19 September 2011

angels & demons inside us...

The title said it all. It should have been the title of my posting many moons ago but I stop the moment I started the first word. It is still an enigma to me, what transpires me to come up with such title, I'm glad I stop right there.

Anyway, this could be the start of my new writings: A collections of Unpublished posto - ala2 Unpublished notes, photos, songs and whatever that should have been published earlier here. :D

Nevertheless, looking back at this weblog n how far I have left it 'died' unnoticed; perhaps a revisited could bring back the best out of me, how i see the world (wow that's too big) progressing right in front of me. It could never be so right to be back again to my little world of postos.

I could not imagine someone I have highest regard, someone I always look because of the principle can change completely in a split second right in front of my eyes. When adrenaline run high, emotional supersede rational thing like this happen. Yes shit happens. It doesn't help when you are in public and let the steam loose just because you see your nemesis right in front of you. Patience do have limit, unfortunately you let your heart speak on your behalf. Shame. It was unfortunate. Luckily some senses come knocking and both of you go separate ways otherwise things might turn ugly. Thank God

This is a classic example one beauty can turn beast or vice versa. Therefore, we should take a little breath and reflect ourselves. How far we could go to prove our point? Are we man enough to agree to disagree or Are we  going to stand for what we believe in? There is a Mr Hyde underneath the beauty skin in every one of us. It's only a matter of time and how comforting we can be to remain as Dr Jekyll. Time will tell. 

Be wary coz the next thing you wouldn't want is  humiliating yourself in front of public eyes.

Tik tok Tik Tok Tiki Tiki Tok.