12 June 2008

Muzikal P Ramlee; a star from north!

For the 2nd year running, Enfiniti Productions brings P Ramlee back to 'life'. The settings are very much the same as the previous show; looking back at P Ramlee early times in Penang, his Golden age in Singapura and his ending gloomy days in Kuala Lumpur. It was a roller coaster ride altogether for one truly star and entertainer. Indeed it was meant to be his sacrifices. Demi mengangkat martabat perjuangan seni tanahair.

I shared the stage with quite numbers of VVIP last nite. The Queen was there, the PM and wife, PAC Chairman and his beautiful wife, The lost MP but now a PM's Adviser, Dr SMS to name a few and of course the other VVIP entourages. Oh not to forget, quite number of Malaysian artiste were there too.. jacklyn victor, erra and hubby, Norman and Abby and etc. I thought this was my biggest mistake to buy tickets not knowing the stage will become full last nite but at least i bought my own ticket! :b

Musly Ramlee was given the responsibility to potray as P Ramlee. He, himself almost resemblance the late Tan Sri, and indeed when he sangs the songs whole heartedly, it sounds almost like you hear P Ramlee himself singing. Credit to Musly
The musical evolves from P Ramlee love story for the women in his life. As he grew to fame, he was involved with 3 different persona (Junaidah, Norizan and Saloma) whom came to his life and brought new meanings to his arts. However, his passion and inspiration goes back to his childhood sweetheart, Nona Azizah.

and when P Ramlee/Remy met his soulmate Saloma/Sally.. Malay Film Productions continue to blossom.

these are few other shots from last night outings.

guess who this lucky chaP?

scene at railway station..

3 dara & satu dinda. ;)

the production team

The late Tan Sri allahyarham P Ramlee

and the person who brought him back to 'life'

at the end of the day... ceritanya tetap sama...
apabila dirinya telah tiada.. baru di ambil muka..
sayang manusia memang pelupa..

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