27 April 2008

M'sia Food contingency plan

Kudos to the govt. for pledging almost RM4 billion to start a food crisis effort in Malaysia. This would be a stepping start in handling a bigger issue of our food sustainability i.e. rice within 6-7 months period. The current trend in world food production has shown a decline and whilst we are as part of 30% relying on imported rice, we must step up and increase our own food supply to cover the 30% shortage in near future.
I am thankful to MARDI for listening to my views. I have put a presentation during one of our meeting in Kelantan and how this food crisis would affect the local rice industry in term of crisis and opportunity. Fyi, MARDI (Malaysia Agriculture Research & Development Institute) have produced a line of quality crops that can be introduced as an alternatives to imported rice. This would be a good start to commercialise our own breed that is comparable to the imported likes Basmathi, Ponni and Fragrant rice.
India only permit Basmathi, Thailand is selling its fragrant at highest USD1000/mt and Malaysia has our own basmathi-fragrant-ponni combo in one crop; MRQ74 (maswangi) at a better price. Let's get everybody to cooperate in this and make this another success story of Malaysia.
*MARDI is calling for a meeting to identify another area in northern part of Malaysia to start cultivating these crops. I am very much into it and will become the inter linkage between the agency involved. Sound interesting?! and i have start believing...
pray for me.

23 April 2008

MCOBA OBW 08 - after 12 years

Malay College

it has been 12 years since i left my beloved MCKK. Yet, it always remain as the same.
last weekend was a time for us to reminisce those good old days, completing a full circle of pilgrimage to this sacred town of kuala kangsar.
my batch as usual came in groups and we've become a regular in this obw event.
At least 20 of us attended and had a good time with each other, again. Whether in a small space at saudiah, or even at the best cendol in town.. the same old jokes and stories will be repeated again and again.. oh boy, i wonder when will we grow uP?! :)
we had our fair share of memories. we have our dream too. It all has begun in this place call 'koleq'

here are the list (some) who made it.

dayat the designer aka cookies man

abg mafia - sapa nak beli unit trust?!

adiq - klon nabil raja lawak; now his own printing house

bachin - stok tak TB (read: abe)

wohooo.. super duper ob!

ahpek - still maintain but with some obvious lost

pau ada ka?!

kadir in his element

kichi melantak sebelum game.. one of reason kita kalah.

chip class of 04.. klon shahman class of 96!
long beach.. those days are gone

it is about time to initiate something otherwise long beach will fade away in history.

yazid - now a manager in taiping resort.

dayat at his usual best

masa angin still cukup to catch up with the game. First half leading 3-1

capture of some rugby action...
which i eventually join in the last dying minutes :D
bobby class of 98 celebrating his 10th years by scoring a try.
and jeff always the hero.

see u guys next year. god's will

18 April 2008

Isu bekalan beras - satu peluang atau konflik?

Kekurangan bekalan beras yang drastik di Asia telah menimbulkan pelbagai telahan buruk yang akhirnya membawa keadaan konflik seperti yang berlaku di India dan Filipina. Ironinya, India sebagai sebuah negara pengeksport utama beras menghadapi saat genting dalam negara manakala Filipina, antara negara pengimport utama beras dunia menghadapi situasi yang rumit tatkala rakyat menagih bekalan untuk mengisi perut.
Keadaan yang sama juga melanda Malaysia. Yang jelas, kerajaan telah berusaha mengawal keadaan dengan memberi jaminan bahawa bekalan beras di Malaysia akan mencukupi sehingga sekitar 6- 7 bulan. Ini pasti akan memberi kelegaan kepada masyarakat bahawa bekalan adalah mencukupi. Namun yang pasti, bekalan yang cukup tidak mampu menahan harga beras naik dengan begitu mendadak. Beras ibarat komoditi minyak yang berubah harga saban hari. Tiada jaminan harga beras hari ini akan bertahan sehingga hari esok. Keadaan ini amat merungsingkan kerana rata2 rakyat Malaysia bergantung hidup kepada bekalan beras. Rakyat Malaysia masih tidak dapat menerima makanan alternatif lain semudah menerima media baru di internet!
Walaupun kerajaan menegaskan bahawa harga beras gred super tempatan masih dalam kawalan tetapi masyarakat malaysia kebanyakannya tidak bergantung kepada beras gred ini. Masyarakat Malaysia lebih menggemari beras bergred super spesial tempatan yang mempunyai peratus hancur lebih rendah (5%). Hakikat bahawa gred SST ini tidak dibawah harga kawalan tidak membantu pengguna yang membeli beras jenis ini.
Malaysia masih lagi bergantung kepada hasil import beras kurang lebih 40% bagi menampung 60% pengeluaran beras negara. Sudah tiba masanya kerajaan mengembleng tenaga meningkatkan kadar pengeluaran padi negara untuk menampung permintaan pengguna dari bergantung harap kepada beras import. Tambahan, selama ini BERNAS sebagai pemegang AP beras negara telah memonopoli beras import dan mengaut keuntungan darinya sehinggakan terlupa bahawa peranan mereka sebenarnya lebih kepada membantu meningkatkan pengeluaran beras dalam negara yang secara langsung membantu pesawah2 padi.
Krisis ini sebenarnya membuka lebaran baru untuk melihat potensi yang besar dalam peningkatan pengeluaran makanan negara. Seharusnya peluang ini diterokai dan diguna sebaik mungkin dengan pengenalan varieti padi/beras yang lebih berkualiti yang mampu memberi pulangan yang baik kepada petani dan menampung keperluan beras masyarakat.
Dan apabila Kerajaan India telah mengenakan larangan kepada semua beras India selain basmathi dari dieksport keluar negara, ia telah membuka lebaran baru dalam kemajuan teknologi pertanian yang dipelopori oleh MARDI. Kini telah tiba masanya untuk merealisasikan teknologi itu. Tunggu.

