31 October 2009

You are entitled for one anger management course!

Yes you are....
I believe so.
It has been worse ever kept secret.
you need some medical expert.

30 October 2009

thriller @ the park

Last Sunday, die hard fan of MJ flocked Shah Alam for a round of thriller tribute to the 'King of Pop' which also simultaneously being organised all over the world. Some guys in the social network circle had come up with the initiative to put things together alas putting Malaysia in world's map and together created history as the biggest thriller dance participation. Cool.

I was there by request of a friend who himself a "kipas susah mati" of the king. He decided to be part of history and of course putting every effort and ditch of himself in making his thriller dance a success story. (You could notice on his ke'poyo'an attire that day! hahah). Indeed he was not the only one around as many other MJ's fan turned up that morning and participated. For them, MJ brought them together and his legacy will remain forever. I was mesmerised by the power of Michael Jackson in turning strangers into acquaintances, sadness into pleasure and sorrow into determination. What Michael Jackson has done is magical and his soul will live within us forever...

A tribute to King Michael.

... Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World's
Got A Role For Me
I'm So Confused
Will You Show To Me
You'll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To Bear Me

excerpt from "will you be there"
Michael, you yourself a masterpiece.

hantu2 shah alam

zombie mat rempit

zombie kampung pisang

hantu cantik... i like.

reza the organiser being 'sacrificed'

finally, all the hard work paid off. Salute guys!

23 October 2009

Something for us, malay to ponder.

I got the opportunity to attend a dinner function organised by PRIMAS (Persatuan Restoren India Malaysia) in Subang Jaya. Turnout was massive by the Indians showing their support to the association that represented them.

Guest of honour was DPM himself who was late due to budget hearing at the August House. However the function went through as planned. This was a typical fund raising dinner which attract sponsors and affiliates in the industry yet the support show for the event was impressive.

In a subtle way, the association also putting their best to show to the govt that they is honourably protecting and promoting indian cuisine and fellow indians restaurant operator. Hence the govt must only deal with PRIMAS.

I believe we (read: the Malays) can learn a bit or two about being in association that represent ourselves in dealing with govt. Perhaps we should look beyond political influence when dealing with the real deal (read: business). This is the only way for us to be more competitive in the business world. Put a side self interest and for the sake of bumi businessman, let us stop whining and have a real thought for a while...

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15 October 2009

Bila Obama mencari Al Ghazali

Terkedu. Itu adalah reaksi pertama apabila mendengar berita bahawa Presiden Obama dinobatkan sebagai penerima hadiah nobel keamanan 2009 oleh jawatakuasa nobel di Oslo. Presiden Obama bakal mengikut jejak langkah 3 presiden terdahulu yg juga pernah mendapat anugerah yang sama antara lain President Theodore Roosevelt. Malah Obama mengorak langkah dalam sejarah kerana mendapat anugerah yang tidak pernah dimenangi oleh 3 presiden terdahulu, Bush sr, Clinton, Bush jr walaupun sangat jelas penglibatan mereka dalam usaha damai Asia Barat.

Dimanakah kelebihan Obama berbanding kelibat 3 bekas presiden yang rata-rata meninggalkan bekas dalam senario politik Semenanjung Arab tersebut?

Persoalan sedemikian hanya mampu dijawab oleh jawatankuasa pemilih hadiah nobel. Adakah penganugerahan ini lebih kepada maksud tersirat mereka kepada Obama untuk lebih berusaha mencari keamanan dunia ataupun secara langsung memberi mesej kepada Presiden AS itu sudah tiba masanya AS berhenti menjadi polis dunia. 4 tahun pemerintahan Obama akan menjadi platform terbaik untuk menjawab sebarang persoalan timbul dari penganugerahan nobel tersebut.

Sebagaimana respons Obama, "I'm humble with the award", masyarakat dunia khususnya berharap Obama akan membuka lebaran baru dalam menjadi pencetus dunia yang lebih aman dari peperangan dan kuasa nuklear. Obama pasti diingati sebagai Presiden yang berani berubah demi keamanan sejagat dan pastinya faktor ini menjadi perkiraan dalam penentuan Obama sebagai calon 'terbaik' hadiah nobel keamanan 2009.

Semoga Obama berjaya mencari Al Ghazali dan menjumpai damai abadi...

p/s: menyokong bulan bahasa kebangsaan :)
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