31 December 2010

Hope a great new year after 2010 did great to all of us.

Gosh, another year will pass us in 2 hours. I just hope I've done enough this year to look back and make a self reflection.

Hoping u guys did great in your own terms as well.

I hope each of us can look back and proud of our own achievement albeit some regrets. That the way life is. Without some up and down, life can definitely borink! :D

For me I can say 2010 come with a blessing. Alhamdulilah. It has been a rough year but an exciting 1! Here are my list of 2010; just happy to share with all of u.

1. My lovely Milla pregnancy head the list. ;)
2. Going to South Africa for the world cup came close 2nd.
3. Got opportunity to travel Germany right after world cup was simply amazing
4. Engage with not so level headed panelist to acquire some fund, I tell u was extremely tiring.
5. Knowing the other side of muslim world in South Africa is eye opening. Seeing is believing, being oppress by Apartheid have made them more independent and self progressing
6. The arrival of our Amin Muhaimin. He is a blessing and we are grateful for that.
7. New family member etc etc etc.

Guess I should stop at that. The mistakes are lesson to be learnt. The corrects are point to be improved.

Happy New Year 2011. Live our ordinary Life extraordinary. Have a blast instead. ;)

Signing off for the year 2010,
dihantar dari berryhitam® ku

16 December 2010

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin.

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Pantas sungguh masa berlalu, ye nak.
Belum puas babah tidurkan kamu di pangkin 
Kini kau sudah pandai menyebut e mak

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Kasih sayang kami padamu tiada tara
Doa kami agar kau jadi orang mukminin
Berbuat baik di muka dunia tidak berkira

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Kau buka pintu rezki keluarga
Sesungguhnya doa kami telah diamin
Kehadiran mu tepat pada masa dan ketika 

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin.
Babah pasti merindui saat-saat itu
Tatkala kamu bergolek mencari posisi 
Ketika kau tidur di pangkuan ku.
Indah waktu itu, nak.. jika kau mampu mengerti perasaan babah ketika itu.
Saban hari saban waktu aku tak akan pernah jemu ingin mengendongmu.

Hai Muhaimin Ya Muhaimin
Cepat benar kau membesar, ye nak.
Kalau lah aku mampu hentikan waktu....

p/s: tribute to Muhaimin. He turns 3 months today

9 December 2010

Tonite big Game

Tonite is the big game!
Arsenal v Partizan Belgrade.
A win will secure 11th consecutive year in the UCL.
Try beat that Spurs. :P

Update: We manage to go through to the last 16 though was a hard fought match.
Credit to the boys....
Now awaiting Real, Barca, Bayern or Schalke..
Bring them on!

19 November 2010

A blast from past cd's collection

My brother took the wheel driving us from Penang to KL after a short trip celebrating aidil adha in Penang. I took the time off as co pilot to look at a compilation of old cd's in the car. It was a collection of cd's circa 98-2001. Going through every cd's caught me by surprise; my range of music cover from heavy metal the likes of Metallica to the ballad/pop tunes of Mariah Carey. In between, my ears also soothe to the hinds melody of kuch kuch hota hai soundtrack! My oh my.

I never had any preference selection to my music. As long the ears are receptive every melody can blend in me. I am the 'senang nak di bela' type person, I guess. ;)

Music is universal. If the melody is too hard for u, try understand the lyrics. The hard melody may represent some hatred within whilst the lyrics may present us with some soul searching and advice. How weird it may sound, the best songs were never the ear-catchy ones. Sometimes we need to listen hard to understand the story behind.
Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Empathy are part of the story. The story of life of the storyteller (singer).

cd cd lama yeop!

Glancing through my copies of music cd's, it reflected me as a very colourful person and I'm proud to say it loud. Thank god for giving me two healthy ears that help me listening (learning) from wonderful songs all these years. :)

Now, I'm looking forward to finishing my compilations of old cd's. Say no to hot FM for a while...

p/s: listening to Santana 'Corazon Espinado' now made me feel going air guitar solo!!

dihantar dari berryhitam® ku

25 October 2010

my first milestone. 10,000 and counting hits

I never anticipate my blog could reach a milestone by reaching its first 10,000 hits. Praise Al Mighty.
I m neither bragging nor find myself elevated to a new status by this achievement. If to compare with some other bloggers who has/could hits millions of viewers just in a nick of months; who am I to begin with?

But obviously that is not how I want to project myself. This blog has given me space to express myself, my happiness, my experience and my opinion about the event that happened around me and how I see things differently. That has been the way I write in this weblog ever since. 

I dont have to follow any rules, and obey to any political master when writing my thoughts. As long my conscience is clear and I feel right to blog about it, I will continue blogging.

I dont need myself to be known to express what's inside my heart, rite? This is my space and its your's truly territory. I want to continue writing as long as it give me the satisfaction that people do read my blog; albeit occasionally.

If any of my experience and thought did helps, i would be very grateful, if none of my thoughts is useful; you will know how crap I am. hahah

For all the support and love for making me a 10,000 hits blogger.

Thank you from within my 'liver' - pun intended - please watch eat.pray.love to understand. :)

20 October 2010

Veni, vidi, vici

I came, I saw, I conquered. 

There is only one man who came to Arsenal, become an Arsenal hero and scored a goal (not one but 2 with different club) against them. It was obvious he didn't feel good about it hence the non celebration but to his surprised, the respect he has given to the club was repaid by a standing ovation from the crowd with the fans chanting "Dudu! Dudu!"

Eduardo will always hold a special place in the heart of every Gunners Die hards. We are still sad that u left us but understood that u need more playing time in order to get back to your level best prior the horrific injury. Wish u the best in Shakhtar Donetsk. See u in Ukraine  in 2 weeks 

In the end we were happy that we won 5-1 and looking good to cruise to knock out stage of CL.

For now, let us give the respect to Eduardo, the number 9 player, a humble clinical finisher and one of the reason why i love Arsenal and still. 

the player

the game highlight

the tribute for a true footballer who just wanted to play football.

16 October 2010

Guess we never meant to be...


Today 16th October 2010, my Muhaimin turn a month. Yeay! He is really gaining much spending time at his nenek's doing nothing only milk, sleep and poo poo.

hi world!

I haven't seen him almost a week and look forward to spending time with him later tomorrow when I drive down to Pekan. -On my way from Penang now-. Thank goodness we hv technology to transfer data and pictures. Those pictures of him kept me occupied everyday in his absence. Tks to the wonder of MMS.

In all the happiness celebrating my son turn 1 month, I'm saddened to received a sorrow note. The passing of a friend who I never knew in person yet I always find inspiration and mesmerised with his photography works.

Taufiq Shariff - a guy who even share the same family name.

Some of our friend joked that we are brothers but I guess we never were to be in the end. 
His passing was due to brain tumor and cancer and I am deeply hurt that someone so talented and creative like him had an early call. I guess God's love supersede any humans love towards him. 

