17 November 2009

Freakish me.

I have a confession.

I'm sucked with my own autograph. I really do. Every time I do my signature on paper, my heart pounding hard, my fingers would wiggle. I prayed I won't do any uncharacteristic blunders but I would always do. Sigh...

Is this some kind of phobia? Signature phobia? Never heard of one. Can someone enlighten me?!

The inconsistency of my autograph is so obvious that whenever I 'sign' more that 3 pages of paper, my signature won't look similar at all. In fact some of my autograph was so crooked and way too horrendous. I can only laugh at myself seeing those initials.

Yes! I do sign lots of documents. Office documents, banking documents and sometimes credit card slips. One time I have to change my signature because it was way different to what I have given to the bank. Problems always arise when I wanted to withdraw money at bank counter (yeah sometimes I like to do that if the tele -banker was darn sexy, opps!), it always leave me a bad taste when they would ask me to sign the paper again not convince by the former autograph.

I dunno how to overcome it?! Should i start autographing thousand lines before i can master my own signature? Should i be getting some sort of special pen to do autograph? A Sheaffer? Pilot  or even Mont Blanc perhaps.. Should I go for Fine Tip or Medium Tip? These questions keep haunting me all the time..

I admit this is one of the reason that put me off to run for office (Apart from the skeletons in my closet). Administrator would have to sign tonnes of papers and I'm afraid my signature would later be a laughing stock or maybe people could easily forge and claim I have 2 millions of shares!! Anything is possible in politics, you know.

Imagine if one day I have to officiate a new school building. The school administrator may put a visiting book for VIP to sign commemorating his official visits. What will happen if my signature go 'senget'? Pity them! They'll live their life with that defect.

Perhaps I should learn from Tun Mahathir himself. When the Japanese surrendered, he was happy thinking he could go back to his former school. Overjoyed, he ran to the school and start 'signing' all over. Later when school reopened  one of his teacher recognised his initials  and punished his foolishness by making him to clean KSAH walls.          

In other words, to become a PM, one must first put his/her trademark all over school.
Lesson learn, Tun.

Since now I have settled with my thumb print, maybe it's about time to get some opinion for my 'freakish' anxiety.
or else i  just end up as XOXO hmmm....

not me.. looks like me.
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