3 April 2008

ah arsenal, not again.

UEFA CL quarter final @ emirates
arsenal 1 - 1 liverpool

- I woke up this morning hoping for a good news in mind. Only to curse myself when i found out that my gooners team only manage a draw. This is not looking good in my perceptive as it will be a daunting task for a return leg at anfield in front of D kop. hmm, abe & adiq would be smiling by now. shesh!
- Not again, we need to do another milan at anfield this wednesday! With premier tie (with liverpool again!) on weekend very much in arsene mind, it will be more difficult which tie should be prioritise, on the other hand you wouldnt want to lose out the contention on premiership to Man Utd but on the other, another CL progress to semis and perhaps final is a grandeur prize to grasp. think arsene, think.. pls dont tinker but THINK!
- I wonder how long will arsene take to make this young team become a real contender. I was almost made to believe it will happen this year. However, now it just show we are lacking in tenacity and character and this will once again ruin our season.. ahh, it will be typical arsenal - play beauty but no bounty!
- If i were wenger, the first person to be replaced is dearest Almunia, he might be good on typical game but he is absolute sucks on big game. We need big guts and big guns on big game! i wonder if arsene might op for lehmann on weekend. Let just watch and keep hoping wenger to reshuffle the team around to start producing results.
my finger's cross to gooner! and pls stop me from say it again..

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