31 May 2008

It never meant for us this time

Our journey to defend MCOBA Futsal title was cut short in the quarter final. We were beaten to a better team with quite a big margin 0-3. It wasnt meant for us this time. Even in the first round matches we ended only with 1 win and 2 draws. The 2 draws were with our regular rivals; Class of 97 and Class of 95 that ended 1-1 and 0-0 respectively. Both was a close match that can go any way but indeed we survived as the runner up at group stage.
The stats also shown that our attacking have been in decline. With only 2 goals in 3 games and both came from Zef ( a defender) showed that a lot has to be improved in coming days in order for us to get back on track for next year tourney. I wish we could start early this time and perhaps get ourselves familiarise with few 'setpieces'. At least, these setpieces could be our 'weapon' to survive a more faster and physical games which involve younger teams.
Anyways, the damage has been done. No need to cry me a river. Start fresh for next year, we will be back stronger and budwiser :)
As the pressure has been put off; now i can sleep tight-er. *sigh*

utk makluman lanjut sila ke pautan ini

x champion back in 2007 after winning the tourney.
picture courtesy mr manager

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