23 April 2008

MCOBA OBW 08 - after 12 years

Malay College

it has been 12 years since i left my beloved MCKK. Yet, it always remain as the same.
last weekend was a time for us to reminisce those good old days, completing a full circle of pilgrimage to this sacred town of kuala kangsar.
my batch as usual came in groups and we've become a regular in this obw event.
At least 20 of us attended and had a good time with each other, again. Whether in a small space at saudiah, or even at the best cendol in town.. the same old jokes and stories will be repeated again and again.. oh boy, i wonder when will we grow uP?! :)
we had our fair share of memories. we have our dream too. It all has begun in this place call 'koleq'

here are the list (some) who made it.

dayat the designer aka cookies man

abg mafia - sapa nak beli unit trust?!

adiq - klon nabil raja lawak; now his own printing house

bachin - stok tak TB (read: abe)

wohooo.. super duper ob!

ahpek - still maintain but with some obvious lost

pau ada ka?!

kadir in his element

kichi melantak sebelum game.. one of reason kita kalah.

chip class of 04.. klon shahman class of 96!
long beach.. those days are gone

it is about time to initiate something otherwise long beach will fade away in history.

yazid - now a manager in taiping resort.

dayat at his usual best

masa angin still cukup to catch up with the game. First half leading 3-1

capture of some rugby action...
which i eventually join in the last dying minutes :D
bobby class of 98 celebrating his 10th years by scoring a try.
and jeff always the hero.

see u guys next year. god's will


anisism said...

fiat sapienta virtus!
hidup sulaiman!!

limaupurut said...


And bukan ke kita menang 4-1 game bola tu :wink: