19 August 2009

My Arabians Nights.

I am back safe and sound to Malaysia after 10 nights journey to the east seeking truth, nur and hidayah from AlMighty. Alhamdulilah the trip has put me into perceptive that Allah swt always, always open His invitation to every muslim as His guest in Masjidil haram. He sees His servant not as the heir to a throne, a millionaire or a fishmonger but He sees in us, His humble loyal servant who should know best how to serve his creator - mengabdikan diri kepadaNya, this fullfill what is written in one except from the holy quran; surah al-zariyat (51:56) And I created the jinns and men, only for them to worship Me.

Praise Allah, To You alone we do serve and to You alone we beseech for help. I do hope my journey to the two holy cities will open more opportunity for me to understand the greatness of Allah and the sacrifice of Rasullulah. I havent completed the pinnacle of my rukun Islam (performing haj) but i'm sure the experience of ziarah and umrah would open a door to fulfill my journey becoming a devoted muslim. Insya Allah.

Madinah Al Munawarah

Makah Al Mukarramah

more to come soon.

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