4 May 2008

Another marriage in the house.

Last nite, two of my batchmate got married. One had his 'akad' while the other had his wedding reception. I attended one in Shah Alam while the other has to wait till next week. "sorry, abg jigo.. i see u at your place in Bangi, ok... ;)"
I was made to do emceeing for my fellow comrade, en azizi aka bunyok and his lovely wife, pn siti nor aminah aka Amy. They were 2 lovely couple who later will be my neighbour once i move permanently to Shah Alam.
To become the emcee for a friend's wedding is an honour for me. (This is my 2nd as i did my 1st to another mcobs, en Abdullah Hussein aka Bachin way back in 2004, was it?!)
And i was hoping to get a third; just enough to close my book on emceeing and start some other things on weddings. Usher maybe, or a floor manager and best of all just sheer guest.
my other half is my number 1 critics. She said my style of emceeing kind of boring and unnatural.. ohh please, dar. What u expect from a 'part time' better known bidan terjun MC like me?! I am a total script freak who would never dare to do impromptu, you know?. Give me a break, dar. I know it is kind of formal, but i just dont have such a sense of humour afterall..
and when i start freaking out, i tend to lost word and 'tersasul'.. haha. Maybe i shud start an emcee lesson with a pro.. hoping dont have to bayar the 'pengeras' otherwise i'll be doomed.
man in action

the wedding of azizi & amy

early birds

the usual suspects not the usual...

my biggest critics......................... at her relax mode. :P

btw, this posting also a testimony of my new purchased tamron lense 15-50mm f2.8 three days ago. I thot the event would be the right moment to see how my new toy 's doing. So far it never fail me but it failed my other half who did most of the capturing.. so now who's talking?! bluek...

p/s: the tamron lense seem to face minor adjustment problem with my nikon body. I need to do further testing on other platform and environment. I hope it won't dissapoint me.
after a straight lecture on my performance... it always good to end the day with a cup of latte and updates on EPL. yes.


suhaimi sulaiman said...

Emcee tu macam ada gaya kat Perhimpunan Agung jer... pheeweeet

Anonymous said...

heheh memang pung..ello critics make perfect ekk..pepun up to u..huhuhuuuu..