Nevertheless, we are still blessed by his presence in this world though on a short period. I believe he has live his life to the fullest and for all his photography wonders I just want to say my thank you.

I hope u will be happy up there, doing what u do best - Capturing beautiful moment and now very near to your 'Pencipta'

I am sorry for not taking the opportunity to know u better. To understand u as a person rather only acknowledge u by your works. Your passing will be a loss to world of creative photography, missed to your love ones, to your close friend and indeed to a complete stranger like me. However, you will always left sweet memories and have touched so many life.

Though we never know in person but the opportunity to have a conversation with u in FB, agreed on few things that happened in fotopages and successfully left my comment on your work on blogspot will be cherished as my best moment with you.

Now that you have left us, I guess I hv to see life differently. Not on a negative note but to seize every opportunity that come upon; carpe diem!

Taufiq Shariff; I guess we really never meant to be...
Death has do us apart. Al Fatihah
taufiq shariff  r.i.p. 
all pictures belongs to him and taken from his fotopages

In tears,
Mohsein Shariff
p/s: u can enjoy more of taufiq beautiful works at his blog.

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20 September 2010

Hari raya dan kehadiran Amin Muhaimin

Takbir hari raya tahun ini amat bermakna. Tambahan 1 Syawal jatuh pada hari Jumaat, penghulu segala hari. Masa beraya menjadi sedikit singkat kerana muslimin bersolat jumaat kemudiannya namun kemeriahan masih jelas terpancar. Raya kali ini di Penang. Alhamdulillah, perjanjian 'pra perkahwinan' masih digunapakai setelah tahun lepas seminggu di Pekan, Pahang. Syukur dapat seorang isteri yang memahami keperluan untuk berada di barisan hadapan setiap kali raya pertama di rumah ayah di Penang. 

Saban tahun rumah ayah tak pernah lekang dengan kunjungan rakan dan taulan. Walaupun sudah 3 tahun kebelakangan ini, rumah terbuka ayah hanya ala kadar tapi teratak itu terus 'bertuah' menerima kunjungan tetamu. Kali ini lebih selesa dalam suasana kekeluargaan tanpa perlu protokol berlebihan (dahulu TYT Penang datang berhari raya). Lebih banyak masa bersama tetamu membuatkan mereka turut gembira dan terharu. Dan paling utama, duit raya buat adik-adik yang datang sebagai menjunjung budaya datang beraya.   

begitulah selalunya hari raya pertama kami di Penang. Mungkin tahun hadapan rancangannya lain. Sudah tiba masanya pula untuk ayah dan mak keluar berhari raya berkunjung sanak saudara pada hari raya pertama. :)

7 syawal 1431H 

Tangisan seorang  bayi memenuhi ruang hospital apabila diangkat untuk di timbang.  Kesan darah dan lemak masih kelihatan di keseluruhan badan dan mukanya. Suaranya sayup sayup meneran memohon belas ihsan. Dirinya masih  terkejut 'dikeluarkan' dari rahim ibunya sebelum masa. Tangan dan kaki meronta tidak tahu hala tujunya. Mujur si jururawat pantas dan cekap. Dibendung sahaja anak itu terus senyap dan selesa.

Lalu si ayah harus menjalankan tanggungjawab mengazan anak setelah lahir ke dunia. Dikendong anak itu buat pertama kali seumur hidupnya, minda entah ke mana tapi jelas ada wajah kegembiraan menerima kedatangan orang baru dalam hidup ini. Syukur pada tuhan. Suasana begitu syahdu apabila didekatkan mulut pada telinga anak lalu diazankan, dia tidak menangis malah memandang terus ke mata. Mungkin kenal akan suara yang mendendangkan ayat ayat Allah itu. Si ayah sebak.

Begitulah kehadiran Amin Muhaimin, penuh hikmah penuh barakah.. cahaya mata syawal

30 August 2010

Sadly, we made a pariah of the word 'pendatang'

Eversince one UMNO division head in Penang uttered the word during a tightly-contest election campaigning to regain Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat from PKR after 2008 political tsunami. And one dear  reporter for a Chinese Daily decided to scoop it in the paper headlines; the word 'Pendatang' has become a stigma to anybody who mention it. Thing has become an issue blown up out of proportion to fulfill every political party interest to the extent the chinese reporter who reported about it has been detained under ISA (which imho one of the blunder of the previous Home Minister)  in order to protect her from certain groups retaliation and protest. The fate of the UMNO warlord also have been destined. He was suspended from UMNO for 3 years in September 2008 but suspension was lifted only recently.

One could never imagine such a simple word which means 'immigrant' in English can have  major impact and consequences to Malaysia political scene until today. Whoever with intention or mistakenly misunderstood caught saying it will be crucified relentlessly and simply be labelled a racist. It makes PATI; 'pendatang asing tanpa izin' (illegal immigrant) look tame albeit the latter is a much more serious issue concerning national security and safety.

The issue has been highlighted here long time ago and it seems the term 'pendatang' would never be 'chased' away as it has become a political tools for certain quarters to ignite subversive element towards the ruling government. Suffice to say, the government also never been so clear and deterrent in handling the issue once and for all. It took a few more episode of 'pendatang' name-calling before the PM came with this statement  hoping to ease and avoid more repercussion.

The 'pendatang' issue has become a ticking time bomb to the racial harmony of this country. Hence, some immediate and powerful message  has to be sent.

20 August 2010

Merasai nikmat berbuka puasa atau menikmati berbuka puasa?

Dalam kita menempuh 10 hari pertama Ramadhan yang penuh rahmat dan barakah ini; lebih afdhal dikongsi sedikit persoalan dan perbincangan untuk kebaikan bersama. Kita selalu tidak dapat membezakan antara nikmat berbuka puasa dengan menikmati berbuka puasa itu sendiri. Termasuk diri penulis yang kadang kala lalai atau mengambil sikap tidak kisah dalam isu ini. Rata-rata daripada kita apabila menjelang Ramadhan, acara menikmati berbuka puasa merupakan sesuatu yang ditunggu-tunggu. Samada atas jemputan korporat mahupun anjuran teman-teman, menikmati acara berbuka puasa merupakan satu pilihan setelah seharian berpuasa.

Namun dalam kita teruja menghadiri acara sebegini, pernahkah kita berfikir sejenak apakah kita merasai nikmat berbuka puasa dalam keadaan kita menikmati berbuka puasa?

Contoh situasi mungkin dapat memberi sedikit gambaran perbezaan. Acara menikmati berbuka puasa adalah acara berbuka puasa yang selalunya dianjurkan di hotel-hotel terkemuka mahupun di restoran ternama ataupun kadangkala diadakan di rumah dengan menjemput tetamu dan rakan taulan. Acara berbuka ini selain dihidangkan pelbagai juadah berbuka sebagai sajian berbuka, dendangan lagu mahupun nasyid juga turut berkumandang ketika acara berbuka puasa. Lebih menarik, surau untuk bersolat juga disediakan bersama ustaz yang akan memimpin solat Fardhu dan Terawih. Peluang menikmati berbuka puasa ini memang sangat dinanti dan tanpa kita sedari ianya telah menjadi satu 'trend' setiap kali Ramadhan menjelma.

