20 May 2008

TDM's UMNO resignation: the repercussions

Many would thought yesterday's event is a finale curtain for UMNO's existence in Malaysia (read: Tanah Melayu). People were confused and surprised by the latest action of TDM whom ppl recognised as a man of full surprises.
I'm also wondering; is this an act to get sympathy votes? or is it a genuine act from someone who totally lost faith in UMNO under Paklah leadership? I hope the action was not unintentionally done only due to one person request on the floor for Tun to quit. I am very sure the action taken is a calculated risk on TDM behalf.
Whatever being said and done; it has written again in history that another former UMNO president left the party. Pity. Whether his action speaks volume we could only understand in many days to come.
Without doubt, i will look this event in two different perceptives.
Act 1
TDM resignation will create a domino effect nationwide. More big names (esp. those who doesnt hold any position) to follow suit. Ordinary members who were saddened with the way UMNO dealt w TDM also will withdraw. UMNO MP esp from Sabah will take the opportunity to jump ship and left UMNO totally vulnerable for DSAI and konco2 to take over the reign of Federal Govt. Paklah will hold crisis talk and call for a snap election. Looking at Malay issue and Malay unity being jeopardised, Malay votes will swing back to UMNO to protect Malays rights and UMNO will be saved.
Act 2
TDM action only unites UMNO members to be behind the current leaderships. TDM is already past his prime and it is best to pledge support to the current leaderships until the next party election where UMNO members get the chance to vote the right leader for them. UMNO Sabah will never question about their rights anymore as most important at this moment is to see the best for the party. There will be no more talks on party hopping. DSAI effort to bring 30 over MP to crossover will be no avail.
whatever the repercussion, it seems already evident that it will in the end benefitted UMNO and I wonder is this a calculated risk or one sacrifice to the party he loved?
"Kita bukan soldadu yang perlu dikorbankan, tetapi jadilah soldadu yang memberi pengorbanan"
Terima kasih Tun, kerana sanggup berkorban.

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