19 November 2010

A blast from past cd's collection

My brother took the wheel driving us from Penang to KL after a short trip celebrating aidil adha in Penang. I took the time off as co pilot to look at a compilation of old cd's in the car. It was a collection of cd's circa 98-2001. Going through every cd's caught me by surprise; my range of music cover from heavy metal the likes of Metallica to the ballad/pop tunes of Mariah Carey. In between, my ears also soothe to the hinds melody of kuch kuch hota hai soundtrack! My oh my.

I never had any preference selection to my music. As long the ears are receptive every melody can blend in me. I am the 'senang nak di bela' type person, I guess. ;)

Music is universal. If the melody is too hard for u, try understand the lyrics. The hard melody may represent some hatred within whilst the lyrics may present us with some soul searching and advice. How weird it may sound, the best songs were never the ear-catchy ones. Sometimes we need to listen hard to understand the story behind.
Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Empathy are part of the story. The story of life of the storyteller (singer).

cd cd lama yeop!

Glancing through my copies of music cd's, it reflected me as a very colourful person and I'm proud to say it loud. Thank god for giving me two healthy ears that help me listening (learning) from wonderful songs all these years. :)

Now, I'm looking forward to finishing my compilations of old cd's. Say no to hot FM for a while...

p/s: listening to Santana 'Corazon Espinado' now made me feel going air guitar solo!!

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