Berbeza dengan rasa nikmat berbuka puasa; suatu perasaan yang hadir dengan penuh insaf dalam situasi berbuka puasa dalam kadar yang sederhana. Mungkin hanya sekadar buah kurma dan segelas air manis dengan sedikit kuih muih menjadi bekalan berbuka. Namun ianya cukup untuk melepaskan rasa lapar dan dahaga lalu terus disusuli dengan bangkit bersolat Maghrib berjemaah. Perjalanan acara berbuka yang cukup ringkas namun yang dikecapi adalah sebuah perasaan yang indah; mensyukuri rezeki yang Allah berikan.

Tidak dapat tidak setiap daripada kita pasti melalui kedua-dua situasi sepanjang Ramadhan ini. Pasti kedua duanya memberi satu pengalaman pada diri kita. Tanyalah sanubari, pada ketika mana kita merasakan kita lebih dekat pada ilahi, Tuhan rabbil alamin. Pada ketika kita hanyalah hamba yang mendamba dari-Nya jalan taqwa.

15 August 2010

The new season has begun!

After so much anticipation and patience plus the world cup hangover already over, now we are back to the real football. EPL season 2010/2011. It's going to be a massive season to many teams especially those teams who'd try to topple the 3 big teams (not big four anymore!) and become the new elites in English Football. We will see how these ambitious teams will end up at the end of the season.

Who'll be demoted this season? Who'll cast the biggest upset? Who'll crack under pressure. There will be too much drama to bare.... i m loving it already. :)

And which team will yours truly be supporting this season? none other than the team that build champion rather than the team that buy champions. Arsenal the gooners it is! yeay

and why they deserved better? becos what they have gone through last season and still finished 3rd best team.
Yeah babeh, they are good. This clip might  recall u a bit about their beautiful game.

taken from youtube and copyright to charmdes

8 August 2010

Trust yourself and keep believing.

I've been avoiding this space for quite some time. No good reasoning for that and I still couldn't do away with my guilt for not penning on this space. Nevertheless, let's not get there coz what more important is the posting today.

My encounter with my former preparatory school (prep school) prefect whom I haven't met since he left school in 1992 is a better talking point. Coincidentally, me and Ahpek were at SME expo last Friday and we bumped into him at the same exhibition hall. In fact he's the one who approach us first! After so many years, surprisingly he still can recall us by name. Hence, we decided for a coffee chat before his next meeting elsewhere. Furthermore, It always good to start back one good relationship with the person who indirectly has shape your life in MCKK. ;)

Ruzaimi Mat Rani or best known to us as 'Fect Mimi' stay with us, the first formers in prep school for a year. He was the first fifth former we encountered the first day we arrived in MCKK. I can still remember his commanding voice telling us to get ourselves ready for Maghrib that day after we shed tears saying goodbyes to our families. And those honest look in his eyes had gave us an assurance - 'now you are a young boy embarking a new chapter of your life; so don't worry coz everything would be just fine'. His charisma did well to this young boy that day at least.

7 July 2010

Taking Charge and Chance

Someone ask me to write something about my experience in South Africa to a travel journo. Ahaks. I find it amusing for me to write for a journalist as I have my blog space here to share my story to the world. Maybe that will be a different kind of write up and experience altogether but taking that chance; I don't see myself fit.

I always see myself as second best, in other word I can be the best no 2 to no 1. I never project myself taking charge and chance. I prefer to be someone anonymous who would get job done. That's where I see myself best. However it's unfortunate of me; God have given me a physical that everyone could see miles away and that make me visible all the time. I wish I could hide in my invisible robe sometimes...

But some people think that I have the potential to unleash. It's a matter of the right time at the right place. I dunno, I can never predict the future. For now the path I am taking is straightforward. Just get some food on the table would be enough, I don't set high ambition for power nor stature.. 

I just want to have a normal life like others... life that won't  play judge upon me after all.

24 June 2010

I am another older again.

Ouch it seems the numbers keep going up. It will be another number tag in me for another year before new number clock in. There will no stopping for the number only if my body decide to stop and I know that would be time out for me.

Age is another number game. I tend not to take it hard. For me as long you enjoy your life and put things straight, age will be a golden ticket for happiness. I am intend to pursue that route and I am doing it with my family all behind me.

Thank you for all the warm wishes today; I found it odd to receive so many happy returns only after I reach 31. Thanks again to FB for a gentle reminder to my circle of friend. Sometimes I wonder if this evolution of  communication will bring the best of all or it will simply regarded as another tools to fulfilll one life.
I wouldnt know the answer. I can answer that when I reach forty. I hope

Till then, it will be another enjoyable event of my life. I had my birthday blast earlier in S Africa, that would be another story to tell in another time.
For now, I am a super bloody 31 years old  bimbo.. darn

19 June 2010

I'm leaving Durban with heavy heart

It seems time always envy us. The last 4 days in Durban was like a blink of eyes. Now I am on my way back to Johannesburg. Durban was so fun even I didn't realise that it was time to go. I'm leaving Durban with a heavy heart.

When we arrived Durban 4 days ago I anticipated it will be something like Jberg where we would stay in a place far from the city centre. I was wrong, uncle baillo booked one of the best hotel in town so all of us could feel comfortable. Instead he and his family stayed somewhere else. That's the level of their hospitality which until today I feel honour.

Day one in Durban was all about the match, Spain v Switzerland. We knew it's gonna be an exciting game and everyone got into their Spaniard kit to show support. Our hotel was near to a shopping complex called gateaway and we decided to jump into the shuttle bas from there to the stadium. The ladies were left there for their retail therapy.

Our game started at 1600H and we got lucky to enter 15 minutes before start. It's a bit of chaos atmosphere at the stadium as everybody looking forward for a good game. On paper, it should be a good win for Spain. Nevertheless, Switzerland made the biggest upset so far in the tournament by beating Spain, the european champion 1-0. That's the beauty of world cup when underdogs play to their potential and got favourites beaten. In the end Spain remain true to its underachiever tags on a major football tourney. Sigh.

