23 December 2008

lost in my own translation

Dear Sir,

I have to admit that i have become dis-illusioned about myself and my undertakings in my daily tasks. I realised that now i have becoming more a lia
bility rather than an asset to the organisation. I know my responsibilities and my obligations indeed my path have becoming narrowed ever since I put my integrity and my trust beneath me. Thus, to be fair to the other colleagues and above all to be fair to myself, I am offering myself to be 'culled out' away from the organisation. (read: spectre)

My conscience is no longer clear for me to belief in. My esteem is as low as the 'ground zero' and my heart could not stop pounding another beat just to let me free from this misery. How could i survive another day? please help me God!

The reality hurts. 
and it hurts me badly.

I need to find my escape route to fill the void within me. 

yours truly.

15 December 2008

quote of the (yester) day

On early Sunday morning as we were strolling along the selling booths at Pasar Pagi, my friend could hardly notice an interesting t-shirt design. Without the slightest hesitant he uttered;

"ape bende yang tulih kat atas baju tuh huh?! Aku nak kow plea?", looking confused.

and in the slightest giggling we heard "couple, lah, aku nak couple!" from 2 cute girls nearby. Duhh.. what a great start to a sunday!

Later in the evening as we were heading towards Subang Parade on a bumpy ride on a rainy day. With one heat discussion on why Malays entrepeneurs still need the support of NEP for their survival, i simply put it;

"Orang Melayu kalau xde DEB ibarat anak penyu yang baru menetas, dalam beribu-ribu yang kembali ke laut, dibiar tanpa petunjuk hanya seekor yang hidup untuk kembali ke tepi pantai..."

picture courtesy of headweb

A complete silent. Sign of approval, i guess.

My other friend noticed my new watch during the evening wedding reception. In fact, after seeing himself wearing his new tag heuer made me more determine to own one.

get it at tag heuer.com

Fortunate enough i secured a nice and sporty watch on friday after almost a year without a watch on my wrist. A bit awkward at first but as you feel it on your wrist, you know this is the chosen one. Fast forward, my friend who noticed the new watch and was impress at first glance obviously would like to know how much i paid for it, and without shy i uttered;

"dun worry, my watch is only one ninth of yours!!"

coz it's a timepiece by casio ;) sweet! ;)

we ended the night on one long weekend when she softly whispered these words to my dear ears;
"no worries, now i have only you, abang.."
and those sincere quote of hers completed my day.
thanks, sayang

4 December 2008

Senators wannabe! to/not to do list.

If you ever receive a call from someone high in the executive power one fine day seeking you to be appointed as a Senator thus offering you a ministerial post in hand; these are the things to/not to do checklist beforehand for your future guidance.

1. Be thankful to the Prime Minister. By his prerogative to appoint someone who he thinks suit for the post lead him to you! Even the SIL have no influence in your ministerial appointment because you are handpicked personally by the PM.

2. Show some humility and earn your respect. Please bare in mind that you are an appointed MP not an elected MP to begin with. Those elected MP's had to work their ass out during campaign/erection election period before they can enjoy their MP status. While they were having sleepless night throughout, where have you been... Australia?

3. Be prepared to face all sorts of name calling during parliament session throughout your senatorship term. Most to be heard "YB Menteri, kamu masuk 'pintu belakang'. Tolong duduk diam2"

4. Don't go overboard by 'tunjuk pandai' even you are one smart joe. Your minister-colleagues might go overjealous and fed up with your act. They might plan to backstab you!

5. To be on a safer side. Don't look smart, talk smart and act smart more than the PM himself.

6. Set yourself a time frame for strategic and political gains within 5-6 years because senatorship stint last for two terms (6 years) only. You wont get appointed after the 2nd term hence you need to put yourself in a running position to be selected as a MP candidate for a constituency. You could always get some advice from former senators turn elected MP's who have don these tactics.

