30 August 2009

Another trip on firefly

I was in cabin again. Flying from Subang to Kuantan. A short trip to Pekan to break fast with my in law.

Look forward to mak's tempoyak and sambal hitam. A merdeka taste. Nice.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan.
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It's so near yet still far away.

I am waiting patiently for my flight announcement. I m leaving back to KL after a short stay in Penang. I don't know how long it will be, but I m sure it won't be long. Travelling whether on the road or via air is time consuming and definitely tiring. Yet sometimes you kinda enjoy the event occurred within the limited time period.

For instance, last nite I got the chance to watch my favourite team playing against traditional rivals in EPL. The classic Arsenal vs Man Utd. Interestingly, I got to watch it with my dad @ a nasi kandar outlet downtown. Who could think ayah would care to join me for the match? I think as he got himself with his own time, he is enjoying every bit of space he's having now. The chance to watch the game with ayah @ mamaks was priceless!

the place me and ayah had our nescafe tarik..

Arsenal was the unfortunate side last night, they had all the gun blazing from the first minute yet they were still loser. Thank you for a dubious penalty given to Man Utd and an inexplicable own goal by abu diaby. That was the best Man Utd could do? The fact there was not a single threat from open play from Man Utd really made the lost more unforgiving. It's sad to lose in such way but it shows how a competitive football can be. U can have the best structural free flowing team to win but when we were against a team like Man Utd, a team with winning attitude and determination and a maestro touch of Sir Alex, u need to go extra mile to earn your rightful place and test your character. It's a sad lost to arsene. I wonder we could win again @ old trafford coz I remember the last time we won here, we still have henry, pires in the squad. Sigh, :(

Arsene being ridiculed by the home boys after being sent off to the bench 30 sec before final whistle. What a shame, ref Dean!!
picture from times online

Oh well, stop the rantings, league is not won in 3 games. It is not the end of the world for my arsenal. We have a long season to go and I am sure we could pick ourselves up and get back to our feet. We just need the belief and we will carry on from there. Go goonerz!!!

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29 August 2009

Breaking fast at Masjid Negeri PP

image is taken from here

In a sudden twist of schedule, my dad and my good self decided to hv our iftar at masjid negeri P. Pinang before proceed with the wedding ceremony at a nearby community hall.

This is an unexpected call altogether. Initially my dad decided for a mc donald buka puasa and since it serve my principal rights to boycott mc d. The whole idea was scrapped.

Now we are at Masjid Negeri. The atmosphere was rather cold. Not many people around to break fast at the state mosque. The new appointed MAIPP chairman need to do something to get people come and buka puasa at the mosque. It is a total opposite to what I've seen in Masjid Negeri in Shah Alam. A lot of thing to be done to uphold back mosque institution.

We did our part in the recent jom p masjid program.

As my dad recalled his time as the MAIPP chairman, even he decides the state mosque chandelier. That's how influential a former chairman could be...

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22 August 2009

Selamat Berpuasa Ramadhan

Image taken from here

Ramdhan datang lagi tahun ini. Alhamdulilah kita dikurniakan umur panjang untuk merasai kemuliaan Ramadhan. Ramadhan adalah bulan kebesaran yang dijadikan bulan untuk Umat Manusia mengambil kesempatan dan keupayaan memperbanyakkan ibadah dan sumbangan agar kita mendapat rahmat pada 10 malam pertama, pengampunan pada 10 malam kedua dan terlepas seksaan api neraka pada 10 malam terakhir.

Bagaimana persiapan kita untuk Ramadhan kali ini?! adakah kita merasakan kita berkesempatan untuk Ramadhan akan datang? Sama sama kita berdoa kepada Allah agar dipanjatkan rahmat, kesihatan tubuh badan dan minda yang cekal dalam menempuhi Ramadhan ini. Insya Allah.

Ya Allah, ku panjatkan kesyukuran pada Mu atas nikmat dan rahmat Ramadhan. Ku bersujud padaMu atas kurniaan dan kemuliaan Ramadhan yang Kau kurniakan kali ini seperti Ramadhan2 terdahulu. Ku berdoa dan mendambakan agar seluruh umat manusia bakal menemui makrifah dariMu Ya Allah. amin.

Salam Ramadhan

19 August 2009

My Arabians Nights.

I am back safe and sound to Malaysia after 10 nights journey to the east seeking truth, nur and hidayah from AlMighty. Alhamdulilah the trip has put me into perceptive that Allah swt always, always open His invitation to every muslim as His guest in Masjidil haram. He sees His servant not as the heir to a throne, a millionaire or a fishmonger but He sees in us, His humble loyal servant who should know best how to serve his creator - mengabdikan diri kepadaNya, this fullfill what is written in one except from the holy quran; surah al-zariyat (51:56) And I created the jinns and men, only for them to worship Me.

Praise Allah, To You alone we do serve and to You alone we beseech for help. I do hope my journey to the two holy cities will open more opportunity for me to understand the greatness of Allah and the sacrifice of Rasullulah. I havent completed the pinnacle of my rukun Islam (performing haj) but i'm sure the experience of ziarah and umrah would open a door to fulfill my journey becoming a devoted muslim. Insya Allah.

Madinah Al Munawarah

Makah Al Mukarramah

more to come soon.

Testing ground, not a nuke site u grimlock! :)

Testing, testing, kabooomm!!
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4 August 2009

back with a vengeance? Not soo fast!

Dang! it has been a while. Work and other commitment kept me away from writing. It really taken a toll of myself. I enjoying every bit of it.. betul tak tipu.

To my regular readers; (ada ke?!) sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm sure all of us have been diverted with our own agendas, hence it's a bit tight for me to put everything together in one go.

I have a few ideas in mind about my next writings. The talks about recent program jom pi masjid, a tribute to Yasmin Ahmad, the infamous anti ISA rally and many more.
Unfortunately i wont be having the pleasure of time to jog everything down for everyone to read and ponder.
THis is due to my upcoming departure to Mecca and Madinah from tomorrow 5th August untill the 16th August. During that period i will try my best to keep a journal and write things based on my observation overthere.

In the mean time sit tight and enjoy your precious time with the loved ones.
I do hope we can meet all again in this cyberworld sekembalinya saya dari mengerjakan UMRAH.

I seek forgiveness for all the wrongdoings ever since i set up this blog. Well, this blog is merely my opinion and i will always stand on it.
Like what Yasmin Ahmad have left to us.. always be true to yourself. Show love.

Till we meet again in 10 days. Salam taazim