30 December 2011

The best thing to end the year..

It have been a memorable finale fitting for the year. It was never a planned occasion but it turned out great. All the usual suspects were there. They duly came calling once their name being mentioned. Like a pack of wolfs we gathered for our last dinner of the year. Nothing to shout about just a sweet arrange reserved table for 12. And the servings was mere fried kuey teow.

There were exchange of gifts. Not that kind of Christmas presents. It just a token souvenir from a foreign land. It came  a little 2 months too late but nobody was complaining. Getting everyone together was more challenging  and why bother on other petty things.

The gap age different was just numbers. There were many things to relate ourselves with. Be it past experience, current or the future. Each of us has embark on a different life and career path yet everyone acknowledged each other presence throughout the dinner. That's more endearing. Laughter and joy like the old days when commitment and priority were never part of our daily life. 

After Dinner was at the hype-st place in town. Enjoying till the last bit of its freshness slurp considering how much we had paid for. Again, it not about the money spent but the relationship we have built over these years.  We have become brothers and sisters of our own.

The right people has come right in front of my eyes and I thank you God coz u made me knew it. 
Really appreciate the company and hope we can become better friends in many years to come.

Happy New Year guys.

4 December 2011

Run Moqq, You'd better Run!

Writing has become alien to me. It's a shame,  real shame. I could not longer express myself the way I use to be a year ago. It's not because I need a new motivation or a fresh inspiration; I just stop. I failed miserable in that department.

There is no more joy, there is no more thunder. It is just you trapped in your on mind like the movie 'being john malkovich' and you vertigo-ed your own downfall. Yes it is that bad.

Remember when Forrest Gump decided to run... he just run.. "Run Forrest, Run!". He just simply listen to his heart or maybe over listen to the whisper of his child sweetheart, Jenny.

But when he decided to call it a day, he just stop and find his way back home. Just like that.

I think I am in that phase at the moment. The moment when you dunno how to begin and worst you are clueless to end. The period when you are only good at writing in 140 characters.

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19 September 2011

angels & demons inside us...

The title said it all. It should have been the title of my posting many moons ago but I stop the moment I started the first word. It is still an enigma to me, what transpires me to come up with such title, I'm glad I stop right there.

Anyway, this could be the start of my new writings: A collections of Unpublished posto - ala2 Unpublished notes, photos, songs and whatever that should have been published earlier here. :D

Nevertheless, looking back at this weblog n how far I have left it 'died' unnoticed; perhaps a revisited could bring back the best out of me, how i see the world (wow that's too big) progressing right in front of me. It could never be so right to be back again to my little world of postos.

I could not imagine someone I have highest regard, someone I always look because of the principle can change completely in a split second right in front of my eyes. When adrenaline run high, emotional supersede rational thing like this happen. Yes shit happens. It doesn't help when you are in public and let the steam loose just because you see your nemesis right in front of you. Patience do have limit, unfortunately you let your heart speak on your behalf. Shame. It was unfortunate. Luckily some senses come knocking and both of you go separate ways otherwise things might turn ugly. Thank God

This is a classic example one beauty can turn beast or vice versa. Therefore, we should take a little breath and reflect ourselves. How far we could go to prove our point? Are we man enough to agree to disagree or Are we  going to stand for what we believe in? There is a Mr Hyde underneath the beauty skin in every one of us. It's only a matter of time and how comforting we can be to remain as Dr Jekyll. Time will tell. 

Be wary coz the next thing you wouldn't want is  humiliating yourself in front of public eyes.

Tik tok Tik Tok Tiki Tiki Tok.

8 July 2011

Malaysia juga ada HAK sebagai negara bangsa

Dalam kita meniup semangat ke medan perjuangan, terkadang kita mungkin terlupa dan terleka bahawa bumi Malaysia sudah berdiri 54 tahun lamanya. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa setiap warganegara Malaysia punya hak masing-masing tidak kira hak individu, hak bangsa, hak beragama mahupun hak berhimpun yang ingin sama-sama kita perjuangkan. Namun, dalam kita bersemangat menegakkan hak kita, jangan sesekali kita terlupa bahawa Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara juga punya HAK untuk terus berdiri 100 tahun lagi sebagai sebuah negara bangsa yang harmoni, bertoleransi, bertamadun dan berdaulat!

Perhalusi iltizam pejuang kemerdekaan terdahulu yang berhasrat menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara untuk semua bangsa berbilang kaum. Apa yang diinginkan oleh bapa-bapa kemerdekaan kita adalah sebuah bangsa Malaysia yang hidup berharmoni dengan berbilang latar belakang dan kepercayaan mampu bertoleransi antara satu sama lain dan meletakkan nilai integriti sebagai asas perpaduan nasional.

