6 November 2008

Hope! it's all about.

pictures courtesy of Times

Barrack Obama became the 44th American president in a glittering fashion. He is a son of a Kenyan father who married a Kansas white mother and always addressing himself as a black (not half white). Obama will be succeeding Mr Bush in Oval office as the first african american President after winning in a convincing manner against the republican John Mccain without having to wait until the electoral votes later in the month. Mr Obama will swear in as the president come 20th Jan 2009. The people of America is in dire of change, and now they hope change they can!

picture courtesy dhielection.com

While in Maldives, after 30 years of regime ruling, the first democratic election showed the people wanted a sea of change by voting out the regime president, Mr Gayoom with a political prisoner, Mohamed Nasheed as the leader of their destiny. A country with per capita income less than USD1 are hoping the newly elected president could bring them out of the suffering and give them a new meaning of life. Mr Nasheed has to stay true to the fundamentals of his fights in order to survive another day in power and the Maldivians have put high hope that he will deliver.

picture courtesy daylife.com

Back home in Malaysia, DS Najib has won the presidency of UMNO uncostested after securing 134 nominations that put the other contestants cannot fulfill any more nominations of the balance 30% quota. The tremendous support by the UMNO division shows that in Najib they put their hope and trust! that UMNO and BN would recapture back the heart of million Malaysian. Najib is always seen as a successor but with his play-safe approach, sometimes it's kind of worried for the majority UMNO Malays whether this largest Malays Party (UMNO) could hold another day in power. By convention, the Umno president also becomes Malaysia’s Prime Minister and the hope of 3 millions of UMNO members and all Malaysians lies on DS Najib's hand.

Ironically, do we see a resemblance of all the story above?! YES

Each leader is not only offering themselves but ratherly asking the commoner to give hope that they will lead them out of the misery. Forget about progress, forget about new development, start talking about reform, start putting effort for everyone survival because in the end it is only hope, nothing else matters...

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