4 December 2011

Run Moqq, You'd better Run!

Writing has become alien to me. It's a shame,  real shame. I could not longer express myself the way I use to be a year ago. It's not because I need a new motivation or a fresh inspiration; I just stop. I failed miserable in that department.

There is no more joy, there is no more thunder. It is just you trapped in your on mind like the movie 'being john malkovich' and you vertigo-ed your own downfall. Yes it is that bad.

Remember when Forrest Gump decided to run... he just run.. "Run Forrest, Run!". He just simply listen to his heart or maybe over listen to the whisper of his child sweetheart, Jenny.

But when he decided to call it a day, he just stop and find his way back home. Just like that.

I think I am in that phase at the moment. The moment when you dunno how to begin and worst you are clueless to end. The period when you are only good at writing in 140 characters.

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Syigim said...

dont worry moqq, things r just moving with the times.

there was a time when penmanship in writing handwritten letters is used to judge characters & personality. nowadays if ur able to describe/cram ur weekend/activity/feelings in 140characters, ur well-versed!

morkymoqq said...

Ohh how I miss writing