Oleh itu perbetulkan niat dan keikhlasan kita dalam menuntut perjuangan hak masing-masing. Jangan sesekali menidakkan HAK bumi Malaysia yang bertuah ini.

Semoga rasional dan akal budi menguasai jiwa, jangan sesekali membiarkan emosi mencetus gelora di dada. Kerana apa jua yang ingin kita perjuangkan semalam, hari ini mahupun hari esok adalah untuk tanahair kita Malaysia yang tercinta. Demi anak bangsa, demi generasi Malaysia akan datang! Berdoalah pada Tuhan, setiap insan yang bergelar warganegara Malaysia juga punya intipati perjuangan yang sama walaupun dengan cara berbeza.

Semoga Tuhan bersama kalian!

22 May 2011

An excellent speech by YB TS Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

By the permission of Tengku Razaleigh webpage admin. Dedicated to all politician aspirant out there. Let us start a new real clear politics.

Thank you for inviting me to speak with you. I am truly honoured. I have played some small role in the life of this nation, but having been on the wrong side of one or two political fights with the powers that be, I am not as close to the young people of this country as I would hope to be.

History, and the 8 o’clock news, are written by the victors. In recent years the government’s monopoly of the media has been destroyed by the technology revolution.

You could say I was also a member of the UKEC. Well I was, except that belonged to the predecessor of the UKEC by more than fifty years, The Malayan Students Union of the UK and Eire. I led this organisation in 1958/59. I was then a student of Queen’s University at Belfast, in a rather cooler climate than Kota Bharu’s.

Your invitation to participate in the MSLS was prefaced by an essay which calls for an intellectually informed activism. I congratulate you on this. The Youth of today, you note, “will chart the future of Malaysia.” You say you “no longer want to be ignored and leave the future of our Malaysia at the hands of the current generation.” You “want to grab the bull by the horns... and have a say in where we go as a society and as a nation.”I feel the same, actually. A lot of Malaysians feel the same. They are tired of being ignored and talked down to by swaggering mediocrities.

You are right. The present generation in power has let Malaysia down.

But also you cite two things as testimony of the importance of youth and of student activism to this country, the election results of 2008 and “the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement of the role of youth in the development of the country.”

So perhaps you are a little way yet from thinking for yourselves. The first step in “grabbing the bull by the horns” is not to required the endorsement of the Prime Minister, or any Minister, for your activism.

Politicians are not your parents. They are your servants. You don’t need a government slogan coined by a foreign PR agency to wrap your project in. You just go ahead and do it.

12 May 2011

my rambling on facebook. hahah

It amused me that we would argue more on petty issue such non presence till end of assembly rather than try to seek knowledge of what actually transpired from the speech. It just showed lack of depth and understanding about the more pertinent matters that need to be clarified and discussed.

KB is not answerable to only one person but he and the committee are accountable to all TG UMNO members.

UMNO as a party must not only be perceived as clean but must uphold integrity at the highest level in order to continue receiving resounding support from Malays grassroots.

If UMNO fail to do so, the perception of UMNO struggles for the Malays 'Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya' will slowly fade away.

Let's argue more on that, shall we?
And Happy 65th anniversary UMNO!

23 February 2011

come this weekend to Kuala Kangsar to enjoy the most anticipated rugby tourney; MCKK Sevens

If you happen to be in Kuala Kangsar or ought to experience the best 7evens rugby tournament for school yet to offer, don't hesitate to join us at The Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

The tournament is part of ABR (All Blacks Revival) effort to bring back glory and reminisce the good old days of  MCKK rugby team; a team that was respected by friends and foes and better known as the 'MC All Blacks'.

It is an inaugural invitation tournament comprising 24 school teams all over Malaysia with one special invitation from Vajiravudh College, Bangkok. With great teams coming over to don the tournament, it's only better for u... yes U to be part of this historic beginning.

Come and join us and bring back the glory to Malaysian rugby.

Bung wak 

27 January 2011

Rangkuman citer in one go yet again!? - Part V

I admit that my hand is tight with so many thing hence blogging has become a seldom/occasional/rare past time writings rather that a stimulating platform to churn new ideas or share my personal opinion on what's happening around me.