Forgetting football altogether, the 2nd day was all about shopping. Yes, we bought many things for the loves one in Malaysia. Our trip to S Africa won't complete without bringing back vuvuzelas and I myself got 10, Lutfi got another 10 and I must say that was the cheapest item we could think off for souvenirs. Most of the souvenirs i.e shirts, jerseys, badges are inflated and we could not get a good bargain. We were so into shopping and not realising that the shopping mall was closing. Yes, we made Malaysian proud for that. Haha

We ended the day by having bunny chow a local food; something u couldn't miss whenever u are in Durban. Later that night I was 'kidnapped' by gangs of four for a quick ride to town. The city was not alive after 10pm so in the end I headed to their flat for some good rest

The last day in Durban was all about visiting family friend. I had a good dhal for lunch. After saw another upset; Germany when down to Serbia, we were off to the North Beach to enjoy the coastal line. It was very windy and chill. It was so mesmerised to see the Indian ocean with many ships crossing by. At the tip of the frontview, I made a promise I will come back to enjoy Durban once more. Insya Allah

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15 June 2010

I'm blogging from south africa

Hello there,

This is my 5th day in South Africa. I never perceive S Africa is such
a nice country until I saw its beauty with my own eyes. No wonder the
whites like to make South Africa their homes and thankfully now
everyone can accept and respect each other rights and regards S Africa
as their home country.

I was mesmerised with its progress after only 16 years being free from
Apartheid. The people has done a great job in making S Africa what it
is today. No wonder people got jealous and I, myself regard S Africa a
true example of good governance nation amongst African country. When
FIFA announced S Africa as the host for this year world cup, it make every citizen of Africa prouder.

We stayed in a small town call Rushnee. A small comunity of S African
from Indian origin live peacefully there. They has been a good host to
all of us. A muslim brothers that really put Islam values beyond
colours and skin. Now I see Islam as a way of life in a different
angle, a more beautiful angle. What different us with them is they are
not just practising Islam, they live their life with Islamic values.
From helping each other to entertain their guests, to always keep
their solah on time, they are absolutely have Islam in their heart.
For me, I can only describe them as a muslim that never have prejudice
on others, who will receive fellow muslim brothers with good thoughts
and open heart. I wish I could be something like them.

I enjoyed my first world cup experiencing in Jberg. We watched Holland
against Dennmark that ended Holland won. I can't wait to watch another
game. It will be in Durban

I am on my way to Durban. It will be another exciting trip to look
forward. Till then salam

15/06/2010 1700H
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MorKy Moqq

10 June 2010

It will be a blast trip... I do hope

This would be my pre world cup posting before my tour to South Africa. I am all excited for the trip yet still has some worries as many works undone are left behind. Furthermore, my beloved could not join me coz she might not be permitted to trespass the plane with somebody  in the womb, shame u all airlines!

I will be accompanied by my younger brother and both of us will explore a journey to enjoy the first world cup ever being organised in African continental. I believe South African will be one of the best host nation and all over the world would want to have the best celebration with goals and dramas throughout the month.

This is my 2nd world cup experience after korea/japan 2002. I would anticipate it would be a better one. Fingers crossed.

I'll be watching three games that will involve 3 best teams in the world at the moment.
14th June Netherlands v Denmark
16th June Spain v Switzerland
20th June Brazil v Ivory Coast

I hope I can find place to update my blog throughout my stay..
till then. jeng jeng jeng. :)

my precious ticket in Korea

me and taufiq lost in translation @ suwon city stadium

enjoying with Korean lads after winning against mighty Italy on golden goal rule

7 June 2010

June would be an exciting month

June always has a place in our family's heart. Early part of June is to commemorate mom. Her birthday falls on the 4th of June. I can recall that mom's birthday fall the same date as Agong birthday and it's a public holiday back then but recently Agong has 'reschedule' his birthday to 5th, hence the celebration for mom has tone down a little bit. Sorry mom. 

The middle month of June is another birthday celebration and it's Ayah's birthday. His birthday falls on the 15th and coincidently my mother in law also celebrate her birthday  too. Suprisingly Yusry KRU also celebrate his birthday on the 15th and a lesser known figure, abg boy (my cousin) share the same day. Pheww what a day to be born, eh?

In the month of June, a list of friends also celebrating their birthday. Chacha share the same birthday as Mak (4th), Wiera (5th) Cikun (6th), Kichi (10th), Apek (11th). From 21st to 25th June onwards, Sam, Bunyok, Cop , Your truly and Benut will celebrate our birthday subsequently. Not to forget Eena celebrating her on the 28th. Thank you facebook for the birthday reminder!

But the best day of all should be 24th June lah coz that would the day the music wont die. Yours truly will celebrating this year's birthday in style. Wearing a memento from s africa. :P

Ahh.. Syigim a good wife to my good friend also share the same birthday with me. So that'll make us the indisputable duo. 

What else good in June?
World cup fever is coming to town. what else u expect?


26 May 2010

Kepada Nya jua lah kamu akan kembali

Hujung minggu lepas aku kembali ke kampung halaman untuk menyertai persidangan UMNO cawangan. Aku tiba seawal hari Sabtu supaya saki baki persiapan dapat dilakukan. Tambahan ayah telah meng'amanah'kan ku untuk menghadiri satu kenduri perkahwinan di dalam kampung. Aku tiba bertemankan tok yang juga mengambil kesempatan pulang untuk melihat keadaan rumahnya yang lama tidak dijenguk sejak pulih dari serangan angin ahmar. Alhamdullilah perjalanan kami balik ke Tasek Gelugor selamat.

Mujur ada kakak dan keluarga yang sudi meneman tok di kala malam. Itu yang lebih baik dari mengharapkan aku yang pasti akan sibuk (buat2 sibuk) untuk memastikan perjalanan persidangan kali ini berjalan lancar. Menjawat sebagai Ketua Pemuda Cawangan, aku harus memastikan kuota kehadiran ahli ke mesyuarat mencukupi jika tidak kami tidak akan dapat bersidang. Lalu bertali arus sms ku kirim pada rakan2 agar menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai ahli. Terkadang termenung juga ku memikir apa caranya semangat dan tanggungjawab dapat dipupuk di kalangan masyarakat kampungku. Yang berjiwa muda terus 'masyuk' dengan arus hiburan manakala yang tua  terpaksa berpenat lelah dalam mencari sedikit kesenangan.   

Hari ditunggu tiba juga. Petang Ahad itu kami semua berkumpul sekali lagi di Dewan PAKK bagi menjalankan tanggungjawab. Bermula dengan persidangan pemuda yang bersidang di bawah pokok ala kerajaan PR Perak suatu ketika dulu. Perjalanan mesyuarat lancar dengan kehadiran 12 ahli. Aku agak gusar awalnya kerana ku kira makin ramai kurang berminat pada UMNO. Tampak semacam ada kelesuan dalam organisasi UMNO masakini.

Selesai mesyuarat Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri UMNO, kami disatukan dalam mesyuarat yang lebih  besar penglibatan iaitu mesyuarat cawangan. Ini merupakan kemuncak persidangan UMNO di peringkat cawangan dengan semua ahli di cawangan bersidang bersama. Acara yang dinantikan oleh setiap ahli UMNO cawangan untuk bersama2 bermesyuarat dalam merangka kerangka halatuju UMNO di masa hadapan.