7. By virtue of becoming a senator and taking oath in front of Speaker of the 'Dewan Negara' and later sworn in front of his royal highness SPB YDP Agong as a minister. You are obliged to secrecy act and cannot simply talk to others about what transpired in all cabinet meetings. It is always a collective decisions in policy making decisions therefore don't go around and making a hero of yourself by championing reforms.

8. Be faithful to the party you represent in the senate. Even you are no longer a senator, please show respect and be grateful to the party who made what you are today. 'Jangan mudah lupa seperti Melayu2 lain.'

9. Always remind yourself that you are a Malaysian Senator not a senator in US Senate. Stop championing about Liberalism , Human Rights, Fair and Equality for all which doesnt reflect Malaysian Polarisation.

last but not least.

10. Don't resigned after only 6 months in office. Dude, it is a disgrace act of mockery to the PM and all taxpayers money!

There you go. I hope this list will help in your future endeavour as a truly Malaysian Senator.

All the best.

3 December 2008

to or not to anticipate

Do you anticipate things to happen in your daily life? Or perhaps do you anticipate things that might happen one fine day when you expect everything to be perfect? If YES, that is a good attitude of yours but if your answer is NO; listen listen wherever you are...

Start anticipating your action in life 'coz once you anticipate things to happen the way you might think it would be.. and you haven't take action or couldn't care less about it, you'll be doomed. Not that you will regret it all your life but the minimum damage would be you'll have a bad day! i tell you, coz i've experienced it and it hurts, ouch!

let's have some case study but before we go any further, my definition of anticipate in this context is definition no. 3 based on freedictionary.com

case study 1

While driving yourself in your 4wd onto a roundabout with many turns. You anticipated a lorry on your co-driver side would go straight ahead without exiting at the next turn eventhough the lorry was on the outside/ left lane which indicate it will exit at the next turn. However, as you anticipated that it will never take exit and go ahead, you might slow down a bit and let it pass you before signalling your 4wd and make your exit. If you anticipated but ignore your anticipation, things might turn ugly and whamm! off you go and the next thing you know, you can anticipate a pretty nurse on your hospital bedside, lah.

case study 2

As you were enjoying your lunch, having a nice set of nasi padang. One call came through and it was from a friend you havent heard for quite sometime. Upon surprising to receive his call; you anticipated that this friend made the call coz' he up for something and usually the first good anticipation is your friend's getting married soon and he is asking for your address and others. If it's true, that's good for him but somehow if it was not meant to be, pls start anticipating bad things such as he wanted to see you because he wanted to introduce you to a new MLM scheme or even worst he wanted to borrow some money of yours! If you accept his request for a meeting please dont ignore your anticipation coz you will be having your worst nighmare if you realized later what you have anticipated is true...

case study 3

You were doing your 'things' in the loo and there wasnt any hanger to hang your pants. You are so desperate and decided to put your pants on top of the flush anticipating that it might fall down right in the loo if anything goes wrong. Things went well after you've done and as you were putting your brief and excited to get out of the tiny room, the pants slowly fall off down to the loo without you quick enough to rescue! and the rest is history; blaming yourself for ignoring what you have anticipated earlier. Lucky it was not so bad... otherwise, you will end up smelly2 cat!

Do you believe me, now?!
If you do, anticipate what actually went bad to me today!

28 November 2008

kota bandung daerah keriangan di kepulauan jawa

Images 1 : Kereta Bandung

Bandung memberikan banyak pilihan kepada pengunjungnya. Antara jiwa remaja dan darah muda pasti bergelodak gembira tatkala menjejakkan kaki di kota ke-empat terbesar di Indonesia ini. Sebuah lembah subur yang dahulunya lebih terkenal dengan ladang ladang teh dan pusat latihan pasukan elit Indonesia -Kopassus, kini Bandung menjanjikan pengalaman manis untuk setiap pengunjungnya yang hadir bukan dengan 1 atau 2 beg malah ada yang terpaksa pulang dengan tambahan beg yang ketiga.
roll on!