Furthermore, I have becoming more and more obsessed with Twitter, a more direct, articulate 140 characterize statement which is more real time and easy to handle; just the tip of my fingers. I am not giving any excuses here coz i also do compose  new blog entry via my blackberry but frankly speaking, blogging could take some of your time and my saying of time; means a lot! I have this kind of slight compulsive disorder; which means i read every line of my para, make sure there is no typo and i'll make sure i'll use the right word in whatever context message I want to convey to my audience. Yes, you can simply say, i am a half freak! (check how many mistake I intentionally left out!)

Having said that, I still love writing.. in fact, I used to have this dream of becoming a writer myself. hahah. Maybe I can make fun of myself and let other ppl have a laugh of me. Till then... let me be just the simple me.

Anyway, the past week have been quite a hectic yet memorable one. My sista wedding reception was held last Saturday and yours truly was the man behind the event. Yup.. I'm the man who will be held responsible if the majlis went wrong. Alhamdulilah, there are few hiccups here and there but the lesser it is, the few go unnoticed. Thanks to the great helps from the ppl around me in particular my love ones who always fresh with new ideas for the wedding. Fyi, the badges, the guest book, the programme , the tags are all her ideas and i m one who executed it with perfection of course. :) We had great time serving the guests and we do hope the guests were joy in return. For me, organising an event is always challenging but the most satisfying part is when all your plan worked accordingly. That would make your day. "Tak makan pun takpe, puas punya pasal, kenyang sampai petang."

prewedding meeting

the rest of family meeting

 wedding reception at wisma pkps

with bride & groom

On Sports,
Arsenal is back at its best. Having unbeaten run in 4 competition is good for the lads. Hoping some consistency to bring back glory to the Gunners. I hope Arsene knows best is really a fruitful bet and I do hope he will bring in some backup in this January transfer window to add depth to the squad.

Arsenal in the final of Carling Cup 2011 after defeating Ipswich Town 3-1 on agregate

In politics,
Malaysia never fade away when it comes to politics. Just about we are going to prepare for upcoming 13 GE which will be a 'do or die' battle between BN and PR, we are shocked with the death of another assemblymen. On top of that one assemblyman was disqualified as ADUN so it will make 3 by-election coming in your way. The Sarawak State Election is also coming; so what you could expect from both end?! More politicking, more character assasination, more political spin and in the end the rightly deserved rakyat who were left to decide their fate..

Malaysia ku oh Malaysia.

Pilih Cikgu Mala atau Tok Ai?

12 January 2011

#TanyaNajib on twitter - Shud i laugh, worry, cry to Malaysian level of maturity?

It was a top 10 trending topic for today on twitter when PM @najibrazak offered an opening to 'seluruh rakyat Malaysia' a chance to ask him question on twitter. By hashtag #tanyanajib; you can ask him your question and suddenly it created a chaotic trend in twitterville or widely known as twitterjaya in M'sian twitter context.

Without regarding who actually behind @najibrazak responding or collecting data from the trend topic, the line which should have been opened only for 1 and half hour until now keep receiving questions non-stop. This kind of trend #tanyanajib or #ask(name) have been quite famous amongst celebrity and sportsmen to engage directly with their fans and indeed by doing so, PM @najibrazak was trying hard to make all Malaysians inclusive in a 2 way communication.

I could not stop laughing/worrying and maybe cried at some of the questions being ask; from asking what is he having for tea? to asking not to give any visa to JB on his upcoming concert in Malaysia. Some of the questions look boring and stupid but some look intellectual and sophisticated. Yet some used the platform to engulfed into a words of war zone towards PM and his wife. This somehow reflect who and what Malaysians are made today.

Ignoring the questions which for me are rather academics. (And I dont think PM @najibrazak will go every question verbatimly). The trending topic actually is a way for Najib himself and the team to collect more data about the pattern of Malaysians.

IMHO I can conclude the findings after observing the trending on #tanyanajib into few points.

1. Malaysians are rather stupid or ignorant
2. Malaysians are only interested in gossiping or personal attacks
3. Malaysians are very funny people or should i say happy go lucky
4. Race sensitivity is much of issue need to be taken seriously
5. Malaysians under 21 is yet ready to vote
6. Malaysians are less substance only talk
7. Malaysians don't understand the meaning of patriotic
8. Many more..
9. Najib wont be calling GE anytime soon until he rectify most common thing grudged by the people.

If most of the point corectly pointing to most Malaysians, I can simply say these odds people who simply 'pandai cakap' wont be the first in line to defend the country if any conflict occurred, they would rather run away and talk from a distance.

What can we say more about Malaysians, we have lost our soul to the man who sold the world. All because our own immaturity when we were given opportunity in due course.
Malaysia Boleh?! no i think it's a dumb dumb Malaysia!