23 December 2008

lost in my own translation

Dear Sir,

I have to admit that i have become dis-illusioned about myself and my undertakings in my daily tasks. I realised that now i have becoming more a lia
bility rather than an asset to the organisation. I know my responsibilities and my obligations indeed my path have becoming narrowed ever since I put my integrity and my trust beneath me. Thus, to be fair to the other colleagues and above all to be fair to myself, I am offering myself to be 'culled out' away from the organisation. (read: spectre)

My conscience is no longer clear for me to belief in. My esteem is as low as the 'ground zero' and my heart could not stop pounding another beat just to let me free from this misery. How could i survive another day? please help me God!

The reality hurts. 
and it hurts me badly.

I need to find my escape route to fill the void within me. 

yours truly.

15 December 2008

quote of the (yester) day

On early Sunday morning as we were strolling along the selling booths at Pasar Pagi, my friend could hardly notice an interesting t-shirt design. Without the slightest hesitant he uttered;

"ape bende yang tulih kat atas baju tuh huh?! Aku nak kow plea?", looking confused.

and in the slightest giggling we heard "couple, lah, aku nak couple!" from 2 cute girls nearby. Duhh.. what a great start to a sunday!

Later in the evening as we were heading towards Subang Parade on a bumpy ride on a rainy day. With one heat discussion on why Malays entrepeneurs still need the support of NEP for their survival, i simply put it;

"Orang Melayu kalau xde DEB ibarat anak penyu yang baru menetas, dalam beribu-ribu yang kembali ke laut, dibiar tanpa petunjuk hanya seekor yang hidup untuk kembali ke tepi pantai..."

picture courtesy of headweb

A complete silent. Sign of approval, i guess.

My other friend noticed my new watch during the evening wedding reception. In fact, after seeing himself wearing his new tag heuer made me more determine to own one.

get it at tag heuer.com

Fortunate enough i secured a nice and sporty watch on friday after almost a year without a watch on my wrist. A bit awkward at first but as you feel it on your wrist, you know this is the chosen one. Fast forward, my friend who noticed the new watch and was impress at first glance obviously would like to know how much i paid for it, and without shy i uttered;

"dun worry, my watch is only one ninth of yours!!"

coz it's a timepiece by casio ;) sweet! ;)

we ended the night on one long weekend when she softly whispered these words to my dear ears;
"no worries, now i have only you, abang.."
and those sincere quote of hers completed my day.
thanks, sayang

4 December 2008

Senators wannabe! to/not to do list.

If you ever receive a call from someone high in the executive power one fine day seeking you to be appointed as a Senator thus offering you a ministerial post in hand; these are the things to/not to do checklist beforehand for your future guidance.

1. Be thankful to the Prime Minister. By his prerogative to appoint someone who he thinks suit for the post lead him to you! Even the SIL have no influence in your ministerial appointment because you are handpicked personally by the PM.

2. Show some humility and earn your respect. Please bare in mind that you are an appointed MP not an elected MP to begin with. Those elected MP's had to work their ass out during campaign/erection election period before they can enjoy their MP status. While they were having sleepless night throughout, where have you been... Australia?

3. Be prepared to face all sorts of name calling during parliament session throughout your senatorship term. Most to be heard "YB Menteri, kamu masuk 'pintu belakang'. Tolong duduk diam2"

4. Don't go overboard by 'tunjuk pandai' even you are one smart joe. Your minister-colleagues might go overjealous and fed up with your act. They might plan to backstab you!

5. To be on a safer side. Don't look smart, talk smart and act smart more than the PM himself.

6. Set yourself a time frame for strategic and political gains within 5-6 years because senatorship stint last for two terms (6 years) only. You wont get appointed after the 2nd term hence you need to put yourself in a running position to be selected as a MP candidate for a constituency. You could always get some advice from former senators turn elected MP's who have don these tactics.

7. By virtue of becoming a senator and taking oath in front of Speaker of the 'Dewan Negara' and later sworn in front of his royal highness SPB YDP Agong as a minister. You are obliged to secrecy act and cannot simply talk to others about what transpired in all cabinet meetings. It is always a collective decisions in policy making decisions therefore don't go around and making a hero of yourself by championing reforms.

8. Be faithful to the party you represent in the senate. Even you are no longer a senator, please show respect and be grateful to the party who made what you are today. 'Jangan mudah lupa seperti Melayu2 lain.'

9. Always remind yourself that you are a Malaysian Senator not a senator in US Senate. Stop championing about Liberalism , Human Rights, Fair and Equality for all which doesnt reflect Malaysian Polarisation.

last but not least.

10. Don't resigned after only 6 months in office. Dude, it is a disgrace act of mockery to the PM and all taxpayers money!

There you go. I hope this list will help in your future endeavour as a truly Malaysian Senator.

All the best.

3 December 2008

to or not to anticipate

Do you anticipate things to happen in your daily life? Or perhaps do you anticipate things that might happen one fine day when you expect everything to be perfect? If YES, that is a good attitude of yours but if your answer is NO; listen listen wherever you are...

Start anticipating your action in life 'coz once you anticipate things to happen the way you might think it would be.. and you haven't take action or couldn't care less about it, you'll be doomed. Not that you will regret it all your life but the minimum damage would be you'll have a bad day! i tell you, coz i've experienced it and it hurts, ouch!

let's have some case study but before we go any further, my definition of anticipate in this context is definition no. 3 based on freedictionary.com

case study 1

While driving yourself in your 4wd onto a roundabout with many turns. You anticipated a lorry on your co-driver side would go straight ahead without exiting at the next turn eventhough the lorry was on the outside/ left lane which indicate it will exit at the next turn. However, as you anticipated that it will never take exit and go ahead, you might slow down a bit and let it pass you before signalling your 4wd and make your exit. If you anticipated but ignore your anticipation, things might turn ugly and whamm! off you go and the next thing you know, you can anticipate a pretty nurse on your hospital bedside, lah.

case study 2

As you were enjoying your lunch, having a nice set of nasi padang. One call came through and it was from a friend you havent heard for quite sometime. Upon surprising to receive his call; you anticipated that this friend made the call coz' he up for something and usually the first good anticipation is your friend's getting married soon and he is asking for your address and others. If it's true, that's good for him but somehow if it was not meant to be, pls start anticipating bad things such as he wanted to see you because he wanted to introduce you to a new MLM scheme or even worst he wanted to borrow some money of yours! If you accept his request for a meeting please dont ignore your anticipation coz you will be having your worst nighmare if you realized later what you have anticipated is true...

case study 3

You were doing your 'things' in the loo and there wasnt any hanger to hang your pants. You are so desperate and decided to put your pants on top of the flush anticipating that it might fall down right in the loo if anything goes wrong. Things went well after you've done and as you were putting your brief and excited to get out of the tiny room, the pants slowly fall off down to the loo without you quick enough to rescue! and the rest is history; blaming yourself for ignoring what you have anticipated earlier. Lucky it was not so bad... otherwise, you will end up smelly2 cat!

Do you believe me, now?!
If you do, anticipate what actually went bad to me today!