14 April 2008

title hope - it is all die in pieces

i just want to keep it short and simple.

for all the beauty of the game we had offered... we should have a pat on the back.
unfortunately.. beauty dont buy trophies.. beauty bought good appraisal but it will all lost in history. Statistics will counts and be remembered.

i hope this would be a good lesson for us, gooners
till next season. happy shopping arsene!

Wenger admits title chase is over
for reports pls go here

8 April 2008

the vow i utter a year ago

on this day, a year ago...
i fullfilled my life with a companion.
i entrusted myself with another soul.
i devoted my heart with true commitment.
on this day, a year ago...
you came to my life to complete me.
you placed me faith and believe in me.
you pick me up and give your soul.
all, because you loved me.
and today we are very much happy and i would want to wish you.
happy first anniversary..
i'll let the pics do the talking.

all pictures taken by pixel unlimited. all rights reserved.

7 April 2008

arsenal - liverpool, the second of the trilogy

EPL match @ emirates

arsenal 1 - 1 liverpool

this is basically a result that would end all hope for the gunners to fight for 2007/2008 championship.

(update: man utd draws against M'boro tonite made them leading only 6pts ahead of arsenal and 3 pts again chelsea with 5 games remaining)

it turn out chelsea got an upper hand as man utd will be visiting stamford bridge come april for a title decider.

ars vs liv should be a game for arsenal to win but they were left trailing after a goal from peter 'robotic' crouch. Lucky our brendtner saved the day otherwise it will turn sour. Indeed, arsene still have the face to tell the world we are still fighting for a crown that are already fading away. Hello mr arsene, could you please be more realistic here!!? Just stop give all the reasons and start thinking off finishing the last game of three vs liverpool. We need a conclusion not a mere reasons...

I just hope, and still hope we will stick to ourselves for another comeback @ anfield.. I dont mind another draw but please mr manager sir, give me a *2-2 draw or worst, try to win this game as our goonerz life is depending on it. We will give you this last trust to prove your worthy, mr wenger!

* a 2 - 2 draw at anfield qualify arsenal to semifinal of UEFA CL based on away goal rule. Let's make this happen.

3 April 2008

ah arsenal, not again.

UEFA CL quarter final @ emirates
arsenal 1 - 1 liverpool

- I woke up this morning hoping for a good news in mind. Only to curse myself when i found out that my gooners team only manage a draw. This is not looking good in my perceptive as it will be a daunting task for a return leg at anfield in front of D kop. hmm, abe & adiq would be smiling by now. shesh!
- Not again, we need to do another milan at anfield this wednesday! With premier tie (with liverpool again!) on weekend very much in arsene mind, it will be more difficult which tie should be prioritise, on the other hand you wouldnt want to lose out the contention on premiership to Man Utd but on the other, another CL progress to semis and perhaps final is a grandeur prize to grasp. think arsene, think.. pls dont tinker but THINK!
- I wonder how long will arsene take to make this young team become a real contender. I was almost made to believe it will happen this year. However, now it just show we are lacking in tenacity and character and this will once again ruin our season.. ahh, it will be typical arsenal - play beauty but no bounty!
- If i were wenger, the first person to be replaced is dearest Almunia, he might be good on typical game but he is absolute sucks on big game. We need big guts and big guns on big game! i wonder if arsene might op for lehmann on weekend. Let just watch and keep hoping wenger to reshuffle the team around to start producing results.
my finger's cross to gooner! and pls stop me from say it again..

2 April 2008

why is the islamophobia?!

i dont understand.
is that so bad to have your neighbour a muslim!?
i've been living in my place for the past 20 years with few indian family lives like 20 feets away. We never break into problem and i am a muslim all my life.

why why.. someone like Geert Wilders who never a believer in Islam could produce ' 15-minute film, called "Fitna" and simply put his life in jeopardy. It is worthy to put his life in danger for a quarter hour of humiliation on Islam and the muslim world? Is he proclaiming himself a new messiah to start another crusade against moslem? Pls mr wilders, just stop.

Yes, i have to admit muslim around the world choose their different path.
you have someone like bin laden who think he is sent by God Almighty to fight US - Shame him
you also have someone like Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the king of saudi and also the protector of the holy land - dunno much about him but he is filthy rich!
you could also talk about my moslem brothers in darfur and ethiopia who are suffering for the lack of foods and nutritions - OIC, hello, anybody home?
and you also could talk about me.. yes, me a malay muslim who is living happily in harmony in my country without fears and prejudice.

but you choose to humiliate us in such way.. you are just an asshole.
my condemnation to you and i will stop buying dutch, do dutch, anything but dutch...
until you kneel down and apologise for the 'fitna' you've made against us and make every moslem your brother.

i am not strong as a person, but we are strong as an ummah. period.