1 May 2008

ayah, you shud start with your autobiography la. :)

Listening to ayah's account on stuff happened around him in the past could be very thrilling. All these stories were shared in a very cordial manner. Recalling bits by bits events that occured and made him the person he is now. Gosh.. it's really quite a memories.
Sometimes, I kinda part of it as well; offering some facts and figures especially the years and date as he, himself had lost count on so many occasions. :) this is one of the time i could see him smiling all the way. Sharing some of his memories in politics to friends and acquaintances is a worthy coffee table chat. I wouldnt dare to say but i believe he is trying to get myself interested with politics as well. Yeah, rite.. after all Kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi. :P
We have seen 2nd generation politicians raise from respectives family the likes of Tun Razak, Tun Hussein and Tun Mahathir. Even in the opposite side, we have anwar's family, Lim Kit Siang's as well as Karpal's. This 2nd generation have come in to continue the preceding political glory , and hopefully they will not come in to build a dynasty but to prolong one's legacy.
I do enjoy listening to ayah's story. I would say spending time with ayah at dining table is one of my happiest moment with him.. this is when we could talk on so many things. Those days it would be a short 30 minutes.. talking to him whilst he finished his office workload. And he wouldnt give much attention due to his devotion to work. typical ayah!
but now, it is different. We could talk business, next trip to langkawi or even talk about his latest nokia phone as long as we can.

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