20 November 2009

Friday ramblings

Malaysia is built on the pillars of Rukunegara. After 52 years of independence, certain quarter of people in particular political activists are still harping on racial issues to gain popular votes. It seems by championing some issues with regards to respective race would make them 'idol heroes' amongst the 'rakyat'.  The truth is they are not only becoming so called 'champions', they are also spreading and inculcate hatred politics amongst the masses. Pity us, despite of our founding fathers great nationhood formula, hatred politics formula only led to one thing; nation-wrecking!

However, we are wronged if we thought that the people also want to be separated. In many ways, yes! we have different set of vernacular school, we have unique culture in each other races and we live long enough to know that we embrace different beliefs and religions but all in the name of freedom. Yet we are one (or used to be) in many things. Remember Thomas Cup final 92, Open house culture, Sudirman and P Ramlee, Yasmin Ahmad movies. These should be the catalysts for us to set aside our 'unique' differences and compromise each other better. That's the beauty of becoming Malaysian. A truly one nation.

I, myself never have doubt with our Malaysian unity. Despite the obvious disparity in class, we are all grateful to live in a country called Malaysia. Ikan di Laut, Asam di Darat... Dalam Periuk Bikin Muafakat.

As long Mamak's Place opens 24 hours and all of us can go for our round of teh tarik with Indians having Nasi Lemak whilst the Malays enjoyed their thosai and Chinese can poke fun on Liverpool on saturday night. I believe the racial harmony still intact.

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Anonymous said...

menarik! will make a stopover next year's trip back to my beloved hometown..

dulu lepas happening di tanjung, mesti singgah pekena burger tari cafe.hehe

~dormmate 22