16 November 2009

Rangkuman Cerita in One go - part iii

Many has been said about Judgement Day; the latest was in sort of movie. 2012 hit local cinemas last Thursday and it received quite number of reviews since opening day. Many believe that the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy is for real suggesting apocalyptic event such massive solar storms, flipping of the magnetic poles, earthquakes, super volcanoes, and more may occur in 2012. Even King Michael did mention about it during one of his footage rehearsal in 'This is it' movie. That illustrates how much the Mayan Prophecy influences our daily living irrespective to those who chose not to believe it. I have stop seeing such action disaster film since The Perfect Storm. The likes of  End of Days (2006), The Last Days on Earth (2008), Seven Signs of the Apocalypse did not excite me at all. It is not a fear factor; it is just these movies do not click me in any way. Contemplating myself to watch a movie about our world gone catastrophic in 2 hours is totally garbage. Even some of my peers thought the 2012 film is a direct insult to our Tun Mahathir's 2020 vision and London 2012 olympics, ahah.

After all the Event, The Inevitable shall occur whether we are prepared to face it or not as mention in the holy Quran, chapter 56. 
"When the Event inevitable cometh to pass, Then will no (soul) entertain falsehood concerning its coming. (Many) will it bring low; (many) will it exalt; When the earth shall be shaken to its depths,
And the mountains shall be crumbled to atoms, Becoming dust scattered abroad,
And ye shall be sorted out into three classes.
Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand;- What will be the Companions of the Right Hand? And the Companions of the Left Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Left Hand?
And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter)."

[Surah 56. Al-Waqi'a (The Event, The Inevitable), 56: 1-10]

I believe the description in Quran capture the truth about Judgement Day and what more important which classes shall we be sorted in. It is not as wildly captured by the imagination of  one Hollywood Director; Roland Emmerich whose credits include Independence Day (ID4), The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla?!  hmm...

ID4 trailer

In the football scene,

Many world cup 2010 qualifying play-off  being played all over the world. In Europe qualifiers, 8 teams battled each other out for the last 4 spots in next year's world cup. It looks like France, Portugal and Russia are in the driver's seat after a slightest advantange from the first leg playoff. However, as world cup qualifier is never short of upsets; teams like Slovenia, Ireland and Bosnia or even Ukraine still look promising to go through. My fingers cross for Bosnia to upset Portugal and let our FIFA world's player Ronaldo rotting at home in Lisbon. :b

New Zealand 'All Whites' also made history paving way to the finals since 1982 after defeating Bahrain in another Asia/Oceania qualifier play-off. It seems a blessing in disguise for the Oceanic Champion after Australia  parted way with the Oceanic Zones and join Asian Football Confederation (AFC) last year. Indeed the Socceroos also successful in their quest to the world cup next year thus making 2 Oceanic nations qualified. How sweet can it be, one neighbouring nation sacrifices is another nation gains. How I'd wish our Malaysia and its neighbour Singapore can be built around this philasophy or has we actually incorporated it as mention by our famous Che Det  with the latter always got an upper hand? sigh.

Rory Fallon celebrates after scoring the only goal for NZ against Bahrain - getty images

Apart from qualifying play-off, many international friendlies also being organised with Eng vs Bra and Spa vs Arg took centre stage. Results was not important for this meaningless friendlies. The direct benificiaries are media and FA's with live telecast rights and match ticket moneys. The losers are obviously club managers and fanatic football fans who miss watching club football over the weekend. Some concern issue during international friendlies is player gone back to their respective club out injured after their international duties. This is bad for football club who are eyeing for championship silverware. One true example is Arsenal.

v persie in agony after harsh italian tackle- Reuters

Arsenal lost v persie in last weekend international friendly. The striker is going to be sidelined for torn ankle ligament up to 6 weeks. That is not positive for a club whose gunning for the championship at the end of the season. With a tight schedules coming and meeting Chelsea in 2 weeks, Arsene Wenger wont take this news lightly. Even though Chelsea have their best player such Lampard, Terry, Drogba also on treatment table but losing arguably your best striker during November is such a bitter pill to swallow for Wenger and he need to tweak his 4-3-3 formation to suit best this difficult time. Again, one striker injury is another striker gains. Eduardo have his opportunity to shine or maybe pair up with Arshavin for more typical English 4-4-2 formation. In Arsene we put our trust again.

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