27 April 2008

M'sia Food contingency plan

Kudos to the govt. for pledging almost RM4 billion to start a food crisis effort in Malaysia. This would be a stepping start in handling a bigger issue of our food sustainability i.e. rice within 6-7 months period. The current trend in world food production has shown a decline and whilst we are as part of 30% relying on imported rice, we must step up and increase our own food supply to cover the 30% shortage in near future.
I am thankful to MARDI for listening to my views. I have put a presentation during one of our meeting in Kelantan and how this food crisis would affect the local rice industry in term of crisis and opportunity. Fyi, MARDI (Malaysia Agriculture Research & Development Institute) have produced a line of quality crops that can be introduced as an alternatives to imported rice. This would be a good start to commercialise our own breed that is comparable to the imported likes Basmathi, Ponni and Fragrant rice.
India only permit Basmathi, Thailand is selling its fragrant at highest USD1000/mt and Malaysia has our own basmathi-fragrant-ponni combo in one crop; MRQ74 (maswangi) at a better price. Let's get everybody to cooperate in this and make this another success story of Malaysia.
*MARDI is calling for a meeting to identify another area in northern part of Malaysia to start cultivating these crops. I am very much into it and will become the inter linkage between the agency involved. Sound interesting?! and i have start believing...
pray for me.

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