaysia dapat terus dipertahankan. Sekiranya salah satu pihak berani menyeberangi 'garisan' kehormatan antara agama itu maka implikasinya amat besar dan bibit-bibit kebencian dan khianat akan mula dimainkan oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab bagi memarakkan lagi api kemarahan yang sudah timbul.

Sudah tiba masanya semua pihak melihat isu ini lebih dari sebuah nama kerana sesungguhnya Kalimah 'Allah' itu suci dan mulia mengatasi hukum dan undang-undang manusia. Carilah ruang penyelesaian segera dan kembalilah kepada nilai kasih sayang, keamanan dan toleransi yang dipupuk dalam semua agama kerana sesungguhnya meletakkan asas kepercayaan kepada tuhan tanpa mempertikai hak hidup bersama dan beragama adalah lebih mulia dari mengadu domba menegakkan 'hak' yang bukan milik kita dari mula.

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7 January 2010

Siapa kata orang UMNO Tasek Gelugor buta?

Siapa berani kata orang UMNO Tasek Gelugor buta? buta mata?! buta perut atau buta hati? Hari ini (6 Januari 2010) tiada siapa perlu berkata-kata kerana sememangnya bukti terpampang di depan mata. Klik sini dan sini

Tidak perlu kita membicarakan soal perkara Mahkamah takut-takut dituduh subjudis atau menghina Mahkamah. Hakikatnya laporan berkisar kahwin cerai selalunya adalah sebab kehadiran orang ketiga (dalam kes ini 10!) Manakan tidak hancur hati seorang isteri bila menyedari suaminya bermain kayu tiga. Tapi itulah 'manis' bermadu, si isteri jadi dungu, si suami mesti pandai temberang dan menipu. sigh.

Cukup sedih penyakit sosial bangsa Melayu tatkala kita menuju dekad baru. Tapi yang lebih menyedihkan apabila watak-watak sebegini di angkat dan di tatang sebagai pemimpin untuk memimpin akar umbi. Siapa yang patut dipersalahkan? Sang Datuk yang kepingin pangkat dan kemasyhuran atau perwakilan yang taksub mengejar kekayaan? (rasuah politik).

Hari ini bukan sahaja wibawa Datuk dipertikai di hadapan Mahkamah malah yang lebih menyedihkan setiap pekung perwakilan UMNO tahun 2008 yang telah menyalahgunakan 'kuasa' yang di amanahkan kepada mereka oleh ahli ahli cawangan.  Begitu mudah perwakilan mengangkat Datuk sebagai seorang pemimpin mereka hatta kerana mengaut sekelumit keuntungan. Masih jelas lagi di memori, tatkala disebut nama Datuk memenangi kerusi jawatankuasa bahagian dan kerusi G7, namanya disorak gembira oleh para penyokong dan perwakilan yang sudah mendapat habuan. Inilah yang terus menjadi tradisi UMNO di Bahagian, sebut saja nama berpangkat 'Datuk", perwatakan menarik, bermulut manis, senang menghulur habuan maka terus popular dan menarik perhatian perwakilan. Tidak siapa pula yang mengkaji siapa gerangannya, mana asalnya, apa pekerjaannya dan paling penting mampukah dia memikul tanggungjawab perjuangan bangsa?

Sayang, perwakilan UMNO Bahagian waktu itu ibarat tiada satu jauhari yang mengenal manikamnya.

Hari ini sebenarnya mereka mereka ini yang telah memilih orang seperti Datuk memimpin bahagian patut berasa lebih malu dan bersalah bukan hanya pada diri sendiri malah pada seluruh anak bangsa yang meletakkan tanggungjawab memilih pemimpin di bahu  mereka. Kenanglah kesilapan ini buat pengajaran di masa hadapan

"Sesungguhnya Allah kalau Dia nak bagi pembalasan, Dia bayar cash!! tak perlu tunggu hari pengadilan."

4 January 2010

2010, permulaan dekad yang mencabar

2009 telah pun melabuhkan tirainya. Selamat menempuh 365 hari (361 hari , jika dikira dari hari ini ) mendatang yang penuh dengan cabaran baru yang akan datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan keadaan. Pastinya, setiap cabaran itu harus ditangani dengan penuh hikmah, sabar dan berhemah. Ini kerana pendekatan sedemikian dalam alaf yang serba mencabar ini adalah cara terbaik untuk mengelakkan perbalahan, pergeseran dan kontroversi. Konfrontasi secara intelektual merupakan kaedah terbaik dalam mendirikan ketamadunan. Gerakan menyanggah dan provokatif harus segera dielakkan dalam menjaga keharmonian negara.

Lalu cara terbaik dalam menangani isu penggunaan Kalimah "Allah" dalam penerbitan Herald Tribune adalah dengan:

1. Bertenang; percaya ini merupakan satu ujian dari Allah kepada Umat Islam Malaysia.
2. Mengumpul kekuatan dan kesedaran di kalangan Umat Islam Malaysia bahawa keimanan diri merupakan tonggak dan pendinding kepada sebarang unsur merosakkan Akidah Islamiyah.
3. Bersatu; dalam erti kata meletakkan prinsip dan ajaran Islam melebihi kehendak politik dan peribadi.
4. Bersedia dari segi mental, intelektual dan fizikal untuk menangkis sebarang tindakan provokatif bagi mengeruhkan keadaan.
5. Percaya bahawa dari kekusutan ini ada hikmah penyatuan antara seluruh umat Islam Malaysia yang kebelakangan ini begitu rapuh dan tiada kesepekatan.
6. Berdoa, musibah ini akan menjadikan umat Islam Malaysia lebih yakin kepada Allah, dan membuka ruang hidayah kepada umat manusia untuk mengenali Allah yang Esa.

Insya Allah, Ujian ini hadir sekadar menguji keimanan dan membuka ruang keinsafan untuk kita kembali kepadaNya. Amin