30 August 2009

It's so near yet still far away.

I am waiting patiently for my flight announcement. I m leaving back to KL after a short stay in Penang. I don't know how long it will be, but I m sure it won't be long. Travelling whether on the road or via air is time consuming and definitely tiring. Yet sometimes you kinda enjoy the event occurred within the limited time period.

For instance, last nite I got the chance to watch my favourite team playing against traditional rivals in EPL. The classic Arsenal vs Man Utd. Interestingly, I got to watch it with my dad @ a nasi kandar outlet downtown. Who could think ayah would care to join me for the match? I think as he got himself with his own time, he is enjoying every bit of space he's having now. The chance to watch the game with ayah @ mamaks was priceless!

the place me and ayah had our nescafe tarik..

Arsenal was the unfortunate side last night, they had all the gun blazing from the first minute yet they were still loser. Thank you for a dubious penalty given to Man Utd and an inexplicable own goal by abu diaby. That was the best Man Utd could do? The fact there was not a single threat from open play from Man Utd really made the lost more unforgiving. It's sad to lose in such way but it shows how a competitive football can be. U can have the best structural free flowing team to win but when we were against a team like Man Utd, a team with winning attitude and determination and a maestro touch of Sir Alex, u need to go extra mile to earn your rightful place and test your character. It's a sad lost to arsene. I wonder we could win again @ old trafford coz I remember the last time we won here, we still have henry, pires in the squad. Sigh, :(

Arsene being ridiculed by the home boys after being sent off to the bench 30 sec before final whistle. What a shame, ref Dean!!
picture from times online

Oh well, stop the rantings, league is not won in 3 games. It is not the end of the world for my arsenal. We have a long season to go and I am sure we could pick ourselves up and get back to our feet. We just need the belief and we will carry on from there. Go goonerz!!!

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