4 August 2009

back with a vengeance? Not soo fast!

Dang! it has been a while. Work and other commitment kept me away from writing. It really taken a toll of myself. I enjoying every bit of it.. betul tak tipu.

To my regular readers; (ada ke?!) sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm sure all of us have been diverted with our own agendas, hence it's a bit tight for me to put everything together in one go.

I have a few ideas in mind about my next writings. The talks about recent program jom pi masjid, a tribute to Yasmin Ahmad, the infamous anti ISA rally and many more.
Unfortunately i wont be having the pleasure of time to jog everything down for everyone to read and ponder.
THis is due to my upcoming departure to Mecca and Madinah from tomorrow 5th August untill the 16th August. During that period i will try my best to keep a journal and write things based on my observation overthere.

In the mean time sit tight and enjoy your precious time with the loved ones.
I do hope we can meet all again in this cyberworld sekembalinya saya dari mengerjakan UMRAH.

I seek forgiveness for all the wrongdoings ever since i set up this blog. Well, this blog is merely my opinion and i will always stand on it.
Like what Yasmin Ahmad have left to us.. always be true to yourself. Show love.

Till we meet again in 10 days. Salam taazim


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