6 June 2008

Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan; yikes!!

It's official! The fuel price for Malaysian consumers has been increased by government, tremendously. From the early beginning of YAB Pak Lah govt in 2004 until he was given another mandate for second term this year, fuel price has increased up every now and then. The latest hike was RM2.70 per litre up of 40.6%. phew.

It's sad when a government have to decide that they could not longer afford to subsidise the rakyat due to pressure on the world oil trade even though Malaysia is one of the petro-producer.

It's about time the government overlook the situation very seriously with a more efficient approach not just burdening the rakyat to accept the problem which is very much should be the concern of the elected govt. Those comparisons about our fuel price is still one of the cheapest in ASEAN region is lame and unacceptable anymore as we are comparing ourselves to non petro-producer nations. We should compare ourselves with a petro-producer country. Let's compare apple to apple as shown in this diagram.
You bet!!!
The most important aspect that will occur from this drastic price hike is the rise in inflation. The government should identify their approach to tackle this pertinent issue. As Malaysia most likely to become a nett importer of oil in 2011, why is the profit earning from petroleum not being given solely to the rakyat? After all, the black gold is harta negara = harta rakyat. I hope someone will raise this in upcoming parliament session.
It's about time the leaders to walk the talk. Dont just ask the rakyat to change lifestyle. The leader should change themselves too. No more mega project, no more money wasting events. Keep yourself straight to battle this war together. Otherwise, this would be the end of Kerajaan BN (Barang Naik?!).

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Anonymous said...

how much does it cost for 1 litre petrol in Brunei Darul Salam anyways?