31 January 2010

My Name is Moqq and I'm a surfoholics!

I need help, real bad. Ever since I hook to my bb  I have been addicted to net like nobody's business. I forgot my lunch, I misplaced my things and worst I am not paying attention to wifey (as if i've been! hahah). This has become serious when I realised I cant live without one. It is like my own Makan Bola, Tidur Bola minus Minum Coca Cola ( yes, m still boycotting coke since Jan last year!) journey. scary habis!

The first thing in the morning after my bb alarm do a Radja-Jujur to wake me up, I would check on soccernet of last night result. Next after i would check my twitter account on what's happening amongst my tweets friend and it will go throughout the day. My typical net surfing would be current news on Malaysiakini. A stop on my posto that would link myself to the other bloggers such Che Det, Rockybru etc and obviously a fair share of soccer/football on Arsenal and other EPL teams. Fuhh what make matters worst I could do (or shall i say overdo it) while I was driving. Demn terror.

I shall say it like an adrenaline rush to sms, facebooking, emailing and evertyhing while you driving even you know how risky it can be but believe me being surfoholics are more contagious and dangerous. It has hit my brother in law who just change to a bberry and my sister has start complaining how we treated the blackberry like our new wife. hahah.

I think I should enter addiction centre just like Tiger before it's to late otherwise all the endorsements will run away. what say you?

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Anonymous said...

My daughter wants her mama to teach her to bbm/facebook/email and those conected activities while driving when she is old enough. The perils of the berihitam.

fulltime mom