11 May 2008

Re:My Money is My Money; Please just Shoosh Away

The Manager,
See, I am aBee Bank Berhad
Menara Dayabumi
Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50460 Kuala Lumpur
The matter above is referred.
2. I was quite annoyed when one of your banker requested me to fill a form asking where I get my money from (yes, I do have lots of money in my account, these days) and where I intended to put it into; during my 'hari bersama See, I am aBee bank' the other day.

3. I am saying this loud and clear. "hellloooo....since when did you guys care enough?!"

4. Just because I wanted to withdraw a large sum of money from my account, I repeat my personal account, (nama dalam account sama dgn nama dalam I/C tau!) doesn't mean I am a daylight robber aka penyangak wang. I just wished your banker didnt mess with me that day because I was so in hurry to make more money!!
5. As a responsible citizen, I know what is money laundering, and what money laundering could do to the economy of our country. I can assure you Mr Manager, my money will go to a legal financial investor and if the economy is healthy, I will get some capital appreciations from the money I withdrawn from you.
6. Then I will return the money to your See, I am aBee bank so that you also could gain some interest from my cash deposit later. Deal?! Good. So Mr Manager, please ask your staff to stop bugging me. Your immediate action to this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.
Yours Truly,
Encik Pencinta Duitan

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