Image 2: Air Asia Indonesia

Satu ketika pengkalan udara Hussein Sastranegara merupakan pintu masuk kepada jet-jet pejuang Indonesia yang menjaga kedaulatan negara, namun berkat kebijaksanaan mengambil peluang (typical malaysian attitude) seorang pengasas jet tambang murah, Air Asia maka pengkalan ini telah dibuka untuk laluan komersil dan telah memberi laluan emas buat Tony Fernandez and co membawa lebih ramai penduduk Malaysia terus ke Kota Bandung tanpa perlu lagi melalui Jakarta. Bijak! Bijak!

Image 3

Tiga orang dewasa yang begitu gembira menjejakkan kaki di bumi Indonesia. Dari kiri: Hafeez aka Mr Betz yang julung2 kali datang dan menfokus untuk memborong barangan tertentu. Pn Khamilah aka milla begitu gembira kali ini utk bulan madu keduanya dan semestinya akan melakukan apa sahaja demi kepuasan 'retail therapy'. Azreena atau lebih dikenali sebagai eena syed merupakan tonggak pengembaraan kali ini kerana ini merupakan pelancongan keduanya ke Bandung dan kerjaya beliau sebagai agen pelancongan menyenangkan semua orang, maksud kami semua orang yang turut serta kerana tiket, wang rupiah, dan penginapan di uruskan sepenuhnya oleh beliau. Tahniah!

Image 4

Kehidupan warga Bandung begitu 'laid back'. Mereka tidak kalut malah tidak pula merungut sekiranya terperangkap dalam kesesakan lalu lintas. Manakan tidak, acapkali kereta berhenti di lampu trafik, pasti kami terhibur dengan hiburan jalanan yang dimainkan anak anak muda yang tak keberatan mendendangkan 1 atau 2 buah lagu asalkan berbayar. Paling tidak wang 500 rupiah menjadi imbuhan. Cukuplah buat mereka untuk mendapatkan sesuap nasi hari itu jika sudah ada 1000 - 2000 rupiah di tangan. Paling tidak mereka pasti mendapat inspirasi baru untuk ilham lagu lagu terbaru mereka dan saya percaya satu hari nanti anak-anak muda ini akan menjadi pelapis buat nidji, ungu, so7 dan peterpan yang sungguh feymes di Malaysia menghiburkan warga Indon dan Malaysia.

Image 5

"Rumah mode" adalah di antara berpuluh-puluh FO (read: factory outlet) yang dikunjungi pengunjung setiap hari tidak kira siang ataupun malam. Kadar kesesakan pengunjungan akan berganda pada setiap hujung minggu tatkala warga Jakarta juga turut turun membeli belah menurut kata eena syed. Bandung memang terkenal sebagai kota membeli belah, tidak hairan kalau ada di antara yang datang terpaksa pulang dengan muatan lebih atas penangan 'compulsive buying' yang menjadi-jadi sehinggakan ada yang menepuk dahi melihat 'damages' yang dilakukan saban hari. Cuba bayangkan jika 'damage' diunjurkan sebanyak Rupiah 1 juta setiap hari iaitu bersamaan RM400 maka pengembaraan kami yang berlangsung 4 hari 3 malam menghasilkan berapa 'keuntungan'?! jawab jgn tak jawab...

nahh hasilnya seperti ilustrasi di bawah.. sapa yang gembira?! dari kiri: eena syed dan mdm milla..

