25 November 2008

On YoGA issue

Picture taken from sarah brumgart

This is something i said to Mr Rockybru on his recent posting.

"Sdr Rocky,
I do agree that hindu sangam has no rights to interfere with any muslim rulings but i believe it was done in context that the muslim authority i.e Majlis Fatwa has talked on the edict that related to other beliefs and religion.

Had the Majlis Fatwa come with a more 'hikmah' approach rather than a direct explanations particularly involved hindu practices, things might be at a better position but act has been done on Majlis Fatwa's so now it's up to the respective parties involved to try and solve the issue in a more amiccable manner.

IMHO, the Majlis Fatwa should have acted years ago on YOGA if they find it not suitable for majority Malay Muslim not only now after YOGA has become "cultured" and part of Malaysian way of healthy life.

The general perception of YOGA is it brings the best out of one's healthy life and i do hope Majlis Fatwa could come with a better perception and explanation to educate Muslims about what YOGA COULD DO WRONG to us; not only give ruling and dictate us (read: muslim) to follow.

It is time for all party to play a more proactive role and give a more sensible approach to all the issues involved.
Thank you,
Yours Truly. "

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now let's pilates. :)

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Anonymous said...

Good man you are. So sensible and intelligent. Only 29? Credit to your mum -- she obviously raised you well. How I wish all those crazed amok-like commentors on Rocky's Bru would visit your site and read what you have to say. Sigh!!! Auntie J