23 December 2008

lost in my own translation

Dear Sir,

I have to admit that i have become dis-illusioned about myself and my undertakings in my daily tasks. I realised that now i have becoming more a lia
bility rather than an asset to the organisation. I know my responsibilities and my obligations indeed my path have becoming narrowed ever since I put my integrity and my trust beneath me. Thus, to be fair to the other colleagues and above all to be fair to myself, I am offering myself to be 'culled out' away from the organisation. (read: spectre)

My conscience is no longer clear for me to belief in. My esteem is as low as the 'ground zero' and my heart could not stop pounding another beat just to let me free from this misery. How could i survive another day? please help me God!

The reality hurts. 
and it hurts me badly.

I need to find my escape route to fill the void within me. 

yours truly.

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