Image 6

Image 7

ahh lupakan seketika bab 'damages' kerana apa yang lebih penting apabila kita stress membeli, perkara yang dapat menghilangkan tekanan itu pastinya dengan makanan yang komplit. Tepat sekali ini adalah NASI KOMPLIT - satu hidangan Sunda yang sangat enak dan menyelerakan. Cukup segala ramuannya dengan petai, tempe ayam goreng diadun sekali dalam satu hidangan yang menggamit rasa lapar tak terhingga sehingga kita terlupa yang kita masih berhitung2 berapa uang yang masih tinggal. Sekali lagi ingin saya tekankan bukan hanya cewek indon boleh buat anda terpegun.. Makanan indon juga pasti membuka selera! Ini belum saya bercerita tentang indo mie.

Image 8

Kepada penggemar ikan air tawar seperti saya, guramie goreng pasti membuka selera anda. Tidak akan komplit hidangan Sunda jika tidak disertakan dengan seekor guramie yang digoreng ranggup. Ada juga yang suka kalau dibakar dengan kicap tetapi masih tidak boleh lawan guramie yang digoreng kerana impak dari pilihan pesanan ini pasti anda tidak akan kecewa seperti digambarkan dalam ilustrasi berikutnya!

Image 9 : ambik kau! guramie goreng... tinggal kepala je beb! Dari kiri: Eena syed : burpppp...
Mdm Milla: Boleh tambah?!

Image 10

dan hari hari di kota Bandung takkan ceria tanpa meneguk teh botol yang begitu feymes itu. Begitu banyak dan laris sehinggakan satu hari tanpanya tak mampu untuk tidur dengan lena. Sila abaikan model di sebelah. Tidak ada mengena tetapi jika anda kenal sila tag beliau dalam facebook anda.

Image 11

Dan hari hari di kota Bandung semakin ceria kalau hari hari dapat ketemu awek seperti sedemikian rupa yang nampak ceria walaupun posing di dalam angkutan kota - sejenis teksi harian yang popular. Seperti kata Mr Betz "jika begini wajah-wajah cewek bandung.. aku sanggup menjadi supir angkutan kota itu... " yelah tu Mr Betz.

Image 12

Aktiviti malam di Kota Bandung merupakan perkara yang dinantikan oleh setiap individu tidak kira apepun tujuannya. Memandangkan FO terus berniaga sehingga lewat jam 9 ( waktu Malaysia sudah pukul 10) maka kami meneruskan aktiviti membeli belah utk menghabiskan wang2 rupiah yang masih tinggal. Tetapi harus diingat wang rupiah jangan dihabiskan kesemuanya kerana waktu mau berangkat meninggalkan Bandung masih terdapat cukai airport dan barangan lebihan yang harus diselesaikan di airport kelak dan kemungkinan bayaran kami menjangkau berjutaan rupiah adalah sangat tinggi maka kami telah mengambil langkah berhati hati untuk menyimpan siap2 wang keperluan; jika tidak tahu sajalah apa yang mampu dilakukan mdm milla! hahahah

Image 13 & 14 :antara rakaman lensa saya di malam terakhir di kota Bandung.. antara lain yang cuba dieksperikan dari rakaman lensa ini adalah.. "lihat pinggulku ini, rampingkan?!"

Image 15

dan jangan pula anda terkejut jika Mc D di kota Bandung juga menyajikan hidangan nasi komplit seperti ilustrasi di atas. Walaupun agak 'simple' berbanding nasi komplit sunda di gambaran 7 tapi masih menyelerakan kami. Cuma jangan disentuh sup sayurnya, kerana saya syak pihak restoren Mc D Indon telah meletakkan kandungan MSG begitu banyak sehinggakan acap saya makan terus perut berbunyi 'mayday mayday' tanda perlu segera ke kamar WC. Apepun kenangan menikmati makanan di Bandung tetap satu kenangan yang tak mampu saya kosongkan dari kotak ingatan saya.

