29 November 2009

The Malays are good merchants as well!

On few occasion, we discussed how to bring in more younger generation especially Malays to get involved in business as it's obvious most of young brilliant Malays preferred a more secured job whether in corporate, government sector or as professionals. These Yuppies (young under paid professionals :p) would rather take time on their own rather than risk themselves in business and lose everything. It's also obvious, business world is not something being inculcate within us from our younger years thus sometimes (or most of the time) it's tough to put a foot in the business world mostly dominated by non Malays.

It's not frustrating but I believe it's a challenge for all of us to prove that Malays too are good merchants as we used to be (Remember Pusat Perdagangan in Melaka!).

Obviously when we are not together due to different business field, the Malays don't consult each other for advice and stuff. Typically, Malays entrepreneur face the same problem i.e. bank loans, grant, opportunities and network yet these problems can't be solved due to inexperience and incompetence. Hence, the idea to regroup and present ourselves as young Malays entrepreneurs is imminent.

By participating into the business group @ bisnis club, we ought to share experiences, contacts, networking as well as understanding our potential. We may even go deeper by collaborating in business fields that we have common expertise and connections.(Which I assume we have many).

We are like 'rough diamond' yet to be polished. What we need now is a good 'De Beers' to create value to ourselves. Whether a 'black diamond' approach or genuine dealings, we must work together making sure 'diamonds are forever' in everybody's hand. :)

(I hope my 'contoh berkias' reaches you)

I have been in FMCG long enough (4 years) to experience successful non Malays traders built their business overtime. It took them maybe 30 years to become what they are today. Unfortunately, in the last 30 years, we have built only few Malay millionaire whom in return would create more opportunities to other Malay businessmen yet they failed to make their promise only to the reason known to them.

Yes, we need the 'tongkat' but we need to use it wisely so that the 'tongkat' also stick others rather than cane them.

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