1 November 2009

Quotes of the day

I was watching a hindi movie on zee tv. A movie acted and produced by Ajay Devgan and his sweet pretty wife, Kajol entitled U, Me aur Hum (translates as: You, Me and Us). A movie about one husband determination to come in term with his wife's Alzheimer's disease. The wife has short term memory loss.

Still watching but few lines seem interesting to share with. A very good family/couple movie outings. It has been showed quite number of time on astro but only tonight did i really notice.

Quote 1
"God created a man with a slightest advantage. God made man to love someone but God also made him to love himself more." - Ajay, regretting himself when he abondoned his wife at a psychiatry centre.

Quote 2
"There are 2 set of rules for a happy life. 1. Fulfill all your promise to your wife. 2. Never promise any to your wife." - Ajay, when he determined to bring back his love one home and arguing with the doctor who attended his wife.

Quote 3
Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people. - a true love statement.

It's fun to have lots of good thoughts to end your day/to start new month.

and to digress a little, the biggest quote of the day.
"Spurs have not beaten Arsenal in the league for 10 years, and the sequence seems continues"

Fabregas - PA Photos

the second goal out of 3 - ESPN copyrights

the goal that seal the game. what a night for the gunners - PA Photos
what a good night sleep, :)

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