26 March 2008

apa sudah jadi pada negara?

di sana sini kedengaran desakan dan luahan hati rakyat meminta pimpinan negara melihat dan 'cermin'kan diri mereka atas kemelut yang melanda negara.

sayang hanya segelintir pimpinan merasakan perlu ada perobahan dalam menangani permasalahan yang timbul. selebihnya masih lagi dibuai samada separuh sedar , buat buat tak sedar akan isu yang melanda.

kemelut makin lama makin besar.. luka kecil kalau tak dirawat pun mampu jadi nanah apatah lagi hati rakyat kalau sudah terguris. kasihan pimpinan... masih di alam mimpi walaupun realiti rakyat menangisi.

apa kah kesudahan cerita negara ini..
pasti nya suara rakyat akan bergema sekali lagi
cuma tempoh waktu belum tahu lagi

22 March 2008

ayah, now you are officially back to us. :)

Ayah dearie,

eventhough by now you are no longer a statesman, (after devoting yourself to the public for the past 26 years) you can stand tall and proud of your own achievement.

ppl might want to say many things about your exclusion, but i was there with you when things happen not in our favour. I do understand one thing, ayah.. your loyalty is unquestionable and i am proud to have one father who has the dignity and honour to let go even at the expense of his own future. No worries ayah... God have other plan for us.

i would always cherish those experience, being there during that difficult time when you were torn between your own interest and the future of rakyat. And at that particular moment, when you know you would fade away in time... you still have the thought about others.

Even when my tears running down me, it never soften you to make up you mind. You have made the decision and you are honoured to stand by it..

ahhh.. Ayah! you deserved a medal of a lion's heart!

And when you say it loud, that you are proud of me too... i just can't hold myself any longer and yes! we did cried together. "air mata anak lelaki mahal harganya" and i believe it really worthy to shed tears with you, ayah


i wish i could send you a swansong goodbye in TG. it will be your 7th and i also believe it will be your last after all. However it never occur as what i plan and have in mind. Never mind ayah.. It was never meant to be for you..

"itulah cerita politik.. sekejap kamu di atas, kapan sedar kamu sudah berada dibawah.

roda hidup pasti akan terus berpusing.. dan berpusing... dan berpusing."


now you are a free man. We will welcome you home coz your loves one are there waiting for you..
"ayah, abang sayang ayah."