Image 16

Dan akhirnya kami terpaksa menamatkan pengembaraan ke Bandung ini setelah 3 malam di sana. Kelihatan Eena Syed dan Mdm Milla tidak dapat menerima kenyataan bahawa mereka terpaksa kembali ke Malaysia dan kembali kepada realiti kehidupan. Kehidupan di Bandung memang menjanjikan satu kenangan membeli belah yang mengujakan namun lagi lama kita berada di sini lagi banyak 'damages' akan berlaku. Oleh yang demikian, cukup cukuplah tuh..

dengan harapan pasti ada lagi pengembaraan seperti ini yang awal2 lagi sudah dicadangkan iaitu hujung Sept tahun 2009. Nampak gaya penulis terpaksa berkerja keras demi kunjungan akan datang. Akhir kata dari penulis, ingat ingatlah orang tersayang tatkala di Kota Bandung...


25 November 2008

On YoGA issue

Picture taken from sarah brumgart

This is something i said to Mr Rockybru on his recent posting.

"Sdr Rocky,
I do agree that hindu sangam has no rights to interfere with any muslim rulings but i believe it was done in context that the muslim authority i.e Majlis Fatwa has talked on the edict that related to other beliefs and religion.

Had the Majlis Fatwa come with a more 'hikmah' approach rather than a direct explanations particularly involved hindu practices, things might be at a better position but act has been done on Majlis Fatwa's so now it's up to the respective parties involved to try and solve the issue in a more amiccable manner.

IMHO, the Majlis Fatwa should have acted years ago on YOGA if they find it not suitable for majority Malay Muslim not only now after YOGA has become "cultured" and part of Malaysian way of healthy life.

The general perception of YOGA is it brings the best out of one's healthy life and i do hope Majlis Fatwa could come with a better perception and explanation to educate Muslims about what YOGA COULD DO WRONG to us; not only give ruling and dictate us (read: muslim) to follow.

It is time for all party to play a more proactive role and give a more sensible approach to all the issues involved.
Thank you,
Yours Truly. "

picture taken from here

now let's pilates. :)

We slumped into 5th defeat! I dont want to talk about it, anymore...


I'm keeping mum!!
back to back lost!!
Captain went mad!!
Losing without scoring, again!!
We are not brave soldiers... wtf?!
and we are meeting Chelsea next week.. so tell me about it?!

moqq thinks he had enough of arsenal primadonna's. It's time to kick their ass out or he's out!

doing an alakkay!

all but down.

All Pictures taken by PA Photos

16 November 2008

Our 4th defeat and the season finally over

Gallas, Sidwell and Young at loggerheads
Copyright PA Photos

After much hype a week earlier with a nice build up matches (great win against traditional rival Man Utd and a demolition of Wigan in Carling Cup tie), Arsene and the young gunners were once again being put down back to earth by another premiership team, Aston Villa who ranks lower than them. Arsenal lost to a more combative and direct Aston Villa with a 0-2 score in a game that can be considered as lacking the desire to keep on winning. Worst, we lost it on our home pitch, The Emirates. duhh...

Sadly, that lost has put Arsenal season in an abrupt end even before year end as realistically we are no longer an EPL Champion material. I hate to say this but with 9 points adrift from our neighbouring London team, Chelsea before Christmas; it's finally over!

The game between Arsenal and the Villains Villans should be a turning points for Arsene and his young guns to position themselves in a better league position and compete for the title. Instead failure to capitalise on earlier initiative has put Arsenal mathematically in a difficult position to fight for the crown. For the record, Arsenal and Aston Villa are now 4th and 5th respectively in the league sharing the same points after 13 games whilst Villa shorts in goal different.

I dunno whether this lost is another tactical move by 'the professor' (read: Arsene Wenger) himself to give Aston Villa a morale boost before their next encounter against Man Utd next week considering Man Utd is back on great form after routing Stoke City, five to nil. Banking on the Villans for a back to back win against the other 'Big Four' is a very crucial for Arsenal's own season after all.

