30 November 2009

Ask Morkymoqq (4) : Should we pardon Chin Peng and accept his apology after all the things he did and let him free to come back and die as Malaysian, should we not?

Dear morky,

I know the question may sound tricky and sensitive. Unfortunately I couldnt stop myself from asking because recently the issue has been raised again and again by certain quarters of 'good Samaritans' of this country. I understand there would never be an ending to this subject but for goodness sake, can we have a closure and move on?! I wish to get your raw opinion on this matter because for now a good night sleep without fear and favour is crucial. I'm no longer want to become a prisoner of my own state of mind . Please enlighten me.

Bintang Jula Juli
Sitiawan, Perak

Dear Mdm Bintang Jula Juli,

First, I lauded your guts for raising the matter up.  Some of us just 'chicken out' and prefer to keep silence rather than getting a clear explanation. I understand your feeling, you are not a prisoner of your own mind. In fact I believe you ought to do what you suppose to do because you cherish your life and your family more than this awakening issue. Fyi, this issue is like a ghost of the past that keep haunting... and it will haunt us until the soul rest in peace. Chin Peng might be just Casper the Friendly Ghost or maybe he is the mischievous Uncle Ghostly Trio - Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso....or maybe! he is Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso combine in the past and now came back to play the role of Casper in order to make his voice heard once again...
(chuckles) apologies, now I think I'm the one who's my own mind prisoner... :)

Chin Peng (CP) was refused entering Malaysia because his hands still soak with blood of many Malaysians. CP was never a Malaysian in the first place hence the thought of having his quest to die a Malaysian is inconclusive. I have my reservation for CP still. He might not be the man he used to be, but his beliefs and idealism still running strong through his veins. Even his apologies is not wholeheartedly sincere.

Then why we need to entertain him? In the name of humanity? Is he humane  enough to be given mercy after what Bintang Tiga has done under his command? Have he feel remorsed for what he did? - Please refer back to his 'apologies'. Nevertheless some quarters of us still feel he deserved a second chance as a Malaysian.

I am not strongly against the idea but giving pardon to CP without a full trial and tribunal against him is ethically wrong. He is responsible  to the innocence killings of many Malaysians during the Emergency (1948-1960) and whether their fights were because what the Communist believe in did not make killing innocence civilians and security forces legal. Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara, right?  He should stand for trial as criminal of war like Pol Pot, Khieu Sampan, Karadzic or even Saddam. After justice prevail only then he deserved his fair share of Malaysian like many other.

History is a good lesson for the future. Chin Peng himself was a towering figure amongst his men. I never argue that. He was the commander who fights against establishment because he wanted Malaysia under a communist rule. When he was offered amnesty during 1955, he simply refused because he still believe he can gain Malaysian Independence through his 'war of terror'. Unfortunately, Malaysia got her independence 2 years later under the wisdom of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. At last, 'bold and brawn' outwit 'blood and terror'. Soon after, Chin Peng should have asked his men to stand down and pledge themselves to the King and country yet they CHOOSE to continue their struggle in deep forest. PKM remained illegal since and was considered a threat to the nation and the King thus should be eliminated at all cause. This fights was ended when both party went for a truce and later signed a peace agreement in 1989. Nonetheless, Chin Peng remains a persona non grata in the history of our country.

As George Santayana said: "those who forget the lessons of history will be punished by making the same mistakes over and over again". 

There are few sympathizer towards Chin Peng. After all what can an old sick man do. Even he could not move himself properly albeit toppling the country. As much I admit idealism, justice, peace, axis of evil, sacrifice, terror, emotional and rational, yin and yang co-exist; giving pardon to Chin Peng WITHOUT condition in the name of humanity would only send a wrong signal to future generation.

It is like saying ok to killings because what you believe in and hoping you'd live long enough to seek mercy from those who were affected by your inhumane action.

Malaysia not bodoh, Malaysia Boleh!

p/s: For more in depth reading about 'Chin Peng the Friendly Ghost' quest for citizenship please read here

29 November 2009

The Malays are good merchants as well!

On few occasion, we discussed how to bring in more younger generation especially Malays to get involved in business as it's obvious most of young brilliant Malays preferred a more secured job whether in corporate, government sector or as professionals. These Yuppies (young under paid professionals :p) would rather take time on their own rather than risk themselves in business and lose everything. It's also obvious, business world is not something being inculcate within us from our younger years thus sometimes (or most of the time) it's tough to put a foot in the business world mostly dominated by non Malays.