Ketua UMNO Cawangan, Hj Roslan memulakan ucaptama beliau tentang senario politik masakini, bagaimana undi pengundi Cina menjadi faktor kemenangan dan kekalahan BN. Ramai beranggapan pengundi Cina mula beralih arah tetapi ramai sebenarnya tidak sedar bahawa pengundi Melayu pun sedemikian rupa. Cuma yang membezakan antara keduanya adalah sebilangan besar bangsa Cina mendaftar sebagai pengundi walhal orang Melayu hanya gah memperkata tentang hak bangsa tetapi tatkala perlu diterjemah dalam bentuk undi tidak pula yang berdaftar. Inilah polemik bangsa ku

Kami sebulat suara di belakang ketua cawangan dalam membawa usul pemberian lesen perjudian bola oleh kerajaan harus dikaji semula. Semua bersetuju tidak ada faedahnya menaksir cukai dari sumber yang tidak halal. Apatah lagi dalam senario politik masakini hanya akan memberi modal besar kepada pembangkang membawa isu dan mendapat 'mileage' politics. Kerajaan seharusnya konsisten dalam perjuangan menegakkan agama. Tidak boleh ada timbang tara dalam 2 isu (Kalimah Allah dan Lesen Judi) kerana kedua- duanya melibatkan pendekatan kerajaan. Jangan sampai rakyat mencebik tindak tanduk kerajaan yang tidak sensitif dalam 2 isu ini.

Ketika mesyuarat menuju pengakhiran, Bendahari UMNO Cawangan, Paksu Bakary mengambil kesempatan menyampaikan amanat. Beliau memohon agar warga emas jangan dipersiakan. Tidak disangka itu merupakan wasiat terakhir beliau. Beliau menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir sejurus selesai memberikan ucapan. Dalam keadaan kelam kabut, semua harus menerima ini adalah ketentuan. Walaupun digamit kesedihan, pemergian beliau harus diredhai. Benarlah ayat ayat dari Tuhan - Daripada Allah kamu datang, dan kepadaNya jua kamu akan kembali.

Alfatihah buat arwah.

19 May 2010

It about time to have DNA bank

The government has pass a bill on DNA. The bill permit police to use any DNA results as prove in court. It is learnt one 'high profile' court case will depend on the outcome of DNA proofing. If it materialise, it will be a landmark ruling to the judistiction of this country.

The  DNA shouldnt be seen as prove for  crime investigation only. With the high statistics of newborn babies being left in the wood, maybe it's high time to introduce a DNA bank to collect all 28 million population DNA Data. Hence whenever a newborn is found, it will be easy to catch up the perperators and charge them in court.

Would it be something difficult to implement?
or would it be as difficult as when the DNA bill was first mentioned in Parliament for hearing?

15 May 2010

Farihah Idris Wedding Reception

Today is an auspicious day for some. My cousin got married and everyone of us are here to grace her reception.

It's hard to get everyone together and opportunity like this don't come easy hence to hv most of relatives for the event was truly fantastic.

My dad is from a large family of 7. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He is the fifth of the family. God bless all of his siblings still alive and kicking. The event bring them together once again.
They were very close before and even closer now. With children all grown up in front of their eyes and now counting grand children, life never been exciting to each and every one of them albeit some up and down over the years

Today was a happy day for paksu idris's family, the youngest. They accept a son in law in their family. As our nucleus family grow older, I wish the bonds that tie us as family last to the next generation. God's will.

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25 April 2010

Mencari jalan kebenaran

Hari ni terlibat dgn program motivasi keibubapaan di masjid. 1 program anjuran j/k qaryah Masjid Pokok Machang. Kumpulan sasaran adalah ibu bapa dan pelajar. Penyertaan sangat baik terutama kaum ibu yang menunjukkan komitmen tinggi acapkali ada program di kampung.

2 penceramah jemputan dari UiTM hadir memberi ceramah motivasi kpd kumpulan sasar. Kedua dua mereka menyampaikan ceramah dengan baik cuma samada penyampaian mereka dpt diterima oleh anak-anak qaryah menjadi tanda tanya. Hairan dgn sikap dan ragam bangsaku. Walaupun disogok bermacam2 dorongan dan peluang oleh pihak masjid/ pemimpin masyarakat untuk melihat mereka berjaya namun sambutan dari mereka nampak lesu. Pendekatan bagaimana lagi yang mereka inginkan?

Mungkin penceramah lebih keras yg dpt mencabar keupayaan minda mereka boleh mengubah persepsi kebergantungan mereka pada keadaan sekeliling yang terlalu membantu atau mungkin mereka terlalu selesa dgn 'tongkat' dari kerajaan?

Terlalu manja bangsa ku ini...
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18 April 2010

Percaturan Formula 1Malaysia

1. PRK P94 Hulu Selangor merupakan pentas terbaik untuk melihat sejauh mana formula 1 Malaysia di terima rakyat. Meletakkan calon berbangsa India (MIC) di kawasan kepadatan penduduk adalah orang Melayu merupakan satu percaturan yang berisiko. Namun ini merupakan satu platform untuk menilai sejauh mana gagasan 1 Malaysia berjaya meresap ke sanubari hati rakyat.

2. Uniknya, 3 KADUN dalam Parlimen P94 ini diwakili semuanya oleh ADUN dari BN dimana 2 orang adalah wakil rakyat UMNO dan 1 orang wakil rakyat MCA. Maka meletakkan MIC sebagai calon merupakan 1 formula ke arah mewujudkan persefahaman yang kental di antara kesemua wakil rakyat BN yang terdiri berbilang kaum dalam menjuarai rakyat.

3. Namun dalam menghadapi hari penamaan calon pada 17 hb ini, kelihatan BN masih tercari calon dari MIC yang mampu diketengahkan kepada pengundi. Di pihak MIC mahu mengekalkan muka lama Dato Palanivel yang kalah tempoh hari pada PRU 12 manakala terdapat suara akar umbi yang mahukan calon yang lebih muda atau wajah baru. Ini selaras dengan kehendak rakyat yang progresif mahukan calon yang boleh membawa nafas baru kepada kawasan Hulu Selangor.

4. BN telah memdengar denyut nadi rakyat dengan mencalonkan seorang wajah baru sebagai calon iaitu P Kamalanathan, Ketua Penerangan MIC. Samada beliau calon kompromi atau sebaliknya, biarlah pengundi HS menentukan nasibnya. Yang nyata, kekalahan di Pihak BN, maka MIC sudah boleh dikibar sebagai tidak relevan dalam senario politik semasa.

Selamat Berjuang!

updates: Pertandingan 4 penjuru di Hulu Selangor, PKR, BN dan 2 calon bebas

14 April 2010

P1 WIMAX not going forward. shesh!

I am so not recommending P1 wimax as  internet/WIMAX connection provider. It has been 2 weeks and my connection was never back to the expectation of a WIMAX license holder, chaitt! I was dupe of having WIMAX since it was so easy to connect without me need to have a telecom land line. This is what they have been promoting through their ad but indeed it was a real failure.

