4 December 2008

Senators wannabe! to/not to do list.

If you ever receive a call from someone high in the executive power one fine day seeking you to be appointed as a Senator thus offering you a ministerial post in hand; these are the things to/not to do checklist beforehand for your future guidance.

1. Be thankful to the Prime Minister. By his prerogative to appoint someone who he thinks suit for the post lead him to you! Even the SIL have no influence in your ministerial appointment because you are handpicked personally by the PM.

2. Show some humility and earn your respect. Please bare in mind that you are an appointed MP not an elected MP to begin with. Those elected MP's had to work their ass out during campaign/erection election period before they can enjoy their MP status. While they were having sleepless night throughout, where have you been... Australia?

3. Be prepared to face all sorts of name calling during parliament session throughout your senatorship term. Most to be heard "YB Menteri, kamu masuk 'pintu belakang'. Tolong duduk diam2"

4. Don't go overboard by 'tunjuk pandai' even you are one smart joe. Your minister-colleagues might go overjealous and fed up with your act. They might plan to backstab you!

5. To be on a safer side. Don't look smart, talk smart and act smart more than the PM himself.

6. Set yourself a time frame for strategic and political gains within 5-6 years because senatorship stint last for two terms (6 years) only. You wont get appointed after the 2nd term hence you need to put yourself in a running position to be selected as a MP candidate for a constituency. You could always get some advice from former senators turn elected MP's who have don these tactics.

7. By virtue of becoming a senator and taking oath in front of Speaker of the 'Dewan Negara' and later sworn in front of his royal highness SPB YDP Agong as a minister. You are obliged to secrecy act and cannot simply talk to others about what transpired in all cabinet meetings. It is always a collective decisions in policy making decisions therefore don't go around and making a hero of yourself by championing reforms.

8. Be faithful to the party you represent in the senate. Even you are no longer a senator, please show respect and be grateful to the party who made what you are today. 'Jangan mudah lupa seperti Melayu2 lain.'

9. Always remind yourself that you are a Malaysian Senator not a senator in US Senate. Stop championing about Liberalism , Human Rights, Fair and Equality for all which doesnt reflect Malaysian Polarisation.

last but not least.

10. Don't resigned after only 6 months in office. Dude, it is a disgrace act of mockery to the PM and all taxpayers money!

There you go. I hope this list will help in your future endeavour as a truly Malaysian Senator.

All the best.

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Saiful Ambar Abdullah Ambar said...

Salam Mohsein..!!
There..you've said enough. That describe our political scenario today... sikit lagi boleh jadi macam cerita Sivaji The Boss.