It's not frustrating but I believe it's a challenge for all of us to prove that Malays too are good merchants as we used to be (Remember Pusat Perdagangan in Melaka!).

Obviously when we are not together due to different business field, the Malays don't consult each other for advice and stuff. Typically, Malays entrepreneur face the same problem i.e. bank loans, grant, opportunities and network yet these problems can't be solved due to inexperience and incompetence. Hence, the idea to regroup and present ourselves as young Malays entrepreneurs is imminent.

By participating into the business group @ bisnis club, we ought to share experiences, contacts, networking as well as understanding our potential. We may even go deeper by collaborating in business fields that we have common expertise and connections.(Which I assume we have many).

We are like 'rough diamond' yet to be polished. What we need now is a good 'De Beers' to create value to ourselves. Whether a 'black diamond' approach or genuine dealings, we must work together making sure 'diamonds are forever' in everybody's hand. :)

(I hope my 'contoh berkias' reaches you)

I have been in FMCG long enough (4 years) to experience successful non Malays traders built their business overtime. It took them maybe 30 years to become what they are today. Unfortunately, in the last 30 years, we have built only few Malay millionaire whom in return would create more opportunities to other Malay businessmen yet they failed to make their promise only to the reason known to them.

Yes, we need the 'tongkat' but we need to use it wisely so that the 'tongkat' also stick others rather than cane them.

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23 November 2009

Hard Rock Hotel has a soft spot in Penang.

The music might be louder and hard for some. The ambiance may not suitable to holiday goers who are looking for a remote setting. The cook's food could not satisfy to everyone's liking but without a doubt Hard Rock Hotel Penang had offered another 'must go places' on your item list whenever you decided for a vocation vacation in Penang.

Situated right at the heart of Batu Ferringhi, Hard Rock Hotel has fast becoming a landmark attraction to Penang Island. After barely open last 2 months, the former Casuarina Beach Hotel is a talk of the town and I, myself look forward to having a peep of what it has to offer. The opportunity rise when I was in Penang last few weeks and with the holiday mood was still swinging high, the chance could not be missed. ;)

It just another night outing with the lads,(yes, i left milla at home). The rain did not stop us making our way to Batu Ferringhi. Eagerly for a chance to meet his idol, King Michael who was immortalised at the hotel, Encik K was all excited. Abg B, the local lad keep his composure intact even I could see the excitement in his eyes. This is his first time as well. For me, Hard Rock Hotel is just another hotel (blah la... pretending not too damn excited myself). After all, me myself had had enough of the Hard Rock Franchise in the last week and going to another one was just to fill in and get ready to be shrunk a few hundred ringgits on merchandise.

But i was wrong, i was totally wrong.

'With a total of 250 guestrooms, there is nowhere more luxurious than Hard Rock Hotel Penang to spend your holiday. With a contemporary feel, all rooms are well-designed with guests in mind. With Wi-Fi connections, iPod docking stations and 32-inch LCD screen TVs, you can stay connected with your loved ones and be entertained 24 hours. The walls in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang are adorned with images, memorabilia and icons reflecting the revolution that changed the face of music, fashion and arts. It's a celebration of popular culture from the 50's through the new millennium. Its fun atmosphere and clean, modern lines make this the ultimate ROCK RETREAT for all!'

See, i tell you. Btw the above para is not one of my writings. It's an excerpt from the official site. Sorry about that dear! Since i only better to describe Hard Rock Hotel Penang through my captivating eyes, let's enjoy the pics, shall we? :)

King of Pop being immortalised

Encik K inter framed my shot on the band

Testing out the shirt.    

The difficult part as always

taken by encik K

making fun of ourselves.. yeay!

yes,  you can smooch at hard rock hotel

reporting to mem

stop for supper @ tari cafe after long night out

20 November 2009

Friday ramblings

Malaysia is built on the pillars of Rukunegara. After 52 years of independence, certain quarter of people in particular political activists are still harping on racial issues to gain popular votes. It seems by championing some issues with regards to respective race would make them 'idol heroes' amongst the 'rakyat'.  The truth is they are not only becoming so called 'champions', they are also spreading and inculcate hatred politics amongst the masses. Pity us, despite of our founding fathers great nationhood formula, hatred politics formula only led to one thing; nation-wrecking!

However, we are wronged if we thought that the people also want to be separated. In many ways, yes! we have different set of vernacular school, we have unique culture in each other races and we live long enough to know that we embrace different beliefs and religions but all in the name of freedom. Yet we are one (or used to be) in many things. Remember Thomas Cup final 92, Open house culture, Sudirman and P Ramlee, Yasmin Ahmad movies. These should be the catalysts for us to set aside our 'unique' differences and compromise each other better. That's the beauty of becoming Malaysian. A truly one nation.