Enticing the public to change to P1 without the company themselves not having a proper infrastructure to cater the increasing demands of traffics was simply irresponsible and I am way pissed with the whole business approach. 

It is time for us as users to make known our rights for 70% internet access to this bugger provider and ask them to keep their promise to Govt on giving the best service. Otherwise thier license should be revoke. Let them know our consumers rights.

Damn.. mmg marah sbb i miss to update my blog for so long.

10 April 2010

oh ohh kuale calling

oh oh i am going to be young again.
off to kuale..
miss cendol gerai no 8. :)

31 March 2010

Thing just could not be what we want to be

1. Things can be worse if we were not talking in the same language.

2. Sometimes we want people to listen to us yet we ourselves don't listen to other people

3. We thought we are the one being despised without we noticed we made ourselves despicable.

4. As we grow older, acting like we are younger is plain stupid.

5. Having the family around is always the best thing of life yet surrounding ourselves w nosy people could be worst.

Ahh whatever!

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Come on Come on MCKK?

Berikut senarai 30 pelajar paling cemerlang dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2009 yang diumumkan sebagai penerima pertama Biasiswa Nasional 2010:

1. Gladys Tan Yee Kim (SMK Green Road, Kuching)

2. Grace Kiew Sze-Ern (SMK Perempuan Sri Aman, Petaling Jaya)

3. Khadijah Ahmad Jais (SM Agama Persekutuan, Labu)

4. Akmal Hidayat Sabri (SMK Derma, Kangar)

5. Syamilah Mahali (Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban)

6. Amelia Lee Wei Ling (SMK Taman Melawati, Gombak)

7. Nur Syuhadah Muhamad (SM Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kota Baharu)

8. Lai Yin Kwin (SMK Tinggi Melaka)

9. Corinne Gunn Huey Min (SMK Taman Melawati, Gombak)

10. Hu May Khei (SMK Convent, Taiping)

11. Muhammad Amal Aiman Mohd Yusof (MRSM Kota Baharu)

12. Kuah Jia Ying (SMK Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang)

13. Chean Chung Shen (SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan)

14. Ahmad Zhafir Zulkfli@Zulkifli (SBPI Temerloh)

15. Goh Diangde (SMK Derma, Kangar)

16. Ameenah Azman (Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban)

17. Erin Chuah Wei Yen (SMK Seri Bintang Utara, Kuala Lumpur)

18. Mohamad Syukri Azmi (MRSM Kota Baharu)

19. Muhammad Syafiq Kamarulzaman (SBPI Selandar, Melaka)

20. Neelam Devi Nath (SMK Buloh Kasap, Segamat)

21. Ooi Hui Lynn (SMK Convent Green Lane, Pulau Pinang)

22. Nurliyana Sanusi (MRSM Kota Baharu)

23. Gan Li Fang (SMK Tun Mamat, Tangkak)

24. Muhammad Sallehuddin Mansor (SMK Matang, Perak)

25. Muhammad Izzat Solihuddin (MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, Melaka)

26. Nurizzati Zainal Nazeri (Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka)

27. Khairunnisa Che Bahrun (Maahad Ahmadi, Tanah Merah, Kelantan)

28. Nurulaida Mohd Darus (SBPI Jempol, Negeri Sembilan)

29. Loh Sook Yin (SMK Tinggi St David, Melaka)

30. Malathy a/p Balakrishnan (SMK Ibrahim, Sungai Petani)

sumber- Bernama

Di mana pelajar MCKK? Tidak seorangpun layak utk diberi biasiswa? 

29 March 2010

Sembang Kerjaya in Pokok Machang

Saiful and I discussed the other day over lunch on how tough it be to decide our career path right after SPM. Both agreed that during those days we were naive to decide what profession best suited us. Instead we both have taken a different journey to reach what we are now. Saiful, a practice lawyer  has set up his own firm whilst I, an engineer by qualification has embark into entrepreneurship.

me and saiful 

Now both of us collaborate again as Saiful sits as legal advisor for my company. 

13 years on ( after result SPM 96), we still feel the current  students face the same dilemma as ours. They may find it difficult to choose their career path based on their SPM results albeit how excellence they are. The percentage got even higher to the average students who might score 'cukup makan' for their SPM. Feeling obliged to give back to the society, I suggested to him why don't we have a career talk with these students and share with them our experience and some tips to choose a prospective course; in other word we are encouraging these students to pursue their dreams by pursuing their studies in higher learning education. 

The date and time is set and last Saturday ought to be the day we organised a program called 'Sembang Kerjaya'. In my capacity as Pokok Machang UMNO youth leader, we collaborated with Pusat Aktiviti Kanak Kanak to give career talk to the target group; SPM students and post SPM students. Saiful was invited as panel speaker with Dr Subri Tahir, a lecturer from UiTM  as the other speaker. Both did well in explaining to these young Malay students the importance to choose the right profession and course. They also  emphasized on how our decision now would reflect our life in the future. We also did a group session as well to listen and interact directly with the students and try to understand their issues and shortcomings. I was very  pleased with the turnout and I was very happy that we have organised such event to give the opportunity to my kampung comrades on the importance to pursue their academic learning. By doing so they are not only uplifting their life but also their families life.

Dr Subri a lecturer with UiTM Penang

Dr Subri making his point

We are 10 years short from Vision 2020. We need to pace up in order to fulfill  the dream of  becoming a developed nation. I am sure these young people will fill the gap of human capital of this country. They are the future of our country.

I can see myself in them.

Small group to focus on career prospect

Last word for this year event. We shall see u again next year. I hope.

25 March 2010

The pros and cons of having bberry @ your side

I have compiled a list of pros and cons of having blackberry. I m not discouraging but as a reminder for those who are interested to have one.

The pros
1. Look smart and up to date (kata smartphones)
2. News @ palm of your hand 
3. Can fb, ym, gtalk,whatsapp etc in one go
4. PIN sharing
5. Always advance on latest gossips, soccer results
6. Rest go figure

The cons
1. Cannot focus on the road
2. Red lights syndrome
3. Time wasting and consuming
4. Lost of quality time w love ones
5. Short battery life
6. Need to update OS frequently
7. Sometimes left hang w/o notice
8. Complicated to ordinary users
9. Too many shortcuts
10. Camera quality questionable

In conclusion, too many cons.
In other word, please keep your nokia 3210 as backup! :p

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21 March 2010

New inSpiration

when you don't have the desire and inspiration to write; just be calm and stay focus. You may need to sit back and reflect what actually could have gone wrong. Was it the workload? or was it simply because you have fed up with some theatrics in the August house? Both ways can hurt you.

For that, i decided to have myself for inspiration and i did what i know I am best doing... 
Yup. Taking picture, Snooping for the right angle, Playing with confuse lighting or anything you want to call it. 
After all pictures capture moment of a thousand words...

3 of us.

I love caramel


16 March 2010

Mc dreamie.

