15 December 2008

quote of the (yester) day

On early Sunday morning as we were strolling along the selling booths at Pasar Pagi, my friend could hardly notice an interesting t-shirt design. Without the slightest hesitant he uttered;

"ape bende yang tulih kat atas baju tuh huh?! Aku nak kow plea?", looking confused.

and in the slightest giggling we heard "couple, lah, aku nak couple!" from 2 cute girls nearby. Duhh.. what a great start to a sunday!

Later in the evening as we were heading towards Subang Parade on a bumpy ride on a rainy day. With one heat discussion on why Malays entrepeneurs still need the support of NEP for their survival, i simply put it;

"Orang Melayu kalau xde DEB ibarat anak penyu yang baru menetas, dalam beribu-ribu yang kembali ke laut, dibiar tanpa petunjuk hanya seekor yang hidup untuk kembali ke tepi pantai..."

picture courtesy of headweb

A complete silent. Sign of approval, i guess.

My other friend noticed my new watch during the evening wedding reception. In fact, after seeing himself wearing his new tag heuer made me more determine to own one.

get it at tag heuer.com

Fortunate enough i secured a nice and sporty watch on friday after almost a year without a watch on my wrist. A bit awkward at first but as you feel it on your wrist, you know this is the chosen one. Fast forward, my friend who noticed the new watch and was impress at first glance obviously would like to know how much i paid for it, and without shy i uttered;

"dun worry, my watch is only one ninth of yours!!"

coz it's a timepiece by casio ;) sweet! ;)

we ended the night on one long weekend when she softly whispered these words to my dear ears;
"no worries, now i have only you, abang.."
and those sincere quote of hers completed my day.
thanks, sayang

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