23 October 2009

Something for us, malay to ponder.

I got the opportunity to attend a dinner function organised by PRIMAS (Persatuan Restoren India Malaysia) in Subang Jaya. Turnout was massive by the Indians showing their support to the association that represented them.

Guest of honour was DPM himself who was late due to budget hearing at the August House. However the function went through as planned. This was a typical fund raising dinner which attract sponsors and affiliates in the industry yet the support show for the event was impressive.

In a subtle way, the association also putting their best to show to the govt that they is honourably protecting and promoting indian cuisine and fellow indians restaurant operator. Hence the govt must only deal with PRIMAS.

I believe we (read: the Malays) can learn a bit or two about being in association that represent ourselves in dealing with govt. Perhaps we should look beyond political influence when dealing with the real deal (read: business). This is the only way for us to be more competitive in the business world. Put a side self interest and for the sake of bumi businessman, let us stop whining and have a real thought for a while...

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