I dreamt the other day that someday things would be better for the both of us.
my dream came true. our dream came true.
Thank you.

Let the new chapter of our life begin.
Full of late night 'call'. Let's do it Let's do it

26 February 2010

Happy birthday my lovey smoochie smoochie thing, :P

As the clock ticked midnight, my milla will celebrate her last standing year as a twenty-something lady. Life as twenty-something foxy lady is full of expectation and excitement and I am sure she will sorely miss that period of her life. Having said that, the future that lies ahead of her isn't bad either . It is still worth to fight for, sayang.

It's going to be a tough ride after this, i can assure you.  In addition to your current commitment dealing with mother nature I'm sure you will suffer a little bit. Dont worry too much my dear, I promise I will be by your side during the patch time. We shall overcome whatever God's plan for us; come what may. Yes, we shall embark this journey together. I'll be there to defend you from throngs of adoring fans, I'll be there to lift you up when you couldn't reach and  I give myself wheneever you are down and need the inspiration.

For now, cheer up! Sit tight and enjoy this dedication on your 29th birthday. Happy birthday dear.

p/s: i hope you could see the resemblance between me and michael from that very angle.

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25 February 2010

Green Beret, Blue Lagoon, Red Wine and Yellow Submarine dushh!

Things happening with a cause. It may take a toll of one self but somehow you have to move on and do self reflection. There ought to be light at road's end  and one has keep to keep on believing. It's only a matter of time before you could  prove yet again,  the potential and drive is still burning strong inside you. Until then, hope and only hope remained.

I need the get out of my daily struggling routine. Embarking to a new height that make me feel good once again. Yeah, the feeling of "i m not just good; i'm damn great!" that used to conquer me. I want to feel that again; menginjak pada tanah yang sama.. bernafas pada udara yang sama! like old time sake. I need an inspiration.. but how?!

Photog used to be my forte and i guess getting back to the root might create some spark. I may not doing dslr as often as others but having said that wont stop me either from getting great pictures with my new toy; pen!
so here's the great (as claimed) idea by adik to start shooting again. Each of us ( i mean kich; tony; messa and adik) will start to shutter 1 picture everyday for the whole week and everyone of us is assigned with different colours. Tony on GREEN Kich on Blue, Me on RED and adik will pick YELLOW. And let see how this 1 assignment will end uP. Let see who's still have the desire to push to their limit and get themselves inspired.

let us Shutter happy once again! :)

p/s: salam maulidur rasul. Hopefully there will be marching parade in red! :)

23 February 2010

UMNO 'juara' rakyat atau 'juarai' rakyat ??

Parti politik terbesar orang Melayu dan juga komponen utama BN telah memulakan jejak langkah memenangi hati rakyat dengan menjalankan program menyeluruh di seluruh negara atas nama 'UMNO juara rakyat'. Ini merupakan usaha UMNO dalam mengorak langkah mendapatkan semula kepercayaan rakyat sebelum menghadapi PRU 13 akan datang yang dijangka menjadi titik tolak kelangsungan parti UMNO dalam meneraju pentadbiran negara.

Bermula dengan sambutan besar besaran di Selangor yang dirasmikan oleh YAB Presiden Parti, program juara rakyat dilihat dan dicanang sebagai satu program untuk rakyat menilai sendiri segala jasa dan perjuangan UMNO dalam menjadi juara rakyat selama lebih 63 tahun. Pelbagai aktiviti melibatkan semua sayap UMNO dijalankan agar rakyat merasa lebih faham, dekat dan inklusif kepada UMNO yang merupakan tonggak kerajaan BN. Penerangan dan program ini dilihat sebagai platform untuk membuktikan UMNO benar benar jaguh rakyat bukan jaguh orang UMNO semata-mata.

Program UMNO juara rakyat kini mula dijalankan di pelusuk negara. Sambutan di Kedah misalnya, dirasmikan oleh YAB Timb Presiden UMNO seterusnya program-program yang lebih fokus turut dilaksanakan oleh sayap parti seperti di Sembrong, Ipoh dan di peringkat bahagian; tasek gelugor P Pinang. Kelihatan parti UMNO mula offensif dari segi penglibatan program dengan rakyat dengan harapan rakyat akan terus memberi peluang kepada parti UMNO memerintah negara dan menawan semula negeri-negeri yang tewas dahulu.

Komitmen UMNO dalam menjayakan program ini harus dipuji apatah lagi rakyat mendapat faedah dan keuntungan apabila terlibat dgn program sebegini seperti klinik bergerak percuma, ceramah kerjaya, penerangan dasar-dasar kerajaan dan sebagainya. Namun apa yang sedikit terjejas adalah pendekatan yang cuba dibawa UMNO, apakah sebenar yang ingin disampaikan? Apakah parti UMNO mahu dilihat sebagai juara dan jaguh rakyat? Adakah semua program ini berkisar tentang parti UMNO yang banyak berjasa? Oleh itu rakyat 'bersalah' jika membuat pilihan yang lain? Atau adakah kepimpinan UMNO cuba mengambarkan bahawa hanya UMNO berhak dinobat juara rakyat? Tiada yang lain?

Sebenarnya pendekatan yang harus pimpinan UMNO ketengahkan bukan berkisar tentang UMNO dan jasa-jasanya tetapi lebih kepada peranan dan usaha UMNO dalam menjuarai rakyat! Rakyat yang harus didahulukan bukannya apa yang UMNO telah lakukan. Persepsi bahawa UMNO harus dijulang sebagai juara rakyat harus dibuang jauh kerana tanpa rakyat siapalah UMNO. Yang harus diutamakan, didahulukan dan dijuarai dalam konteks ini adalah rakyat bukan UMNO. Sebolehnya nilai bangga, lagak dan riak tentang kejayaan UMNO harus dibuang jauh-jauh dan kini pemimpin UMNO perlu sedar yang juara sebenar adalah rakyat dan parti UMNO perlu berdiri sebagai satu wadah untuk memperjuangkan rakyat.

Meletakkan rakyat melebihi parti adalah jalan terbaik untuk mendapat mandat rakyat dalam suasana ledakan demokrasi hari ini. Penerangan UMNO harus pandai menggunakan 'tagline' yang lebih dekat di hati rakyat.

Ironinya, dalam kesungguhan kerajaan ingin memartabatkan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaaan masih kedapatan yang tidak tahu menyurat isi yang tersirat.
Sayang 1 Malaysia, sayang... 