Martin O'neill
Courtesy Pic from DailyUK

The answer will be on Mr Martin O' neill himself who briliantly manoeuvred Aston Villa back from a losing team transforming them into a 'hot streak' against Arsenal. Yesterday, Aston Villa was more ambitious and resilient between the two, creating chances after chances. They were the superior in the centre of the field, killing off every Arsenal moves, holding and posess much of the ball and in the end got their break after 70 minutes.

They were the better team and that was it!

I have no idea what will be Wenger's response after the second home defeat at Emirates. Whether he will give more excuses or finally admitted that we are not physically and mentally strong enough to compete for the title this season. What i would not want to hear from him is how the other team keep stopping them from playing Arsenal style of attacking football by adopting a physical and direct approach. In other words, disrespecting Arsenal's kind of play.

Pic courtesy dailyUK

Mr Wenger!

This is not about playing beautiful game anymore, this is more about playing beautiful game every week in and week out. Your brand of eye-catching football is only a good show but a win will give you 3 points whilst a losing side give you a zero, zilch. As simple as that. Period.

The longer you keep whining about not given space to prove yourself, the more you are proven wrong!

I just wish you would stop listening to your guts and prepare for the worst. January transfer window is an opportunity to redeem yourself and further safe Arsenal from more blushes. For now, I just can only hope even it is a fault hope which sometimes hurts.

Yours Truly,
a dissapointed unforgiving fan.

6 November 2008

Hope! it's all about.

pictures courtesy of Times

Barrack Obama became the 44th American president in a glittering fashion. He is a son of a Kenyan father who married a Kansas white mother and always addressing himself as a black (not half white). Obama will be succeeding Mr Bush in Oval office as the first african american President after winning in a convincing manner against the republican John Mccain without having to wait until the electoral votes later in the month. Mr Obama will swear in as the president come 20th Jan 2009. The people of America is in dire of change, and now they hope change they can!

picture courtesy dhielection.com

While in Maldives, after 30 years of regime ruling, the first democratic election showed the people wanted a sea of change by voting out the regime president, Mr Gayoom with a political prisoner, Mohamed Nasheed as the leader of their destiny. A country with per capita income less than USD1 are hoping the newly elected president could bring them out of the suffering and give them a new meaning of life. Mr Nasheed has to stay true to the fundamentals of his fights in order to survive another day in power and the Maldivians have put high hope that he will deliver.

picture courtesy daylife.com

Back home in Malaysia, DS Najib has won the presidency of UMNO uncostested after securing 134 nominations that put the other contestants cannot fulfill any more nominations of the balance 30% quota. The tremendous support by the UMNO division shows that in Najib they put their hope and trust! that UMNO and BN would recapture back the heart of million Malaysian. Najib is always seen as a successor but with his play-safe approach, sometimes it's kind of worried for the majority UMNO Malays whether this largest Malays Party (UMNO) could hold another day in power. By convention, the Umno president also becomes Malaysia’s Prime Minister and the hope of 3 millions of UMNO members and all Malaysians lies on DS Najib's hand.

Ironically, do we see a resemblance of all the story above?! YES

Each leader is not only offering themselves but ratherly asking the commoner to give hope that they will lead them out of the misery. Forget about progress, forget about new development, start talking about reform, start putting effort for everyone survival because in the end it is only hope, nothing else matters...

4 November 2008

media and spin doctors

I am flabbergasted to see how media could ever becoming a powerful tools to a certain 'parties' even in reality those who 'hold' these media seems have no power at all or should i say gradually losing power.

But with the fact that media-spin is a powerful tool and one could not afford to lose it, instructions were given to these spinners to do anything in their hand to keep hold and try projecting their beneficiary a good image.

Take a deep look at the upcoming UMNO election where candidates were never given the same shed of coverage in the media. Worst, some of candidates were merely remains as name while the towkeys were put in a position and praises like nobody business. pheww..

The spinners would do anything to stop/backlash/speculate any candidates that being considered a threat to their 'towkey'. Whilst the towkey always be given a strong coverage even they were not in the running position. I wonder whether the true press freedom is uphold in Malaysia, when spade is called a spade and black will never be white.