I, myself never have doubt with our Malaysian unity. Despite the obvious disparity in class, we are all grateful to live in a country called Malaysia. Ikan di Laut, Asam di Darat... Dalam Periuk Bikin Muafakat.

As long Mamak's Place opens 24 hours and all of us can go for our round of teh tarik with Indians having Nasi Lemak whilst the Malays enjoyed their thosai and Chinese can poke fun on Liverpool on saturday night. I believe the racial harmony still intact.

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17 November 2009

Freakish me.

I have a confession.

I'm sucked with my own autograph. I really do. Every time I do my signature on paper, my heart pounding hard, my fingers would wiggle. I prayed I won't do any uncharacteristic blunders but I would always do. Sigh...

Is this some kind of phobia? Signature phobia? Never heard of one. Can someone enlighten me?!

The inconsistency of my autograph is so obvious that whenever I 'sign' more that 3 pages of paper, my signature won't look similar at all. In fact some of my autograph was so crooked and way too horrendous. I can only laugh at myself seeing those initials.

Yes! I do sign lots of documents. Office documents, banking documents and sometimes credit card slips. One time I have to change my signature because it was way different to what I have given to the bank. Problems always arise when I wanted to withdraw money at bank counter (yeah sometimes I like to do that if the tele -banker was darn sexy, opps!), it always leave me a bad taste when they would ask me to sign the paper again not convince by the former autograph.

I dunno how to overcome it?! Should i start autographing thousand lines before i can master my own signature? Should i be getting some sort of special pen to do autograph? A Sheaffer? Pilot  or even Mont Blanc perhaps.. Should I go for Fine Tip or Medium Tip? These questions keep haunting me all the time..

I admit this is one of the reason that put me off to run for office (Apart from the skeletons in my closet). Administrator would have to sign tonnes of papers and I'm afraid my signature would later be a laughing stock or maybe people could easily forge and claim I have 2 millions of shares!! Anything is possible in politics, you know.

Imagine if one day I have to officiate a new school building. The school administrator may put a visiting book for VIP to sign commemorating his official visits. What will happen if my signature go 'senget'? Pity them! They'll live their life with that defect.

Perhaps I should learn from Tun Mahathir himself. When the Japanese surrendered, he was happy thinking he could go back to his former school. Overjoyed, he ran to the school and start 'signing' all over. Later when school reopened  one of his teacher recognised his initials  and punished his foolishness by making him to clean KSAH walls.          

In other words, to become a PM, one must first put his/her trademark all over school.
Lesson learn, Tun.

Since now I have settled with my thumb print, maybe it's about time to get some opinion for my 'freakish' anxiety.
or else i  just end up as XOXO hmmm....

not me.. looks like me.
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16 November 2009

Rangkuman Cerita in One go - part iii

Many has been said about Judgement Day; the latest was in sort of movie. 2012 hit local cinemas last Thursday and it received quite number of reviews since opening day. Many believe that the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy is for real suggesting apocalyptic event such massive solar storms, flipping of the magnetic poles, earthquakes, super volcanoes, and more may occur in 2012. Even King Michael did mention about it during one of his footage rehearsal in 'This is it' movie. That illustrates how much the Mayan Prophecy influences our daily living irrespective to those who chose not to believe it. I have stop seeing such action disaster film since The Perfect Storm. The likes of  End of Days (2006), The Last Days on Earth (2008), Seven Signs of the Apocalypse did not excite me at all. It is not a fear factor; it is just these movies do not click me in any way. Contemplating myself to watch a movie about our world gone catastrophic in 2 hours is totally garbage. Even some of my peers thought the 2012 film is a direct insult to our Tun Mahathir's 2020 vision and London 2012 olympics, ahah.

After all the Event, The Inevitable shall occur whether we are prepared to face it or not as mention in the holy Quran, chapter 56. 
"When the Event inevitable cometh to pass, Then will no (soul) entertain falsehood concerning its coming. (Many) will it bring low; (many) will it exalt; When the earth shall be shaken to its depths,
And the mountains shall be crumbled to atoms, Becoming dust scattered abroad,
And ye shall be sorted out into three classes.
Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand;- What will be the Companions of the Right Hand? And the Companions of the Left Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Left Hand?
And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter)."

