29 June 2008

'Sepi' as the title can be.

It could be a turning point of Malaysian Film Production (MFP?!) in my perception, yet it failed miserably.. and now i could not longer hang on to the 'support local film' act.
i had my screening of Sepi the 2nd day of its release hoping that it will be another break for its director, Khabir Bhatia. In fact it just didnt make my day at all.. and the fact that i lost a lot that day when dow jones hit lowest mark of -300 points.. Mr Director, thank you very much!!! Another low end to my very birthday weekends! ergghh.
The storyline was missing something somewhere. I congratulate the writers for their effort to brings 3 diferrent story together but it take years for me to consume! And why do you have to put the seperation between them if you already given space for them to meet in between the movie. Let it flow by itself, lah. Sufi story only started after the tragedy.. Imaan story, hello! you could always have backtrack (penceritaan semula) from the moment the accident happened. Why do you need Adam to be involved in the scene if it doesn't make such impact on him in his story.. and you keep repeating the accident scene 3 freaking time!! aiyoo... this is not SEPI anymore it's horrific! tolong.
I believe you make the mistake from the beginning when you decided to start with the accident scene only to repeat the same scene back later in the story. Get me you chareographer please!
And please tell me mr writer/producer/director.. for a person who has hit somebody and that person went coma.... the only concern he has is to start his attempt for love again?! Where is his symphaty on the girl he just hit... ok fine he just lost a wife but yet dont you feel obliged to have one scene Sufi visit the unfortunate girL? and maybe, maybe that would be a link to start the story of Imaan...without having to put one black screen with NAME..
No wonder i found it boring the moment i watch the making of sepi.. in the end, i know why..

picture taken from blog.manggis.tv

Now get me AYAT AYAT CINTA................................

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