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16 February 2010

Xing Nian Kuei Le, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Dalam meniti hari perayaan kepelbagaian kaum di Malaysia yang begitu harmonis. Dikuatkan lagi dengan penjelmaaan perpaduan dalam gagasan 1 Malaysia. Elok juga sedikit peringatan dilemparkan sebagai panduan. Tertarik dengan pandangan dan coretan terbaru che det dalam blognya di bawah tajuk Malaysiakini maka saya kongsi para 4 dan 5 tulisan Tun Dr Mahathir disini sebagai tauladan buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia;

4.  I would like to point out that in the past when Europeans confined (the Jews) to ghettos, and periodically massacred (them), they used to seek refuge in Muslim countries (of North Africa and the Ottoman empire). They couldn't have gone there if Muslim countries were less hospitable than the Europeans. Even today Jews live in Muslim countries including in Iran. It was only after the United States welcome the Jews that they ceased to migrate to Muslim countries.
(Saya ingin menegaskan bahawa pada zaman dahulu, ketika negara Eropah mengurung bangsa Yahudi di ghettos dan dari masa ke semasa membunuh mereka, Bangsa Yahudi keluar dan mencari perlindungan di negara-negara Islam (di utara Africa dan di bawah Empayar Otthmaniah). Mereka tidak mungkin sampai ke situ sekiranya Negara negara Islam ini tidak menerima dan memberi layanan kurang dari Negara Eropah. Sehingga sekarang masih terdapat Yahudi yang tinggal di Negara Islam termasuk Iran. Hanya setelah Amerika Syarikat menerima Yahudi, barulah mereka tidak lagi berpindah ke negara Islam).

5.  For the hospitality of the Muslim countries they were repaid by the Zionist by seizing Palestine to create the State of Israel. Not content with seizing Arab land they went on to expel the largely Muslim Palestinian.
(Untuk layanan baik sedemikian rupa oleh Negara Islam, mereka terpaksa membayar harga yang tinggi bila Zionis menakluk Palestin dan mengisytiharkan Negara Israel. Bukan sekadar menakluk tanah arab malah lebih daripada itu mereka juga menghalau kebanyakan Orang Islam Palestin keluar dari tanah tumpah darah mereka.)

Ironiknya, Masyarakat Melayu yang majoriti Islam di bumi Malaysia juga membuka pintu tanah mereka seluas-luasnya untuk rakan-rakan pendatang dari China dan India dan kini mereka juga telah diterima sebagai warganegara. Maka apabila pintu rumah yang telah dibuka dengan tangan dan hati terbuka makanya wajib bagi tetamu menghormati dan lebih lebih lagi menjaga sensitiviti hati dan perasaan tuan rumah yang memberi layanan istimewa. Tidakkah begitu? 

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina (Tahun Harimau) buat rakan-rakan Kaum Tionghua di Malaysia, semoga terus menjadi tetamu dan warganegara yang yang mengerti tatasusila berjiran tetangga. :)

Gong Xi Fa Chai.

6 February 2010

Dey YAB, lu che sin aa (awak sudah gila ka?)

khusyuk aku menonton berita Awani jam 12 tengah malam tadi melihat kebobrokan isu dan ragam rakyat Malaysia hari ini. Dari kes profil tinggi di mahkamah sehinggalah demonstrasi jalanan di Pulau Pinang, tidak habis-habis sentimen politik, retorik perkauman dimainkan. Yang hebat; dalam setiap pihak bertelagah cuba menjuarai persepsi dan pemikiran rakyat, masih ada juga sebenarnya membuka kebodohan diri sendiri. Haha :)

Ketawa aku apabila YAB Sdr Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang mempertahankan corak pentadbirannya yg giat dipersendakan dan dikritik kerana dituduh menindas rakyat. Dengan yakin, beliau melontar cabaran bahawa Kerajaan C.A.T pimpinannya akan membuka lebih banyak ruang kepada kontraktor Melayu untuk menyertai tender secara terbuka. Orang Melayu tidak perlu UMNO utk mendapat peluang tender. Orang Melayu boleh berdikari tanpa UMNO. Wah, bagus betul cabaran, sedikit sebanyak aku setuju bangsaku harus dicabar supaya bangkit dari kepompong menagih bantuan; apatah lagi berharap dari satu pihak-UMNO.

Tetapi dalam kesombongannya menidakkan UMNO; membuat perbandingan bagaimana orang Melayu di zaman kesultanan Melayu Melaka boleh hidup tanpa UMNO adalah satu kenyataan PALING BODOH keluar dr mulut seorang YAB Ketua Menteri. Hahah. Kat mana yang bodoh? Meh sini cheq nak habaq:

1. Di zaman Melayu Melaka mana ada UMNO! UMNO tubuh pun tahun 1946 hasil ledakan semangat nasionalisme ketika itu menentang Malayan Union.

2. Zaman Melayu Melaka mana ada kontraktor/tender! Hahah. Orang Melayu hidup sebagai nelayan ataupun bercucuk tanam.

3. Zaman Melayu Melaka tiada kerajaan persekutuan mahupun kerajaan negeri. Soal pemberian kerja diputuskan Sultan sebagai ketua negara.

4. Zaman Melayu Melaka, orang Cina dan India hanyalah pedagang/pendatang. Tidak pernah atas isu pemberian kerakyatan kerana jelas Orang Cina dan India bukan rakyat Melaka apatah lagi menjadi pemerintah.

5. Zaman Melayu Melaka mana ada politik, politik Istana adala. Zaman Melayu Melaka tiada dasar pecah perintah yg mengasingkan kaum sehingga wujud parti berdasarkan perkauman.

6. Zaman Melayu Melaka adalah zaman orang Melayu hidup aman tenteram tidak dijajah dan berdaulat, mana nak sama dengan perjuangan UMNO utk mendapat kemerdekaan.

Hakikatnya zaman kesultanan Melayu Melaka  berusia ratusan tahun manakan hendak dibandingkan dengan perjuangan UMNO yang baru menjangkau usia 64 tahun. Jelas ini adalah 'misquote of the new year' dr YAB Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang.
YAB Lim, u orang Melaka tetapi tarak study sejarah ka? Bikin malu saje  :P

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3 February 2010

JAL go bust

It was indeed a heartbreaking news when i heard JAL, the official airline of Japan, the proud flagship of the Japanese is going down bankrupt. When the new elected government decided they will no longer going to bail out the ailing company with debt has gone to $25 billion, it's only a matter of time when JAL has to call it a day.

On 19 January 2010, JAL filed for bankruptcy protection and vowed to slash more than 15700 jobs and unprofitable destination in order to survive. Lucky the airline will remain operation thanks to some state backed fund but with condition a new board and management take charge.

One would wonder how on earth I would care about the ailing airline. I am no Japanese nor having  any Japanese friends. I only fall in love with Japanese movies and the pretty actresses. Akira Kurosawa was one of my favourite movie director and I love his works in Roshomon and Seven Samurai. That basically cover my interest about Japan. 

Nevertheless, I have a memento that will always put JAL somewhere in my heart. Yes, i used to be a 'captain' of the ship.  Yes, i have proof. see.

 me the capt! and my chiake 
oohooii :):):)

Update 8/2/2010: by request of the father who sponsored captain Moqq's trip on JAL, the other siblings also managed to don JAL uniform likewise. Hence their picture should be published for the record. Huh. :P

  the little sistas when they were little.