29 August 2009

Breaking fast at Masjid Negeri PP

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In a sudden twist of schedule, my dad and my good self decided to hv our iftar at masjid negeri P. Pinang before proceed with the wedding ceremony at a nearby community hall.

This is an unexpected call altogether. Initially my dad decided for a mc donald buka puasa and since it serve my principal rights to boycott mc d. The whole idea was scrapped.

Now we are at Masjid Negeri. The atmosphere was rather cold. Not many people around to break fast at the state mosque. The new appointed MAIPP chairman need to do something to get people come and buka puasa at the mosque. It is a total opposite to what I've seen in Masjid Negeri in Shah Alam. A lot of thing to be done to uphold back mosque institution.

We did our part in the recent jom p masjid program.

As my dad recalled his time as the MAIPP chairman, even he decides the state mosque chandelier. That's how influential a former chairman could be...

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