30 November 2009

Ask Morkymoqq (4) : Should we pardon Chin Peng and accept his apology after all the things he did and let him free to come back and die as Malaysian, should we not?

Dear morky,

I know the question may sound tricky and sensitive. Unfortunately I couldnt stop myself from asking because recently the issue has been raised again and again by certain quarters of 'good Samaritans' of this country. I understand there would never be an ending to this subject but for goodness sake, can we have a closure and move on?! I wish to get your raw opinion on this matter because for now a good night sleep without fear and favour is crucial. I'm no longer want to become a prisoner of my own state of mind . Please enlighten me.

Bintang Jula Juli
Sitiawan, Perak

Dear Mdm Bintang Jula Juli,

First, I lauded your guts for raising the matter up.  Some of us just 'chicken out' and prefer to keep silence rather than getting a clear explanation. I understand your feeling, you are not a prisoner of your own mind. In fact I believe you ought to do what you suppose to do because you cherish your life and your family more than this awakening issue. Fyi, this issue is like a ghost of the past that keep haunting... and it will haunt us until the soul rest in peace. Chin Peng might be just Casper the Friendly Ghost or maybe he is the mischievous Uncle Ghostly Trio - Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso....or maybe! he is Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso combine in the past and now came back to play the role of Casper in order to make his voice heard once again...
(chuckles) apologies, now I think I'm the one who's my own mind prisoner... :)

Chin Peng (CP) was refused entering Malaysia because his hands still soak with blood of many Malaysians. CP was never a Malaysian in the first place hence the thought of having his quest to die a Malaysian is inconclusive. I have my reservation for CP still. He might not be the man he used to be, but his beliefs and idealism still running strong through his veins. Even his apologies is not wholeheartedly sincere.

Then why we need to entertain him? In the name of humanity? Is he humane  enough to be given mercy after what Bintang Tiga has done under his command? Have he feel remorsed for what he did? - Please refer back to his 'apologies'. Nevertheless some quarters of us still feel he deserved a second chance as a Malaysian.

I am not strongly against the idea but giving pardon to CP without a full trial and tribunal against him is ethically wrong. He is responsible  to the innocence killings of many Malaysians during the Emergency (1948-1960) and whether their fights were because what the Communist believe in did not make killing innocence civilians and security forces legal. Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara, right?  He should stand for trial as criminal of war like Pol Pot, Khieu Sampan, Karadzic or even Saddam. After justice prevail only then he deserved his fair share of Malaysian like many other.

History is a good lesson for the future. Chin Peng himself was a towering figure amongst his men. I never argue that. He was the commander who fights against establishment because he wanted Malaysia under a communist rule. When he was offered amnesty during 1955, he simply refused because he still believe he can gain Malaysian Independence through his 'war of terror'. Unfortunately, Malaysia got her independence 2 years later under the wisdom of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. At last, 'bold and brawn' outwit 'blood and terror'. Soon after, Chin Peng should have asked his men to stand down and pledge themselves to the King and country yet they CHOOSE to continue their struggle in deep forest. PKM remained illegal since and was considered a threat to the nation and the King thus should be eliminated at all cause. This fights was ended when both party went for a truce and later signed a peace agreement in 1989. Nonetheless, Chin Peng remains a persona non grata in the history of our country.

As George Santayana said: "those who forget the lessons of history will be punished by making the same mistakes over and over again". 

There are few sympathizer towards Chin Peng. After all what can an old sick man do. Even he could not move himself properly albeit toppling the country. As much I admit idealism, justice, peace, axis of evil, sacrifice, terror, emotional and rational, yin and yang co-exist; giving pardon to Chin Peng WITHOUT condition in the name of humanity would only send a wrong signal to future generation.

It is like saying ok to killings because what you believe in and hoping you'd live long enough to seek mercy from those who were affected by your inhumane action.

Malaysia not bodoh, Malaysia Boleh!

p/s: For more in depth reading about 'Chin Peng the Friendly Ghost' quest for citizenship please read here

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