29 June 2008

'Sepi' as the title can be.

It could be a turning point of Malaysian Film Production (MFP?!) in my perception, yet it failed miserably.. and now i could not longer hang on to the 'support local film' act.
i had my screening of Sepi the 2nd day of its release hoping that it will be another break for its director, Khabir Bhatia. In fact it just didnt make my day at all.. and the fact that i lost a lot that day when dow jones hit lowest mark of -300 points.. Mr Director, thank you very much!!! Another low end to my very birthday weekends! ergghh.
The storyline was missing something somewhere. I congratulate the writers for their effort to brings 3 diferrent story together but it take years for me to consume! And why do you have to put the seperation between them if you already given space for them to meet in between the movie. Let it flow by itself, lah. Sufi story only started after the tragedy.. Imaan story, hello! you could always have backtrack (penceritaan semula) from the moment the accident happened. Why do you need Adam to be involved in the scene if it doesn't make such impact on him in his story.. and you keep repeating the accident scene 3 freaking time!! aiyoo... this is not SEPI anymore it's horrific! tolong.
I believe you make the mistake from the beginning when you decided to start with the accident scene only to repeat the same scene back later in the story. Get me you chareographer please!
And please tell me mr writer/producer/director.. for a person who has hit somebody and that person went coma.... the only concern he has is to start his attempt for love again?! Where is his symphaty on the girl he just hit... ok fine he just lost a wife but yet dont you feel obliged to have one scene Sufi visit the unfortunate girL? and maybe, maybe that would be a link to start the story of Imaan...without having to put one black screen with NAME..
No wonder i found it boring the moment i watch the making of sepi.. in the end, i know why..

picture taken from blog.manggis.tv

Now get me AYAT AYAT CINTA................................

My Kudos to MCA!

I had my copy of STAR today.
Even though the headlines was a 'double' shock, but i dont intend to talk on political game being played amongst Malay elites but rather put my hat's off to the president of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA).
Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting have put his intention public that he will not seek re-election for the presidency post. Oh my! that is one brave soul outthere. I am looking forward for such announcement made by our long serving DS Samy or even the now very unpopular yet still believe he is still have strong mandate. (You know who he is!)
For me this is a step forward by the MCA leaders to rejunevate their party. Even, this kind of effort have be championed all this while by Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting by reducing the period of term one MCA MP or ADUN could be. The reason is to cater a younger generation of leaders to take up the ladder and bring the party forward. I respect how MCA deals with this kind of situation and i do hope along the way, our UMNO and MIC could finally find the same solution in order to re-brand their politics.
Forget about his political agenda, his losing election campaign (only 15 MP from MCA), his snooping team to demolish his so called political 'nemesis' and other allegations against him. I believe what the president MCA did is the right call and noble as a politician.
Politician... you should know when to check in and how to get out! :)

picture courtesy of Group Chief Editor of The Star

24 June 2008

29 years and counting 1,2,3...

gosh! i am almost at the end of my 20s-year old road. It has been a journey for me, all this while.
Reflecting on the past 29 years.
the memories..
the challenge..
the contributions..
the betrayal..
the future...
has turned me to the person i am today. I am grateful and i am blessed.
I have no idea how the next 10, 20 years journey will be but i have a dream to fulfill..
For those who put their faith in me.. your life and soul always live in me.
Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. :)
p/s: To my lovely, bubbly, sweet wife... "cinta ku untuk kau miliki"

18 June 2008

losing faith in me..

for the past weeks i did some soul searching..
i need to find what actually meant for me...
it seems that not everything was right in place.
it obvious that i am confused about myself..
and the surroundings before me.
i need to work fast.. i need to walk straight...
otherwise.. i will lose in faith..
please god.. guide me thru in this toughen times.

12 June 2008

Muzikal P Ramlee; a star from north!

For the 2nd year running, Enfiniti Productions brings P Ramlee back to 'life'. The settings are very much the same as the previous show; looking back at P Ramlee early times in Penang, his Golden age in Singapura and his ending gloomy days in Kuala Lumpur. It was a roller coaster ride altogether for one truly star and entertainer. Indeed it was meant to be his sacrifices. Demi mengangkat martabat perjuangan seni tanahair.

I shared the stage with quite numbers of VVIP last nite. The Queen was there, the PM and wife, PAC Chairman and his beautiful wife, The lost MP but now a PM's Adviser, Dr SMS to name a few and of course the other VVIP entourages. Oh not to forget, quite number of Malaysian artiste were there too.. jacklyn victor, erra and hubby, Norman and Abby and etc. I thought this was my biggest mistake to buy tickets not knowing the stage will become full last nite but at least i bought my own ticket! :b

Musly Ramlee was given the responsibility to potray as P Ramlee. He, himself almost resemblance the late Tan Sri, and indeed when he sangs the songs whole heartedly, it sounds almost like you hear P Ramlee himself singing. Credit to Musly
The musical evolves from P Ramlee love story for the women in his life. As he grew to fame, he was involved with 3 different persona (Junaidah, Norizan and Saloma) whom came to his life and brought new meanings to his arts. However, his passion and inspiration goes back to his childhood sweetheart, Nona Azizah.

and when P Ramlee/Remy met his soulmate Saloma/Sally.. Malay Film Productions continue to blossom.

these are few other shots from last night outings.

guess who this lucky chaP?

scene at railway station..

3 dara & satu dinda. ;)

the production team

The late Tan Sri allahyarham P Ramlee

and the person who brought him back to 'life'

at the end of the day... ceritanya tetap sama...
apabila dirinya telah tiada.. baru di ambil muka..
sayang manusia memang pelupa..

6 June 2008

Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan; yikes!!

It's official! The fuel price for Malaysian consumers has been increased by government, tremendously. From the early beginning of YAB Pak Lah govt in 2004 until he was given another mandate for second term this year, fuel price has increased up every now and then. The latest hike was RM2.70 per litre up of 40.6%. phew.

It's sad when a government have to decide that they could not longer afford to subsidise the rakyat due to pressure on the world oil trade even though Malaysia is one of the petro-producer.

It's about time the government overlook the situation very seriously with a more efficient approach not just burdening the rakyat to accept the problem which is very much should be the concern of the elected govt. Those comparisons about our fuel price is still one of the cheapest in ASEAN region is lame and unacceptable anymore as we are comparing ourselves to non petro-producer nations. We should compare ourselves with a petro-producer country. Let's compare apple to apple as shown in this diagram.
You bet!!!
The most important aspect that will occur from this drastic price hike is the rise in inflation. The government should identify their approach to tackle this pertinent issue. As Malaysia most likely to become a nett importer of oil in 2011, why is the profit earning from petroleum not being given solely to the rakyat? After all, the black gold is harta negara = harta rakyat. I hope someone will raise this in upcoming parliament session.
It's about time the leaders to walk the talk. Dont just ask the rakyat to change lifestyle. The leader should change themselves too. No more mega project, no more money wasting events. Keep yourself straight to battle this war together. Otherwise, this would be the end of Kerajaan BN (Barang Naik?!).