I hope it is not to late for us to look beyond our sel-fish needs and start thinking for others especially rakyat whose always put their faith and hope on us.

28 October 2008

one deepavali moment

scene 1 take 1
in the early morning of deepavali, we decided to hv our breakfast at one of the favourite restaurant in subang jaya -'fawwaz restaurant' known for its crispy roti canai and tasty roti sardine.

me and my other half came a bit later from home. Both my parent and other siblings were already there and hv placed order. The queue was surprising long as most ppl would be as lazy as us - prefer to have their meal outside on public holidays. :)

i saw my dad was reading his papers but i was mesmerised as he's reading 'suara keadilan'. hah hah hah. Not that he is jumping ship or whatever but suprisingly that was the only paper being sold on that particular day from one newspaper vendor nearby...

and i tingle him by saying,
"ayah, do you realise that whenever others were celebrating their 'hari raya', most of the daily system would be interrupted as what's happening today?! Most vendors are Indian and they are on leave, that's why we are short of newspapers."

"well son, it also the same with chinese new year! in fact it will turn from bad to worst as most of the transports, sales, trading and our daily transaction would be keep on hold." my dad added with a grin.

and i wonder if it would be the same on hari raya melayu? Whether the system would go haywire as it did on CNY and deepavali...
I dont think so.
in fact the system was so intact and perfect in order to fulfill the needs of the Malays for our raya celebrations.
Pheww, whether our own raya or anybody's raya, we (read:malays) always at the losing end. shessh!
To all my dear Indian friend, dont take me wrongly. I am not rascist, i only pity my own malay dilemma.

enjoy your diwali whilst it last. nadre vanakkam!

22 October 2008

Transformasi UMNO - Satu Renungan

Wahai ahli-ahli perwakilan UMNO keseluruhannya (terutama yang masih belum bersidang!)

Dalam keseronokan kita mengumpul 'dana' dan ketaksuban kita untuk memilih pemimpin baru UMNO yang bakal menjadi pendokong wadah perjuangan bangsa samada di peringkat bahagian dan pusat, harus kita pelajari dan fahami bahawa setiap undi yang kita beri itu adalah amanah dan tanggungjawab bukan sekadar atas kepentingan kita tetapi adalah mewakili suara 50 ahli UMNO di cawangan masing-masing. Perkara ini antara sedar atau tidak sangat-sangat tidak dititikberatkan oleh perwakilan cawangan ke bahagian kerana merasakan bahawa apa jua keputusan yang dilakukan dalam persidangan bahagian nanti adalah mewakili hanya dirinya sendiri.

Kasihan sungguh UMNO! kerana dalam ketika dan waktu UMNO berada pada tahap paling 'lemah' perkara sedemikian penting itupun tidak dapat diperjelaskan sebaik-baiknya kepada perwakilan cawangan. Maka gejala-gejala buruk seperti rasuah politik dan political assasination yang memungkinkan setiap perwakilan cawangan ini mengkhianati harapan akar umbi (setiap 50 ahli UMNO peringkat cawangan) akan terus berleluasa.

Maka saya ingin mencadangkan sekiranya satu usaha untuk mereformasikan UMNO dijalankan, sekiranya undi setiap perwakilan cawangan masih diguna pakai sebagai pendekatan memilih pemimpin UMNO tidak kira diperingkat bahagian mahupun pusat -setiap perwakilan cawangan yang mewakili 50 ahli UMNO cawangan itu haruslah mengenalpasti, atau diberi tanggungjawab yang lebih besar mendapatkan maklum balas dari setiap seorang 50 ahli cawangan tersebut yang diwakilinya dalam membawa setiap 1 undi bagi pemilihan pimpinan di peringkat bahagian mahupun pusat.

