16 November 2008

Our 4th defeat and the season finally over

Gallas, Sidwell and Young at loggerheads
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After much hype a week earlier with a nice build up matches (great win against traditional rival Man Utd and a demolition of Wigan in Carling Cup tie), Arsene and the young gunners were once again being put down back to earth by another premiership team, Aston Villa who ranks lower than them. Arsenal lost to a more combative and direct Aston Villa with a 0-2 score in a game that can be considered as lacking the desire to keep on winning. Worst, we lost it on our home pitch, The Emirates. duhh...

Sadly, that lost has put Arsenal season in an abrupt end even before year end as realistically we are no longer an EPL Champion material. I hate to say this but with 9 points adrift from our neighbouring London team, Chelsea before Christmas; it's finally over!

The game between Arsenal and the Villains Villans should be a turning points for Arsene and his young guns to position themselves in a better league position and compete for the title. Instead failure to capitalise on earlier initiative has put Arsenal mathematically in a difficult position to fight for the crown. For the record, Arsenal and Aston Villa are now 4th and 5th respectively in the league sharing the same points after 13 games whilst Villa shorts in goal different.

I dunno whether this lost is another tactical move by 'the professor' (read: Arsene Wenger) himself to give Aston Villa a morale boost before their next encounter against Man Utd next week considering Man Utd is back on great form after routing Stoke City, five to nil. Banking on the Villans for a back to back win against the other 'Big Four' is a very crucial for Arsenal's own season after all.

Martin O'neill
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The answer will be on Mr Martin O' neill himself who briliantly manoeuvred Aston Villa back from a losing team transforming them into a 'hot streak' against Arsenal. Yesterday, Aston Villa was more ambitious and resilient between the two, creating chances after chances. They were the superior in the centre of the field, killing off every Arsenal moves, holding and posess much of the ball and in the end got their break after 70 minutes.

They were the better team and that was it!

I have no idea what will be Wenger's response after the second home defeat at Emirates. Whether he will give more excuses or finally admitted that we are not physically and mentally strong enough to compete for the title this season. What i would not want to hear from him is how the other team keep stopping them from playing Arsenal style of attacking football by adopting a physical and direct approach. In other words, disrespecting Arsenal's kind of play.

Pic courtesy dailyUK

Mr Wenger!

This is not about playing beautiful game anymore, this is more about playing beautiful game every week in and week out. Your brand of eye-catching football is only a good show but a win will give you 3 points whilst a losing side give you a zero, zilch. As simple as that. Period.

The longer you keep whining about not given space to prove yourself, the more you are proven wrong!

I just wish you would stop listening to your guts and prepare for the worst. January transfer window is an opportunity to redeem yourself and further safe Arsenal from more blushes. For now, I just can only hope even it is a fault hope which sometimes hurts.

Yours Truly,
a dissapointed unforgiving fan.

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