[Surah 56. Al-Waqi'a (The Event, The Inevitable), 56: 1-10]

I believe the description in Quran capture the truth about Judgement Day and what more important which classes shall we be sorted in. It is not as wildly captured by the imagination of  one Hollywood Director; Roland Emmerich whose credits include Independence Day (ID4), The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla?!  hmm...

ID4 trailer

In the football scene,

Many world cup 2010 qualifying play-off  being played all over the world. In Europe qualifiers, 8 teams battled each other out for the last 4 spots in next year's world cup. It looks like France, Portugal and Russia are in the driver's seat after a slightest advantange from the first leg playoff. However, as world cup qualifier is never short of upsets; teams like Slovenia, Ireland and Bosnia or even Ukraine still look promising to go through. My fingers cross for Bosnia to upset Portugal and let our FIFA world's player Ronaldo rotting at home in Lisbon. :b

New Zealand 'All Whites' also made history paving way to the finals since 1982 after defeating Bahrain in another Asia/Oceania qualifier play-off. It seems a blessing in disguise for the Oceanic Champion after Australia  parted way with the Oceanic Zones and join Asian Football Confederation (AFC) last year. Indeed the Socceroos also successful in their quest to the world cup next year thus making 2 Oceanic nations qualified. How sweet can it be, one neighbouring nation sacrifices is another nation gains. How I'd wish our Malaysia and its neighbour Singapore can be built around this philasophy or has we actually incorporated it as mention by our famous Che Det  with the latter always got an upper hand? sigh.

Rory Fallon celebrates after scoring the only goal for NZ against Bahrain - getty images

Apart from qualifying play-off, many international friendlies also being organised with Eng vs Bra and Spa vs Arg took centre stage. Results was not important for this meaningless friendlies. The direct benificiaries are media and FA's with live telecast rights and match ticket moneys. The losers are obviously club managers and fanatic football fans who miss watching club football over the weekend. Some concern issue during international friendlies is player gone back to their respective club out injured after their international duties. This is bad for football club who are eyeing for championship silverware. One true example is Arsenal.

v persie in agony after harsh italian tackle- Reuters

Arsenal lost v persie in last weekend international friendly. The striker is going to be sidelined for torn ankle ligament up to 6 weeks. That is not positive for a club whose gunning for the championship at the end of the season. With a tight schedules coming and meeting Chelsea in 2 weeks, Arsene Wenger wont take this news lightly. Even though Chelsea have their best player such Lampard, Terry, Drogba also on treatment table but losing arguably your best striker during November is such a bitter pill to swallow for Wenger and he need to tweak his 4-3-3 formation to suit best this difficult time. Again, one striker injury is another striker gains. Eduardo have his opportunity to shine or maybe pair up with Arshavin for more typical English 4-4-2 formation. In Arsene we put our trust again.

7 November 2009

Starry, starry night..

Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

Starry, starry night.
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze,
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue.
Colors changing hue, morning field of amber grain,
Weathered faces lined in pain,
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you,
But still your love was true.
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night,
You took your life, as lovers often do.
But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.

Starry, starry night.
Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless head on nameless walls,
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the strangers that you've met,
The ragged men in the ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they're not listening still.
Perhaps they never will...

beautiful words by Don McLean
...i hope they will finally listen before it's too late.

1 November 2009

Quotes of the day

I was watching a hindi movie on zee tv. A movie acted and produced by Ajay Devgan and his sweet pretty wife, Kajol entitled U, Me aur Hum (translates as: You, Me and Us). A movie about one husband determination to come in term with his wife's Alzheimer's disease. The wife has short term memory loss.

Still watching but few lines seem interesting to share with. A very good family/couple movie outings. It has been showed quite number of time on astro but only tonight did i really notice.

Quote 1
"God created a man with a slightest advantage. God made man to love someone but God also made him to love himself more." - Ajay, regretting himself when he abondoned his wife at a psychiatry centre.

Quote 2
"There are 2 set of rules for a happy life. 1. Fulfill all your promise to your wife. 2. Never promise any to your wife." - Ajay, when he determined to bring back his love one home and arguing with the doctor who attended his wife.

Quote 3
Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people. - a true love statement.

It's fun to have lots of good thoughts to end your day/to start new month.

and to digress a little, the biggest quote of the day.
"Spurs have not beaten Arsenal in the league for 10 years, and the sequence seems continues"

Fabregas - PA Photos

the second goal out of 3 - ESPN copyrights

the goal that seal the game. what a night for the gunners - PA Photos
what a good night sleep, :)

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