Dengan pendekatan itu, kita mengharapkan dan berdoa setiap perwakilan cawangan akan lebih bertanggungjawab, akan lebih berusaha sebagai wakil cawangan, akan lebih faham apa itu demokrasi dan akhirnya akan lebih arif dalam memilih pemimpin yang sebenar-benarnya membawa aspirasi ahli UMNO akar umbi.

Bukan hanya sekadar mengambil peluang di sepanjang pemilihan UMNO ini, bersuka-suka untuk menagih keuntungan singkat tidak kira melalui janji-janji politik ataupun lebih teruk lagi meminta sogokan habuan wang ringgit demi setiap undi yang akan diberi. Dimanakah harga diri kita sebagai seorang Melayu yang ingin melihat kelangsungan parti UMNO?
Hanya kerana sudah wujud persepsi bahawa setiap perwakilan itu adalah penentu hala tuju politik setiap calon yang bertanding, maka usaha dan perjuangan yang lebih besar iaitu survival parti UMNO diketepikan kerana akhirnya yang rugi adalah kita, ya kita anak-anak Melayu yang masih mendokong perjuangan UMNO.

Suka untuk saya mengakhiri renungan ini dengan kata-kata seorang pejuang bangsa Scotland, William Wallace dalam salah satu daripada episod peperangan bangsa Scotland berperang mendapatkan kemerdekaan mereka dari Raja England;
antara lain berbunyi..

"Ya berjuang, dan kamu mungkin akan mati! Lari (dari medan perang ini), kamu akan hidup tetapi itupun mungkin hanya seketika...

Tetapi ingatlah, ingatlah wahai rakan2 bangsaku!
Beberapa tahun nanti ketika nafasku semakin sempit dan sesak dan kamu telah menghampiri matimu, sanggupkah kamu gadai ganti hari-hari yang telah kamu lalui itu dengan HARI INI apabila kamu diberi peluang, hanya satu peluang untuk katakan kepada musuh musuh itu bahawa mereka mungkin akan mengambil nyawa kita tetapi tidak sekali kali mereka dapat mengambil kebebasan kita!"

...dan pada hari ini aku akan bangkit melakukan perubahan dan memilih kebenaran!"

renung renungkan.. selamat beramal.

*ungkapan itu diambil dari cerita "braveheart"

trailer braveheart ihsan 20th century fox

16 October 2008

raya piccies 2

Ayah with one of his favourite 'Lah'

Time to forgive and forget.. my dear

Kami no 4!!!!

Lil Bro try to be as cool as ever... yikes

It's the other way around.. I am the one getting laid paid! hah hah

"Hang nih besaq2 pun mintak duit lagi.. nasib baik la anak kesayangan!" :D


Pics by moqq.

15 October 2008

Life have taken full cycle

After 23 years at the helm, Dato' Seri Mohd Shariff Omar aka ayah has MADE to bid farewell as one of the glorious political sons in Penang history (apart from YB Anwar Ibrahim and YAB Pak Lah). He lost in his quest to retain his UMNO division head post which he has been holding since 1985.

It was not a good ending for a figure like ayah - someone who struggled all his 23 years of life to make TG a constituent as it is now. And he could ever be proud of his achievements; only to be shown the exit in such way. But this is politics.. this is umno style of democracy. *sigh*

I might be biased when talking about my own ayah, but I am proud of what he has done in our nationbuilding. Though he might not be as popular as the other two Penang's prodigal son but I always believe he has carry himself well in his own colourful way. His integrity, sincerity, spirit and of all his sacrifice will live on for the new generation to look upon and be inspired. Indeed, he has given hope for us to believe that 'hanya dengan semangat, keikhlasan, pengorbanan dan perjuangan, kita akan terus menjadi tonggak perjuangan dan harapan kepada orang orang Melayu'

He has left a legacy and a vacuum widely open, not knowing when it would be filled...

Selamat tinggal politik buat ayah...
selamat kembali ke sisi kami yang menanti.